Tour de Paris 2010

17 July 2010
HOT, 111 heat index
Full Big Sun
Medium wind
58 miles, 4hrs n 4 min
1002 Riders

On the way to the ride, rain behind me, full sun ahead

I met one of my Online friends at the ride
Nancy Gore from DeQueen, Ark

Nancy and friends

Nice registration and eating area
also Big Screen for TDF

Headed to the start

The Start

Rest areas were great, even life saving

Medium fun at this point

Richard, from Dallas, a good rider and communicator
watch those Roaches, Richard

I think I was approaching "Little Fun" at this point

Thanks again for topping off my water bottle, twice, you may have saved a life

Every ride in Texas needs one of these sprayers at the end, RELIEF

Vino gets the stage win

Ann, this lady made my day, gave me a T-Shirt for Teresa, Teresa isn't happy when she doesn't get a T'Shirt, good thing I did too, cause she made me Chicken Spaghetti

The Burger Line

The T-Shirt