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Here we are eating trout, Trucha, in Guatape, it seems to be the main dish in this area and it's really tasty.

The photo on the left is a "Tuk Tuk," really handy for getting around the small pueblos, very cheap. The center photo is the lake at Guatape, pretty low at the moment. The photo on the right was our Hotel in Guatape, that's my room on top. Robert and I had single rooms at this hotel, we had to decide who got the room with the view of the square, Robert let me have it. About two in the morning, while things were still rocking on the square, I realized that maybe Robert knew what he was doing after all.

Funny story, Robert and I decided to go and climb "La Piedra," the rock. First we took a bus to a road junction where we got off and then took a "Tuk Tuk" the rest of the way up to the rock. When we got to the rock, we got out of the Tuk Tuk and walked toward rock, then Robert realizes he has left his backpack in the Tuk Tuk which has left. Robert turns to look down road where Tuk Tuk has disappeared and I hollar at some guys at a restaurant. I tell them what has happened and then one of the guys cranks up his motorcycle and picks up Robert and there off after the Tuk Tuk. Robert returns in a few moments with his backpack, just another instance where the Colombians prove to be friendly and helpful.

Angela was a real treat, she really made us comfortable at her little Tienda

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