Waco, 8/13/17

I had a great time in Waco over the weekend. I went to visit and catch up with Robert, a friend of mine from college.
We had a really nice bike ride Sunday morning.
The weather was fine and the ride was around 22 miles.
We rode from Roberts to Lake Waco which is on the west side of Waco.
Next we rode thru Cameron Park and followed the Brazos rive to the first bridge across the Brazos.
Our next destination was the new Baylor University football stadium, really well done, the stadium is on one side of the river and the campus is on the other, they are connected by a bridge over the river. On the bridge over the river we met Jimmy Dorrell who works with the homeless and poor of Waco, impressive guy who does a lot of good work.
We rode thru the Baylor Campus and then downtown to see the "Magnolia Silos," a popular spot owned by some popular home renovators.
A really fun ride with lots to see and do, I could easily do this ride again, I was also surprised by the hills, some pretty good ones in Cameron Park.