Leaving the gym early

A so so day today, didn't get off to a real good start, don't you just hate it when someone poops in your soup first thing in the morning.

As usual I went to the gym today and was having a good day until I was spoken to by someone who doesn't exist in my world.
This person made a very racist comment to me in the past so I decided I would have nothing to do with him, he would cease to exist. I've made it a point to avoid this person and I'm sure he realizes this and I have never spoken a word to him since his racist comment. Yesterday he decides to sit down across from me, I'm looking at my phone and I hear the Racist say something directed at me. I'm wearing a t-shirt I got in Colombia which says Bogota, he says the name wrong, either on purpose and out of ignorance, I pay no attention. I get up and tell Teresa I'm ready to leave, everyone is telling me that the racist is speaking to me, I acknowledge that fact and then leave.
I could really expound on this but I just want to let it go, hopefully he now understands and he won't try to converse with me again.
You have to understand that there is no reasoning with a Racist, they don't have the ability or intelligence to reason.

Sorry for the diatribe but this is the world we now live in.

So, Mark, just stick to visiting with your Racist friends and leave me alone.