mrbill's TT Ride

Sun, 65 deg, light wind

Today I decided that I'd do a timed ride on the "Carterville Mtn Bike TT" course.
This time change has got me all messed up but I started the ride at 1:58 pm.
The thing I didn't do was warm up properly, won't do that again.
I started off with a pretty good pace until my first little climb and then I realized I needed to back off a little and let the legs warm up, things were better at about mile 5.
Then the work starts from miles 6 to 7, the Carterville Mtn climb, fun but tough, nice little cap on it, rear wheel spinning out in the gravel as your standing trying to get up the damned thing.

Nice downhill to Mill Creek, but beware, as the road descends it curves to the right and it's loose gravel, keep to the right, I shouldn't, but I like to bomb it, I've had some shaky moments.
From Mill Creek you climb to Carterville on blacktop, then take hwy 995 for a bit and then you turn on blacktop, climb and then dive down a neat little 3 way curve, keep your eyes peeled for vehicles in the distance, you get up some speed, never see vehicles on this short stretch, but it's possible.
This brings us back to 1399, take a left for a short distance and then turn right on blacktop, gradual climb to Corinth Church then a dive down a gravel road to bottom and then your last climb, but it's a doozy, then just ride on home.

I haven't pushed myself in a while so this was a challenge, next time I'll definitely warm up. I see where I can make up some time so my goal is to break 1 hour.