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I did manage to get me in a ride yesterday, I did my "Bottom Loop."
I barely remember it and don't really know how I did it.
Yesterday was one of those days when I had no Zip, NO ZIP, walking around in a daze, from the frig to the couch.
Believe me when I tell you it felt like I got bit by a Tsetse fly.
After my ride Teresa said the Grandkids were coming over, I knew I couldn't do that, so I went upstairs to bed, slept from 4pm to 7pm, got up, ate and went to bed, what a day.

Today is better, I got me in a short ride, last day of the year, had to get in a ride.

Guess the holidays, soccer, tree cutting and riding has finally caught up with me, plus the weather has been depressing, cool and rainy, not good for a Texas boy.

I just wanted to remind everyone that what you do on the first day of the year, you'll do all year long, so be sure and take a bike ride tomorrow, even if it's just to the mailbox and back.

Also be sure to eat your "Black Eyed Peas and Cabbage", for good health and wealth, I've always done this, and that's what makes me wonder just why I believe in it, humm.

I plan on going to Texarkana tomorrow morning for a bike ride, the "Black Eyed Pea" ride, starts at 10am, probably be about 45deg at the start, supossed to have a high tomorrow of 56 with Sun, vitamin D and Serotonin, and boy do I need some Serotonin and Endorphins.

Hope everyone has a great day, a great ride and a terrific New Year.

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We had rain on and off all day, we needed it badly so I couldn't complain.
I didn't ride, Teresa doesn't like me to ride in the rain, she's afraid I'll melt.


This is really strange, you've got to try it.

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(it is no joke, it is called "cenesthetic hallucination")

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Thanks Sundance

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From:TomHow 'bout that rain in Texas, and rain in Minnesota. And that's no hallucination.

Glad you got some temps above freezing

Todays ride was big fun, did my "Club Lake Ride", 48 deg and 26 miles, and clear blue skies.
It's kind of Scary, I'm getting used to 50 deg, what's going to happen next summer when it 100+, umm.
In Linden I ran into a biker, Kim Baggett, he left Linden right after graduating High School and was here visiting his dad.
Then as I approached mi casa I ran into a new neighbor of mine and a lady friend of his, they invited Teresa and myself over for drinks, but we didn't make it.
At the same time I got home Robin pulled up with Ashlynn and Alexus so it was popcorn and kickback time, a good day.

I was riding along yesterday and my toes were a bit cool and it got me to wandering what is best, wiggle my toes around a bit or just let them set there.
I thought maybe the wiggling would help to keep the blood flowing and keep them warmer, the juries out.

In the book department I finished "House of Sand and Fog" by Andre Dubus 111.

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From:MrDaveyGieMrBill, I use the wiggle my toes methods, when they start to freeze, I then wonder why? Why am out here when my toes are freezing. :-)

Good info Dave, someone, I won't say who uses chemical warmers, in that case I guess you can just let them set there.

It was cool today but I needed a bike ride, so I put on all the necessary clothing and headed out.
I decided to take my road bike out and do my High School loop but things didn't go as planned.
As I got to Linden and got on a nice smooth stretch of road I felt a bump, bump, bump.
I stopped and checked out my front wheel and sure enough I found a bump or bubble on my front tire.
It was weird, the tire definitely had a bump but it also looked like it had a kink or crook in it.
Anyway I decide not to chance a longer ride so I return to the house, got in 14 miles and I really enjoyed it, but didn't want to change a flat in 42 deg weather, yeah, that's chilly for a Texas boy.

I've got a ride, "Blackeyed Pea Ride", in Texarkana this Saturday so I guess I need to get that tire changed, but I'm going to ride my mtn bike tomorrow.


Deeply profound thoughts by men.

Two men are out just fishing quietly and drinking beer.

Almost silently, so as not to scare the fish,
Bob says, 'I think I'm gonna divorce my wife.
She hasn't spoken to me in over 2 months.'

Charles continues slowly sipping his beer,
then thoughtfully says,
'You better think it over, Bob.
Women like that are hard to find.'

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Merry Christmas to Everyone, hope you have a great day!

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A good day today, about 46 deg on my ride to Linden and back, high thin clouds and light wind, it was Big Fun.
When you really like to ride a bike you have to get used to people looking at you like, "Are you crazy? riding in this cold weather", and I'm thinking, "you need to be riding, but it ain't gonna happen, Grasshopper."

Lawrence, a friend who was a good bike rider who has since passed away, and myself used to joke about how we were the only "Normal People" in town and everyone else was weird, but now that I think back about it, Lawrence was a little weird too, that just leaves me as the only normal person in Linden, Texas, nice to meet you, just email me for Autographs.

After returning from my bike ride I'm having fun visiting with the Grand kids, Lexy and Ashlynn when Lisa pulls up with her 3, Bubba, Chasity and Charity, yep that makes a total of 5 and then you know what hits the fan.
I never thought how good an idea it was to build the Tree-house, they were all over it and in and out of it, and it sure beat them running in and out of the big house.
Next came soccer and that's why I'm sore this morning, took a couple of tumbles and made more moves than the time Teresa and I were dancing on "Beale Street" in Memphis, that's a lot of moves.

Everyone left and Teresa and I had a little of "Grannies Tonic" and finished off a good day, HO Ho Ho.

A few days ago Lance said he had some news coming up about "Radio Shack", I jokingly commented that I hoped they were picking up Robbie McEwen since his team folded, guess what, Robbie is now riding for Radio Shack, pretty darn neat, I really like Robbie, he tells it like it is and has got some fire.


I really enjoyed this, slightly relevant
Diner Invocation

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I didn't ride today, had to do some more tree cutting.
It's that time of the year to get things done outside, when it's not 100 deg with 100% humidity.
Our weather is gradually cooling off, about 62 deg today and predicted in the 40's for Christmas day.
Hopefully we'll get some rain on Friday, we're in a heck of a drought around here, looks like California got our rain.

I spent last night wrapping Christmas gifts for the Grandkids.
It's funny that I remember when I was a kid I wasn't real crazy about my Grandparents gifts because I knew it was clothes and a young boy with visions of bikes, motor scooters, BB Guns and all those types of things isn't to happy to get clothes.
Now here I am the Grandparent and what am I doing, giving the kids clothes, the circle goes round.

Last night I asked Teresa if she remembered those little Balsa wood Planes, gliders, I really liked those as a kid and I may look for some tomorrow, if they still have them I may get the Grandkids one each, but on second thought, maybe those little planes just aren't what they once where, now that we have the X Boxes, W Boxes and Z Boxes are whatever, you get my point, heck, maybe I'll get me one, oh for the simple times.

I really do hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a great New Year, please don't get upset if you don't get what you want just go out and get it after Christmas, it will be cheaper anyway.
For me Christmas happens all year long, presents when we need them, Christmas presents are for kids.

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It was kind of hard to believe that it was Dec 21rst today, 78 deg and Sun, it was really nice.
I took a ride on my Mtn bike, did my Lisa loop for 26 miles, it just doesn't get any better.

When I returned home the Grandkids were visiting so I preceeded to help build Sand Castles, I gave them some water to make the sand stick better, the moms loved that, it also made everything stick to them.
Then we broke out the bikes, Lexy is really good on hers, I think she may be my biker and little Ashlynn also had fun on her little 3 wheeler.

I really like this thing, it's got it all, music, horn, motor sounds, blinkers and a few other tricks
but I wouldn't want to ride it very far.

I know weather like this won't last, but sure enjoyed it today, and that's what it's all about, Today, that's all we really have.



with Granny and Ashlynn in the background working on Sand Castles.


Check this out, it's Extremely funny

New Bride

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From:TomI've often thought 3 wheels might be a bit better in the snow up here. I might be able to make that work.
Great lookin' grand kids!

Grandkids are special, these two are extra special, there always happy and will come up and give you a big hug for no reason other than they want to, and hugs are always nice. Thanks for kind words Tom, I notice you also have some little special ones yourself.

I don't remember when the weather has been so "up and down" as this year.
One day we're in the 50's and the next we're in the 70's, but luckily no sickly problems resulting from it so far.

Yesterday it was about 68 deg on my ride, I had a 15 mph S wind bringing in the warm.
I rode my Mountain bike mostly on the backroads, into the wind on the way out and with the wind on the way in, sweated a bit on the return trip, crazy weather, but a good ride, Big Fun.
Tomorrow is supposed to be about 75 deg so I should get me in a good ride in my regular kit, I like it better that way, but 75 is as high as I want it, anytime.

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From: DanCute stuff. My kids are still in elementary school - so I get to witness this kind of stuff often.

Grandkids are a kick, it's like that old show of Art Linkletter's, "Kids Say the Darnedest Things"

Friday morning Teresa and I went to the Elementary School to watch our Granddaughter, Lexy, in her classes Christmas program.
These are always a lot of fun, was I really ever that young, oh yes, walking down the halls of the school does bring back memories.

After the program we took Lexy and we went to Marshall to do some shopping so my day was done, no bike ride on Friday.

I really got a kick out of this little girl dancing, doing her own thing
You'll see her on the far right


Today it was 50 deg and Sunny, a bit cool but a good day for a ride.
I did my High School loop and stopped by Linden and got my Lottery ticket.
I also started a major tree cutting project in my front yard, had a large oak die and it was a potential threat to the house, so down she comes.
I got lucky and managed to get the top down without it falling on the house and I didn't even get hurt, not a scratch, but still have a lot to do.

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From:TomOr two.
Grand kids are the best!

I agree completely Tom, they're a real joy, Teresa really enjoys her "Grandkid Fix"

From: Nick'Tis the season Bill.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Thanks much Nick, and I hope you and your family have a nice Christmas and a Great New Year.

Really enjoyed my ride today, felt a little cool starting out but turned out just right, 60deg, 15mph NW wind.
I took my loop thru the bottoms, light traffic, just a good ride.

Looking forward to going to our Granddaughters 1rst grade Christmas play, should be fun.
It brings to mind when I was in grade school, I was an Actor Extrodinare, maybe I should have taken up acting as a career, well, maybe next time around.

Now for a little bit of Nostalgia, this was one fine Automobile

I'm going to get me one of these when I win the lottery.

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From:MrDaveyGieI don't think fat tired bikes would sell much down in your neck of the woods.

That's right MrDaveyGie, and from my point of view, that's a good thing!

Today was a great day for a ride the only drawback was the 20-25mph wind out of the South, but it was that wind that brought us 75 degrees, so I can't complain to much.

I made my Lottery ride, half of it was work and half of it was fun.

The weather has really been crazy lately, cold, hot, cold, warm, cold, hot with wind, you get the picture.
No pictures today the wind was blowing so hard I couldn't hold the camera still.

Got to ride in my regular kit today, I've decided it's more fun than riding in all those clothes, much more fun, comfort breaks are a lot shorter too.

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A really nice day in NE Texas, we reached about 54 deg with partly cloudy skies.
I spent most of the day working on the Treehouse.
I've built nearly the entire thing with materials I already had, have only had to spend 24 dollars so far, had to get a couple of boards for stairs yesterday.
I made sure to put a doorknob on for "Ashlynn," I'll be sure and get a photo of her when she tries it.
The Treehouse has been a fun project but it hasn't quite got me in the mood for full time Construction work.

Tomorrow is supposed to reach 70 deg, what a rollercoaster were on, no booties needed on my ride tomorrow, I will take my lottery ride.

We can tell it's getting close to Christmas
The Christmas Cactus in our kitchen window is in full bloom.

Treehouse, a work in progress
Notice doorknob

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From:TomAhhh! 54 degrees...a distant and fond memory.

So you like 54, how about 75, but it won't last long

Got in my 22 mile loop today, the temp was 44 deg, that may be balmy to some folks but it was downright cool to me.
The only problem I'm having with the cold is my toes, guess I need to invest in some booties, they've got to have some cause I know my friends up north aren't riding without something to keep those toes warm.
I made some mrbill booties and I started to post a pic, but I was ashamed, cut the toes out of some old socks, covered them with plastic and taped em up, helped a little but toes still got cold.

The first part of my ride it was cloudy but the Sun finally broke out and it was a Glorious thing, I have been know to cuss the sun in the past and I'm appologizing cause it sure was a blessing today, looked straight into it and soaked it up, that doesn't happen in July.
We're supposed to be warming into the 50's and I'm looking forward to it, need to do a little more work on the Clubhouse, Ashlynn says she can't go in because the door doesn't have a doorknob, guess I'd better put one on there, got to keep the Grandkids happy.
I've also got to do a little bike maintenance, how do you wash and clean your bike when it's in the 40's?

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From:TomI have to carry my bike through the house and down the basement stairs when it is below freezing to hose er down from ice, snow slush and salt.
I've made shoe covers out of duct tape to stop the air flow through em.
For the coldest of days 0 F. I wear winter cycling boots, two pair of wool sucks, boot covers, and shhhhh!!! chemical toe warmers............I have confessed.

You gotta love it, thanks for the tips, I won't tell anyone about the "Chemicals"

Yesterday reminded me of that old song, "What a Difference a Day Makes".
Sunday I was sweating and dressed in my regular kit, today it was 42 deg and that 15 to 20 mph N wind had a bite to it.
I didn't even see many cars, guess it was a bit cool for most folks maybe they were inside watching Football.
I know 42 deg doesn't sound to cold for my friends up north but with that wind we had a windchill of about 32 and when it was nearly 70 the day before, well you get the picture.
There's always the problem of what to wear, luckily I dressed properly, only my toes got chilly.
For me that's one of the drawbacks to riding in the cold, first I try to decide what to wear and then it seems to take me forever to get it all together, get it on, and get out the door.
I really don't like the comfort breaks when it cold, it takes forever to get thru the clothes and then he doesn't want to come out.

I'll have to admit after I got warmed up I really enjoyed the ride especially when I got that N wind at my back, I was thinking if I could keep going in this same direction I could probably do a hundred miles today, but then I remembered, you'll have to turn at some point to get home, I didn't extend my trip.

Looks like tomorrow will be in the 40's again but with some sun so I'll probably get me in a ride.
Hope everyone can have some decent weather to ride in, for some of my friends I know it has to improve because I don't think it could get much worse.

Another good thing about the cold, low humidity and NO BUGS!!, I really like that.

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From:MrDaveyGie (heavy on the Mr)Yeap, the most dislike I have about winter snow riding is the time not spent riding it takes. Getting dressed and prepared properly takes a lot of thought and time. Mistakes can be painful.

Major Pain in your neck of the woods!

It was a crazy day out there today on the bike.
It was warm, shorts and jersey was all that was needed, humid, breezy, cloudy.
I say it was crazy because it was also cool and I had a few sprinkles, I took my rain jacket but didn't need it.
I guess you could say our weather is in a state of flux, regular kit today and a parka tomorrow.

I stopped at the Country Store for a break, the humidity left me sweating.

Latest pic on Cass Co Courthouse restoration

All this work downtown makes me nervous, usually means higher taxes, but the Mexicans are loving it.

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Today was a nasty day, cool, cloudy and foggy.
Teresa and I headed to Texarkana on a Book and Grocery run, mainly books, I got me 6 hardbacks and 2 paperbacks, the hardbacks are 49cents and the Hardbacks a dollar, the Salvation Army Family Store is a great spot for books.
While I am browsing the books I can't help but think about what it will be like in the future, no browsing and finding interesting books I'd never thought of, how do you browse Kindles, how do you snuggle up to a Kindle.

After returning home I did get in a ride on my Mountain bike, a short loop.
I mentioned the other day that there are no other riders in my area, I must make amends, there's Jerry Harp, a tourer, we saw him riding down Hwy 8 yesterday in the damp, cool fog, you go Jerry, made me feel a little guilty.

In the book department I finished "The Elements of Buddhism" by John Snelling.
I've had an interest in Buddhism ever since I spent a yr and a half in Viet Nam, some really fine folks there, hence my interest.

Weather, just saw the forecast on TV, we're headed downhill Saturday afternoon, need to ride early, up north looks rough, real rough.


From Robbie McEwen, a favorite rider of mine

"He's still got his Frame"

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I took a couple of days off the bike but I still remember how to ride, I did 16 miles yesterday, my Tobacco Road loop.
Didn't see any other bikers out, not due to weather, there aren't any in this neck of the woods.

Read an email from one of my Texarkana buddies who had hemmroid surgery, he doesn't recommend it, unless totally necessary, Duh.
He's losing weight, probably afraid to eat anything that will make a t__d.
He's thinking he'll be slim and fast next season, but I'm predicting when he gets well he'll be back on the Triple patty burgers and pies and I'll still be in the lead.
Get well soon Barry.

I'm thinking of getting Barry this for Christmas

And if you and your wife have surgery at the same time

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No ride today, gave the old body a break.
I did make me a door for the Treehouse and got a coat of paint on her, supposed to rain tonight.

I did finish another Sidney Sheldon book, "Rage of Angels", another good one, so far I've liked everything I've read of Sheldon.
I'm running out of books so I guess Teresa and I will be going on a book search soon, it's always a fun time.


Make Christmas diner without messing up the kitchen.


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From:TeresaOH MY , FUNNY!!! Watching this reminds me of why I don't like you in my kitchen.

From:TomIt's a brave man, that goes into a woman's kitchen.

As relates to our Household, truer words were never spoken!

I did black dog loop today, fourteen miles over the hills and thru the dell.
It was cool at 48 deg but I think I could get used to it, the wind wasn't as bad today as it has been.

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Got out for a Mtnbike ride today, twenty two miles on the backroads and the County roads.
The temperature was 48 deg and there was a North wind blowing that felt like it was straight from the Polar Cap.
At first I wondered if I had on enough clothing, had a hard time warming up, but finally got there.
My ride was the Janice Loop, I stop halfway at Janice's house where Teresa was visiting. When I arrived I found that Janice's nephew, Clint was there.
My ride could have got pretty interesting if I had drank a little bit of that Moonshine Wine that Clint had, I just smelled of it and it burnt my nose, Clint is a professional drinker.

It's pretty crazy when the temps drop about 26 deg in one day.

After my ride I ate something and then settled down to watch a little football, Dallas did it again, it's been a while since I've seen a team make a turnaround like they have.
I don't really wish Romo any bad luck but I hope he isn't able to return for the rest of the season.

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Today was a really nice day for a bike ride and I had me one.
I made my ride to the "Dangerfield State Park" and in the process I got me a Metric Century.
I started my ride a 9:30 am and finished about 2:30 pm, it was 72 deg at the start and 74 deg at the finish.
I did have a headwind most of the way to the park and coming home I know I had it behind me for a few miles because at one time I looked at my speed and I was travelling along about 21 mph, yep mrbill must have had a little wind at his back, but all in all the wind was hard to figure, never really working to hard for you or against you.
I also discovered that a Weeny dog can run about 22 mph, amazing, needed a little downhill to loose that sucker.
The route is a good one, not much traffic for the most part, a pretty hilly section on hwy 250 to Hughes Springs and a nice drop into Dangerfield on Hwy 11 from Hughes Springs.
I've learned in the past it's a good idea to check out a route in a vehicle before making your ride just to check that the roads are alright and everything is in order, since I was making this ride by myself I didn't do a surveillance ride.
As usually happens with mrbill he was surprised to find that the Park was closed for renovation, since it was only me I wasn't to disappointed, I wasn't going to miss the climb up out of the Park.
I rode on to Dangerfield where I took a break, got me some Gatorade and a snickers, heck it works for Lance.
On the way back on Hwy 130 there's this killer little climb at about 45 miles, almost got me and then you climb Thompsons bluff about 10 miles from the finish, that was really fun.
When I got to the black top road to mi casa I had to ride up and down it a couple of times to get an official Metric Century, done deal.
After getting home I showered and then we were off the the party store to get some of Grannies Tonic and then we swung back by the Mexican food restaurant and picked up a couple of Chicken Enchilada diners to take home.
I'll have to say it was a really good day on the bike, no mechanicals, low traffic and for the most part Courteous drivers, not to mention perfect temps.

This is pretty much how the roads were, rollers and light traffic

This was where I turned on Hwy 250 headed to Hughes Springs, was glad to get the wind on my back right shoulder, rather than in my face.

Glad I didn't have to explain to a group of riders how I didn't know the Park was closed.

Downtown Dangerfield, and they've got a Movie Theatre where all seats are a buck fifty.

Entering Cass County from Morris County, headed toward the casa, this was as flat as it got and I had a little wind, a nice section.

I've made this ride before and I'll make it again, it's a good one.
Hope everyone had as good a day as I did, now back to work on the Treehouse.

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From:HarryIt's all about the correct priorities.

Tom, I know that's right, and you've definitely got yours in order.

In between painting some fence and working on Treehouse I did manage to take a ride, to beautiful not to.
When the weather is this nice outside and you know it's going to take a turn for the worse it seems like there isn't enough hours in the day.
I rode my Mtnbike on the backroads and I don't know what was up with the Big Trucks on Hwy 8 but they all moved over and gave me some room, guess this nice weather has made them happy too.
Tomorrow I'll be riding to Dangerfield State Park, a front is on the way I just hope it holds off till after my ride, it is enough of a challenge without a blustery wind.

Bobbitt Family Update

Hope everyone has a good weekend

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Didn't ride today, it's hard to believe but I spent the entire day working on the treehouse, I'm at that stage now where I'm wondering why I ever started this project and I'm to far along to quit.
I have managed to use up a lot of old materials I've had since I don't remember when, also ran the Rats out of the barn, poor rats, they had a nice spot for winter, rats are nasty.
I will ride tomorrow, I've got to take advantage of this nice weather, mid 60's.

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From:MrDaveyGieTotally Awesome bro, TREE HOUSE!! That is living the dream. I've always had one as a youngster, so good to see you staying forever young.

I also had one as a boy but it wasn't quite as nice as this one, mine was usually just a couple of boards up on a couple of branches, Teresa is already talking about Electricity in this one, hum.
It's funny but when I was a kid computers were non existent, and now this Treehouse is computer ready, crazy.

From:TeresaIt's sad about the tomatoes , but hopefully next yr. we'll have good luck with the tomatoes again.
Next comes the tree house or the bike ride, just as I expected the bike ride was on your mind. And with such a beautiful day who could blame you. We've always got time for building. WHAT A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT. I can't wait to see the girls eyes light up when they see it. Great job papaw!! We love you bunches no matter what your up too!!!!!!

Things started out a bit rough today, my tomatoes died, it was really sad, best darn tomatoes I've ever grown.

After I recovered from the shock of losing my tomatoes I started work on the "Grandkids Treehouse."
In this next picture is mrbill thinking about his work or about a bike ride?

Yep, your were right, mrbill was thinking about a bike ride, it was a beautiful day, to nice for work, so I dropped my tools and took a ride to town, Lottery ride.
Look at it this way, if I win the lottery, someone else will be building this Treehouse and I'll be out for a ride on my new bike, now that's what we're talking about.
I did go back to work after my bike ride, got to keep your priorities in order.

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