June 11

Got out for a ride this morning, did the "Dump Loop" on my backup Mtn bike, just proves you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun, $200.
It felt good to get out and 30 miles is a good distance for me at this time, with work and heat.

Several of my riding friends from Texarkana are in Whichita Falls this weekend for the "Hotter N Hell One Hundred," held the last Saturday in August every year.
I went to the first "Hotter n Hell" in 1981, I was going to college in Denton, Texas, heard about it and me and a riding buddy went.
It was a real experience, I was on my Schwinn Super Sport, no kit and it took us a full 8 hrs to do the 100, a real suffer fest.

I'm hoping that Janez Brajkovic (Slo) Team RadioShack, does good in the Vuelta.
Jani seems to be a great biker and all around good guy, I expect good things from him.
As of late he has moved up from 18th to 16th, just biding his time, a lot of racing to go, the smart part.

Of course I hope to see Levi take the win in Colorado and I'm amazed at how the Schlecks are doing, must be the altitude, Andy said that the only time he had been this high before was in the plane coming to the US.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of taking "Blueboy" my crossbike out for about 30 miles, maybe the "Lisa Loop," includes backroads, Fm roads and a short Section of HWY 59.

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I'd feel a lot better if the temps would at least drop to 100, that would really be nice.
We have set a new all time record for the most days over 100, degrees that is.

I got out this morning for a Mtn bike ride, 26 miles, "Club Lake Loop", was warm at the start and warmer at the finish.
While your riding it isn't to bad, but when you stop you heat up quick.
Our low at night is about 80 degrees, enough said.

Tomorrow I'll be doing a 30 miler, the "Dump Loop", with the very exciting drop down "Dump Hill," speeds approaching 80mph and a 90 deg turn at the bottom, Exciting.

After my ride today I had salmon, a sweet potatoe, and some cantelope, I feel a little guilty, I promised some of my riding buddies in Texarkana that I'd try to eat better, ice cream, pie, and triple Macs with extra cheese, I just couldn't do it.

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From:TomYou are what you eat.

Truer words were never spoken, but not thought of often enough.