June 11

I had a good time at the "Rat" ride, Ride Around Texarkana, Saturday.
It was another early get up since I had a 40 min drive and the ride started at 6:30am.
I believe we had about 25 folks show up to ride, one Gal missed the ride, I won't mention any names, she partied to hard the night before and didn't hear her alarm.

Terry Spivey and Freddy B from DeQueen getting ready to ride, Freddy B is the best I've seen on a Trike, don't tell anyone but he passed me as I was pulling the group up the biggest hill, and he says, "This is a pretty good hill," I didn't know what to say.

Folks arriving, Dans better side

Barry, if you don't breathe soon, you're going to pass out

My old riding buddy Alan, poor Alan, he had to listen to me talk for 4hrs and 20min

The Group, right before Takeoff

The "Fab Five," I tried to get us in the pic as we were on the road, yep, that's me in front

Barry, cooking up the Dogs

The "Party Animals"

Nice get together after the ride.

Shelter from the Sun

I really did enjoy the ride and get together, some really nice folks, it was "Big Fun" even tho it was over a hundred degrees, maybe a person can get used to living in 100+ deg weather, but he doesn't have to like it.

I got up on Sunday morning to do my ride after the ride, got on my Mtn Bike and was heading to a friends house, trying to get them into riding, about a mile and a half from the house my Shift Lever for my Rear Derailleur broke, limped home in High Gear.
I did get on Blueboy and do a ride but my plan for the day was blown, got in a short ride and then it was pretty much the couch for the rest of the day.

A note to my fellow Texarkana riders, Alan gave me some tips on gaining weight, hopefully I can put on a few pounds and level the playing field, Banana Pudding, Peach Pie, Triple Patty Melt with extra Cheese.

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No, this isn't mrbill at work today

But it does look like something we might try.

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Staying true to my philosophy to always take a ride the day after a good effort, I did a short ride today.
I did my Red Hill, Tobacco Road loop, got on the road about 8am after watering tomatoes and peppers and dogs laying spots.
It was a short ride but a good workout, it included Heartbreak Hill, Pate Hill and Red Hill, up and down the whole way and Big Fun, it was a Mountain bike ride.

Looking forward to next Saturday and the "Ride Around Texarkana," a 59 mile ride with some shorter routes, a 6:30am start to beat some of the heat, good idea.

Hope everyone had a good weekend on the bike, I did.

If your having trouble in your relationship don't listen to Country and Western music, man, all those songs about Heartbreak and Love gone wrong makes you want to jump off a bridge, I even thought up a good one, "I don't want to be you ATM, I just want to be your Friend," classical might be better.

Hope everyone has a good week and pray for this Heat to break, and a little rain would be nice, we did get a cloud yesterday afternoon.

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I went to Paris today, Paris, TX, that is, and had a good time at the "Tour de Paris" bike ride.
Really enjoyed visiting with friends and pumping the pedals.
As usual the folks put on a good ride, pancake breakfast before and hamburgers and smoothies after, I didn't actually see Alan on the road, I did see him eating pancakes and I saw him eating a hamburger but, hum.
I mangaged to get a 16.44 mph avg, Alan helped me, I thought he was ahead of me so I was really working, turns out he was behind me, thanks Alan.
Barry kept giving me a hard time about me weighing the same I did when I was 20, ok Barry, I'll try to put on some weight, what's the secret.
Another reason I had a good ride is because I was trying to beat the Heat, someone who came in after me said they say 102 on one of the Bank signs, I believe it, perfect riding weather, NOT.

All in All it was Big Fun, hope to see everyone next week for the "Ride Around Texarkana," I'll be there, I like the 6:30am start time, shouldn't be but around 90 deg at the start, may wear a light jacket.

A full moon, the coolest part of the ride, travelling to the ride.

Here it comes, guess what, another Hot one

Really enjoyed seeing an old friend from the old days, C. L. Friend, a good hill climber

Gathering for the start, lets get going, it's heating up

The Texarkana Group

Thanks a lot KRiSTL for taking our group pic, do hope to see yall next year

The T-Shirt

Yep, now I'm home and on the couch, probably be asleep here in a minute, I can almost remember when I used to go out and party after a ride, a thing of the past.

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From: KRiStl

I hope the pictures I took at the beginning of the ride with your camera came out ok and that you and your friends had a great ride! This was the first Tour de Paris (LOVE that rally name!) that my husband and I have ridden in and I'm sure it won't be the last. Maybe we'll see you at the next one.

Thanks for the great Photography work, with a less than perfect camera. We all survived and had a good time, hope yall did the same, see you next year.

Thought I'd do an update just to see if I could, it's been awhile and I thought I might have forgotten.

I would like to apologize to everyone who has been here and wasted their time, I understand.

These last three months have been rather rough, Teresa and I have gotten a divorce, it was final today, 10am this morning.
I waited a long time to get married and I really thought I'd found someone I would spend the rest of my life with, but it didn't work out.
It's really strange how you think you know someone and in the end it doesn't seem as if you know them at all.
I'm not going to go into details of what happened to our relationship, but Teresa made it impossible for me to remain married to her.
I hope the best for Teresa, I really do, and I also believe in Karma so I try my best to leave with no hard feeling and let things take care of themselves.

This has been my reason for not posting on a regular basis, after being burnt by the Internet it's not as much fun as it used to be, I'm hoping time will change that and that once again I'll be a regular poster, enjoying the relationships with my online friends.
As a matter of fact I believe a few of my online friends have probably realized what was up with me and in the beginning when things were really tough they were there, thanks.

So today I start the rest of my life, I won't be married again, that's a no brainer, no way I'd go thru this again.


Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a bike ride, the "Tour de Paris" in Paris, Texas.
I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends and riding my bike, always a good stress reliever.
I'm not making any promises but I hope to post a few pics of tomorrows ride.

Thanks to everyone who stops by my page, if I keep my page going I promise I'll put my personal problems aside and concentrate on my riding and reading posts.
Presently I'm reading "Mistress of the Game" by Sidney Sheldon, an enjoyable read, one in a series.
I hope everyone has a good weekend, lets get out and ride and put our troubles behind us for a day.

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