April 2012

Today I stayed on the blacktop for the most part, I did do one dirt section on the other side of town, fortunately the grader hadn't been there.

The heat and hoomidity are inching up and bugs are coming to life, keep your mouth shut.

It always seems a bit funny and nice to see roses along a fence line in the middle of nowhere, put there just for my bike ride, thanks.

This is tough, work, little fun.

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That Grader Operator is one working son of a gun, a real pistol.
I found out on my Friday ride that he has graded all my dirt roads.
Friday I took a little spill, 4 inch deep dry sand, couldn't go, fell over, but at least it was soft.
I hate that helpless feeling you get when your clipped in and going down.

I didn't ride Saturday, recovering from graded roads, if you want a good workout, just follow a Road Grader, little fun.


I will be going to this ride next Saturday in Gilmer Texas.
The group that puts on this ride does volunteer work in Guatemala.
I ran around Guatemala in the late 70's, a really neat country, but it's seen it's share of problems, 30 yrs of revolution.
Robert, my travelling buddy from college, and I may be going to Guatemala in late May or June.

Change the World Bike Ride
mrbill will be giving out autographed photos of himself before the ride, get there early, they'll go fast.


Sounds like Gregg Allman of the "Allman Brother Band" has been having some health issues, welcome to old age Gregg.
The "Allman Brothers" have always been a favorite of mine.

Jessica, "The Allman Brothers Band"

And when I think of the Allman Brothers the Moody Blues always come to mind.

"Tuesday Afternoon," The Moody Blues

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Nice ride today, it's starting to warm up, I'm going to be forced to use the A/C pretty soon.
Outdoor shower, frozen waterbottle, sweat, bugs, don't you just love the summer, well a little, less as I age.

I rode my bottom loop, Tobacco Road thru the Frazier Creek bottom and then my climb up "Heartbreak Hill," always a favorite.

Everyone have a good time on the bikes this weekend and keep the rubber side down, kind of wish I was in Arizona for the
Whiskey Off Roadone heck of a party, probably couldn't keep up, but it would be fun trying.

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Had a real nice Mtnbike ride today.
I rode a route I haven't ridden in a while and really enjoyed it.

I did have a bit of a surprise on my first stretch of dirt road.

Looks like the Road Grader has been thru here, he sure has messed up my road,
I'm thinking I'd like to get my hands on the Grader Operator

This deer is also trying to figure out what happened

Ok, here comes that Operator, now I'll get him.
He pulls up along side me, stops and opens his cab door.
Oops, looks like he's a pretty big old boy, guess I'll let him slide this time, heck, he's just doing his job.
Talked to Mr.Littlejohn for a bit and then I was on my way, and it was some tough going, after he pulls all the sand out of the ditch and puts it back on the road.

A really nice spot on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere, and a really good time going down that hill, an old man, going as fast as he can downhill hollering, "No Fear, No Brakes, Balls to the Wall.

A chimney, just waiting on a house

A break at Flat Creek Church, all I had for a treat was some sliced peaches, worked real well.

A real good day, Big Fun.

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I may not ride today I need to get caught up on some things around the Rancho, but I may sneak in a short ride.
When your riding regularly and decide to take a day off, it feels a little bit like skipping school, but better.

The "Tour of Turkey" is happening right now, for some outstanding photos from Stage One,Tour of Turkey Pics


In the reading department: "Hell's Angel" by Ralph "Sonny" Barger

Winston used laugh and say, "You know the difference between a big cat and a small cat? A big cat will scratch your eyes out, but a little pussy will never hurt ya."
Words to live by from Winston.

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Got in twenty six miles today on the Mtn bike.
The first 12 miles were a blast then I turned North and the work began, extremely windy.

Remember these, if not your probably to young.

Drive-in movie speakers

They bring back many memoriesThe old "Nash Metropolitan, no reverse, and a bad battery, but I liked that little car.

The old Drive In movie where I had my first beer.
Some of us guys got some beer and wine and were going to get a buzz.
I opened me a beer, had a sip and couldn't stand it, everyone else seemed to be enjoying their beer.
First one and then the other asked for another and I wasn't even half way thru, but I chunked it out the window, heard it go Clunk, not an empty sound, busted.

I didn't get drunk and my buddy who heard you could really get messed up drinking a gallon of wine real fast, tried it, all he did was throw it all up, he didn't get drunk either.
It ain't easy becoming a Man.

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From:TeresaI remember those speakers, had lots of good times at the movies. Mom & Dad would take us and we'd go down and play at the play ground before the movie started then back to the tailgate of the pick-up truck and watched some great movies. REMEMBERING GOOD TIMES!!! Thanks!!!

Nice ride today, Club Lake Loop, wind was the word for the day.

Rain all day yesterday but today looks good for a ride.
Our temps are a bit cooler than last year, a good thing, hope it holds for the summer.

I'm still using the "Over the Door Traction Device."
This was suggested to me at the health clinic, it really works, I recommend it for anyone with neck pain or back pain.

To see just how well it's worked for me check out the link below for my results.

My results after using the ODTD for three weeks.
As soon as it warms up a bit I'm going for a ride, back later with report.

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I need to get caught up here.
I have been getting in a few miles on the bike.

Last weekend I went to Waco, TX to visit an old college friend, Robert.
Saturday was one of those days, perfect, everything went just right, that doesn't happen to me often, so it was really nice.

Waco is a good spot to ride bikes, we rode over the Dam at Lake Waco and then to a Marina, the Airport and then back to Downtown.
Entering town we crossed the Historic Brazos river and then followed a trail along the river to Baylor University.
About this time we had had a good ride and I was feeling thirsty and needed refueling, "Hey Robert, Is there a Bar around here somewhere?"

Robert led the way to "Sams on the Square," which turned out to be a fitting end to a good ride.
We met Adam, one of the owners and he treated us well, got free drinks since it was our first time there, had Tacos, you see why I like the place.

I finally made it home after pulling in for coffee and leaving the store, going the wrong direction for about 30 miles, I hate it when that happens.


Riding around the casa I've had a couple of animal experiences.
First I was riding "Black Dog Loop," at one point in the ride I go by a house in the country with a Big Black Chow behind a fence.
I've ridden the route many times and always talk to ChowBoy as I ride by and he chases me on the other side of the fence.
Well this time I come upon the house, I don't see Chowboy, I make some noise, then I see him running toward me, "Hi Chowboy."
I make a 90 degree turn and as I turn the corner I notice that the gate which is always closed is standing wide open, Oh Shit!
Here comes Chowboy, I pick up the pace but realize I can't outrun him and his pentup Frustrations.
I look at him trying to see if he's playing or if he's hungry for "some meat on the pedal."
I finally decide it's time to act, I gently tap his nose with my foot and he backs off.
This is a good way to get the heart going, but I prefer hills.

On my ride yesterday I was going downhill into Fraziers bottom, clipping along pretty good when a little squirrel shoots across the road in front of me, I miss him by about 6 inches, glad it wasn't a deer.

Downtown Park on the Historic Brazos River

Bike Lane in Waco

Bike path beside river

Robertos "Nuevo Casa"

Sams on the Square, good place to finish a ride.

I'm going to try and get in a ride today, I hear thunder in the distance.
Everyone have a great weekend.

Sams on the Square

30 mile Mtn bike ride on Saturday, Dump Hill loop, that drop down Dump Hill is something else.

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I took a short ride today, wind was the word of the day.

I was looking at one of my old bikes (Vitus) and got to thinking about Tubular tires, haven't run them in a long time. I wonder just how many folks still use Tubulars, will they eventually be a thing of the past, like mrbill.

Using Tubular Tires

French star Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) showed off his good form and rode to a solo victory through hail and rain at the Brabantse Pijl-La Flèche Brabançonne in Overijse, Belgium.

I've always liked Voeckler, the man's all heart, strong rider, I forgive him for being French.

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I got out for a ride today, rode the backroads to Linden and back, a nice morning.
I've been off the bike for two days, did a little cross training with the chain saw Sunday and had business to take care of in Texarkana on Monday.

On my ride today I met a Gentleman who informed me that he and some friends are making a Mountain bike trail near the Atlanta High School.
Chuck Rice was the Gentlemans name and he sent me an email with some contact info, am going to have to check this out, sounds interesting.

Tomatoes are blooming, may have to hit them with some "Miracle Grow," they're looking hungry.

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From:TomWe've got about 3 weeks maybe 4 before it's safe to plant here.

Our last freeze is supposed to be 15 April, but that may be a thing of the past, plants are about 2 feet tall and blooming.

Enjoyed my ride today, rode over the "Cordillera de Carterville", four step mtn to Carterville.
Weather was perfect, no mechanicals, nothing to bitch about, just a good ride, and that's how we like it.

Met this friendly little fellow on my ride


Don't forget "Paris Roubaix" is tomorrow, it won't seem right without Cancellara but it will still be one hell of a race.

Going to stretch my neck and go for a ride.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, eat Salmon.

Almost forgot, I was just wondering, "Do the Waltons shop at Wal Mart?, what do you think?

Come on "Tiger" quit acting like a spoilt brat and play golf.

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I've been getting in some riding, the weather has been good, kind of funny, cool but humid, usually I associate humidity with heat, of course humidity isn't good any time.
The flora is still in full bloom and you can't help but enjoy yourself surrounded by all the greenery.

mrbill in traction, I think I'm getting taller

Leaving Frasier creek bottom

More Flora


Some photos from the pros

The Scheldeprijs, nasty conditions

This is what happens in these conditions, a nasty crash

The Vasco, Tour of the Basque Country, tough uphill finish


Some interesting links.

Taylor Phinney on Roubaix bike
Paris Roubaix Poster
Chris Horner
That's all folks, got to stretch my neck and go for a bike ride.

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No ride today, had to go to the Human Vet (VA), in Texarkana today.
I had an appointment with my mental health Doctor, boy has she got her hands full.
We mainly discussed my neck bothering me and she said she had the same issues, she told me about an "Over the Door Traction Device," and suggested I try one.
I stopped by a medical supply bussiness on my way out of town and got one for twenty five dollars.
I got home and got it put up, the verdict is not yet in, but I'll keep you posted, it looks and feels like some kind of Medival Torture device, we do what we have to do (maybe a photo later).

I believe our drought is over and after the last couple of days I'm thinking of building an Ark with outriggers, we've had some wind too.


Paris - Roubaix, Arpil 8th (The Hell of the North)
I'll be watching on "steephill.tv

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Got in a ride yesterday before the thunderstorms, rain and hail hit.
Lost electricity for about eight hours, I did fire up the old generator so I could watch "Judge Judy."
After storms passed I checked out my tomatoes, slight damage from hail but not bad.

The other day on my ride I stopped to visit with some friends.
While visiting, my friends ten yr old Grandson asked me if I owned a car, he's just seen me on my bike, I tell him yes, to which he replies, "then why are you riding a bike?".
This kind of caught me off guard, but after a moment I tell him that I don't get any excercise riding in a car, he says, "Oh."

About a minute later he say to me, "I thought riding bicycles made you fat," I couldn't believe it.

After I found out that his mother told him that, I started thinking again, maybe someone told her she needed to ride a bike and her excuse was, No, bike riding makes you fat.
Or the other reason might have been that the boy wanted a bike and she didn't want to buy one, not sure, this is a hard one to figure.
I may have to keep an eye on this boy to make sure he gets the right info, it's not bikes that make you fat it's motorcycles, no offense, Banditos.

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I did one of my favorite rides today, Union Mountain.
I got a bit of a late start due to the "Tour of Flanders," I just had to see if it would be Boonen or Cancellara who took the win, my man Boonen wins again.
Booned is having himself a real nice Spring run, good for him, a stand up guy.

No wheelsuckers in this group, Ballan, Pozzato and Boonen.

Boonen takes the win, again.


Pics from my ride today

Careful, that Gun's loaded
Union Mountain

Love these shaded lanes, especially in Summer

Take your daily aspirin and watch your sugar intake, I prefer Honey.

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From: GeneSomething about those East Texas blacktop roads thru the woods...changed my desktop again! Nice pics. And...are you taking your Glock with you these days?

Just the guns I was born with, backroads, a main pastime here in East Tex, as you know.