December 2012

Nice day out today, got me in a ride to Linden.
It was 49 deg, light wind and Sun on the way to town and clouds on the way home.
I had a nice ride and a nice visit with Jerry, my bike touring buddy, we discussed doing a tour in Mexico and he wants me to join him and some friends for a tour of the Big Bend Country in late January.
I really like Big Bend, I went to school in Alpine in 1965, and during that time I got to know the area pretty well, but probably won't make tour.

Got to keep an eye on the stocks, looking for a buying opportunity with the Cliff hanging over our heads, politicians, worthless.

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40 F, 4 C

It was cool today, 40 deg F with a light wind and a full Sun, the full Sun made it a nice day.
Normally for old Tx boys 40 is a bit chilly but I was inspired my my online friends to get out, and sure enough it was beautiful, nice ride.

First off I did my dog training and then around the next corner I run into "Wimpy," a neighbor who lives a couple of miles from me.
Wimpy's first statement was, "Well, I guess they're going to take our guns," ok, easy mrbill, don't say nothing about the NRA, be careful.
I tried to stear the direction of the conversation toward "Assault Weapons," alright, we agreed, he can keep his 2 shotguns, his 30/06, and his 3 pistols, I wanted to balk at the pistols, but I let it slide.

I told him it would be ok, we'd just hide out here in the woods and as long as they don't bother us, we'll be alright.
We wished each other a nice day and went our way.

He got me to thinking, I guess the next thing the NRA will want to do is "arm the school kids," this would be great, just think how many guns they could sell, the gun manufacturers would give the Lobbyists a big old wet kiss, this is getting nasty.

Thankfully deer season will be over soon and the number of gun shots should decrease dramatically, then I won't have to ride that crazy zig zag style on the backroads.

Tomorrow is supposed to be about 53 deg with Sun, mrbill will be out, maybe a ride to Linden.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend and staying warm.

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38 F, 3 C

It's been cloudy and cool to cold over the last few days, with snow and rain, not Texas weather.
For me it was reading weather, not cycling weather, I'm still in recovery, hopefully the "Sun will come out tommorrow," and I'll get me in a ride.
I know some folks think, snow, cold, rain, lets ride, but mrbill doesn't understand this, maybe it's his age, maybe it's his Testosterone level, but he has been doing his excercises.

In cycling, cyclocross, I got a kick out of reading about Nys falling out of contention in the muddy Loenhout race because after six times being hit by beer on the seventh lap he took off into the crowd after the offender, he was cool, no violence, got an apology, love it.

Albert took a nice win with Stybar being an impressive road rider in second place. The Czech also saw some beer cups flying around during his race. "I saw some coming but I'm a beer drinker so I didn't mind too much about that," Stybar said.


Stybar (Czech)

I can't even fantasize about riding in that muck


In the reading department I just finished, "Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape" by Paul Howard.
Jacques Anquetil was one heck of a bike rider, one of the all time greats, but his homelife probably would have got him into trouble in the Bible Belt.
First he had a child by his wifes daughter and then ended up living with his stepsons wife, kind of confusing.

I highly reccomend this book to anyone interested in Pro Cycling, they'll understand.

I've started "Tycoon" by Harold Robbins, it's a real book so if the lights go out I can keep reading by flashlight.

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28 F, -2 C

1pm: Temp is 28 deg F, -2 C, ther'll be no 50 today.

Another Christmas come and gone, New Years just around the corner, what will the new year bring?

We've been having crazy weather, normal for this time of year, it usually turns to do do on 1 January but Christmas day was pretty nasty.

I woke Christmas morning to thunderstorms, lost electricty about 7am just as I was having my second cup of Mate.
Oh well, no elec, I'll just kick back on the couch and read my Kindle, that was fine until the battery ran low, a little Kindle drawback, no elec, no book, it's not like that with real books.

I got out my backpacking stove and warmed some coffee and finally decided to cook me some eggs, didn't really want fudge and popcorn for breakfast.

By 12 oclock I decide I'm going to get the generator going, I've delayed because of good steady rain but 12 was the deadline so out I go.
Got the generator going, back on the couch and sure enough about 15 minutes later the electricity comes on, works everytime.
It started snowing about 3:20 in the afternoon and was still snowing lightly when I went to bed.

I had a good Christmas inspite of no elec, once elec came back on I proceeded to cook a chicken I had got for me and the animals, needless to say the Dogs and Cats really enjoyed Christmas, I wonder how much chicken a dog could eat if you just kept feeding it to them?


Christmas Snow

Me and Baby on the couch

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

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60 F, 15C

The weather has been nice basically and we've had everything but rain, which we really need.

I had a nice ride to Linden on Saturday and got to visit with Lexy and Ashlynn, the grandkids, when they weren't on the computer.
What in the world did we do as kids w/o computers, oh yeah, we got on our bikes and headed for Z-Boaz Park and rode the dips, devils dip being the ultimate challenge, kind of glad they didn't have computers.
I took the day off today to go to the store and visit a friend and then it was back to the house to watch the Cowboys get beat by New Orleans.


In the reading department I finished "Sarkhan" by William J. Lederer & Eugene Burdick.
This is a really good book, I recommend it to anyone who wonders how in the world we got into Viet Nam.
You know it has to be a good book as it was once banned by Nixon.
You need to read this book, email me with your address and I'll send it to you.

"There is about this man something to admire," the Sarkhanese said slowly. "He is sure. He believes in something and that belief gives him a steadiness. In a way this man is admirable. But I would not like my people to be admirable in this way. This man has cut a part of his mind out, he has thrown away judgement and he has substituted faith. I would like to question him."


I finally broke down and bought me a "Kindle Fire HD," I'm really enjoying it.
I can see where a person needs self control because they sure make it easy to buy books.
I got of sample of "Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape" by Paul Howard and of course after reading a couple of free chapters, yep, I hit the Buy Button, I'm enjoying the book.
This book is about Jacques Anquetil, one of the best riders of all time and quite a character, I am enjoying it.
I still like books and my next few reads will be books but I can see where the Kindle works real well for special selections and Travel.

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60 F, 15C

Well we're still here, trying to figure out why we're still here, lets just ride bikes until we figure it out.
A beautiful day today, cold in the morning and cool in the afternoon, full sun and light wind.
I didn't get a ride in today, had cleaning to do in the morning and then went to a movie in the afternoon.
First time I've been to a movie in I don't know when and the first time I've seen 3D since the 50's when I saw "Broken Arrow," or something like that, I just remember the arrows flying out into the audience and everybody ducking.
We went and saw the "Hobbit," I have read the "Triology of the Ring," and thought this might be a good movie.
As it turns out this is basically an Action movie and we don't like action movies, so rated it a five, we did like the little bird that flew out into the audience, it was like you could almost reach out and get him.
If you like a lot of unsightly characters and lot of sword slinging you'll like this movie, personally I believe we have enough sword swinging in reality w/o going to the movie for it.
I did manage to get me some sun shades out of the deal, my 3D glasses.


I had a good ride the other day, thought I'd post this video of one of my favorite downhills, I've got to get me a camera mount, flying down these hills with one hand holding a camera and expecting a deer to run in front of me at any minute is exhilarating but also kind of scary, that's what we like.

Hold on mrbill


I'm thinking of going into business with my neighbor, we're going to raise "Interval Dogs."
My neighbor is great at raising dogs and I like to ride bikes so this should make for a good business parnership.

While I was taking a little time off due to my neck my neighbor got a bit ahead of me so I've got my work cut out for me, he's got one bunch I'm working with and another litter in waiting.

Here's the current pack I'm training, their doing real well, just need to get them a little closer and angrier.

This boy here is just about ready to ship out, he's a good one, just about got my foot in his mouth, might have to keep him for a breeder.

So If your interested, "Interval Dogs," 300 dollars a piece, if you order 5, 200 dollars a piece.
They'll really improve your riding skills, they'll put the pack in motion.
I recommend that you put the dog or dogs along your route, don't place them on hills unless your in really good shape or have good hospitalization insurance.
Just stake your hungry dogs (don't feed for 3 days) out on about a 100 ft tether, this can be adjusted as your condition improves, it's really fun if you pull this on your friends unexpectedly.
Dogs are guaranteed, if he doesn't make you ride faster, shoot him, and we'll send you another one, we have lots of dogs.


So everyone get out there and ride and enjoy, and watch for Interval Dogs.



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50 F, 10C

The word for the day was Wind, and a strong wind it was, what I call a tree trimmer wind.
It was also quite a bit cooler so I opted not to ride the bike but clean up limbs around the Rancho.

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75 F, 23C

Today was a cloudy, warm and humid day.
Did some chores around the Rancho, and that was about it.

I spent a couple of hours trying to cinc a new FTP client with my webpage server, gave up, will try again later when head's in the right place.

Weather changes are on the way, windy and colder tomorrow, hopefully rain tonight.

Life is good!

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75 F, 23C

The weather has been beautiful, just doesn't get any better.
Really enjoyed my rides the last couple of days, nice to be back on the bike.
I got ready to ride today and I kept thinking that I needed to wear more than just shorts and jersey, wrong, 75deg, full sun and a rather stiff SW, W, wind.

Hope to get in a ride Wednesday because we're having a weather change Wed night, rain, wind and cooler.

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75 F, 23C

Just another beautiful day in Paradise.
Hard to believe that it was 75 deg on Dec 15th but it was and I enjoyed it.
I waited awhile to start my ride for maximum warmth and sure enough as soon as I started my ride the clouds moved in, as I finished my ride the clouds moved out and the sun returned, the story of my life.


I like my Guatemalan Jersey but it makes me look a bit heavy
but it's not fat, I checked, it's muscle

A favorite spot on the ride, Coming down Red Hill

Hope everyone has a great Bike Ride today.

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75 F, 23C

I didn't get in a ride today, had things to do and weather turned nasty.
I gave Teresa a ride to Texarkana to get her eyes checked, 3rd Dr we've been to, can't find the mysterious problem, looks like we go to Shreveport next to Dr.#4.

I also had to go and pay car insurance, one of my least favorite things.

We are finally getting a little rain, not as much as we need, but we're thankful.


It's always easier to go to the Dr.
when you know your're getting Mexian food afterwards.

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60 F, 15C

What a beautiful day for a bike ride, 60 deg, full Sun, light wind, mrbill had to ride.
I rode into Linden and back, really enjoyed the ride.

I did manage to take a couple of photos,

Our Remodeled Courthouse

mrbill with his new handlebars


In the reading department I've started, "Sarkhan," by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick.

I've just started, it was written in 1965, fiction, a country near Viet Nam.
Should be interesting as I went to Viet Nam in 67.

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50 F, 10C

Howdy, Howdy, yep, it's been awhile, thought it was about time to update.

First off, it's a lot colder than the last time I posted, about 20deg this morning.

As far as my neck is concerned it's a lot better, no headaches just some soreness in neck shoulder area, we'll see what the future holds.
I'm still not pushing the bike riding because I do believe that riding agravates my neck, although I got me some new handlebars for my Mountain bike and they really seem to help, then it got cold.

I've read many good books since I last posted, and at present I just finished reading, "The Man Called Cash" by Steve Turner, a good on the Man in Black.
As usual it you want a book I mention here just drop me an email and I'll send it.

Thats it for now, everyone keep warm, especially for my Compadres up North.


From: "The Man Called Cash"

But the wild road I was rambling
Was always out there calling
And they said a hundred times I should have died
But now my present miracle
Is that your here beside me
So, I believe they were roads I was meant to ride
Like a soldier getting over the war

Like a young man getting over his crazy ways
Like a bandit getting over his lawless ways
Every day is better than before
I'm like a soldier getting over the war.

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90 deg