January 2012

I think I'm going to live.
It's been a rough week, came down with a stomach Bug or whatever but I have had severe nausea all week finally went to emergency room on Friday.
In the emergency room I was given three meds intravaneously thank goodness they did relieve Nausea.
Friday night, in the middle of the night I start scratching , I wake up to weps all over my body, allergic reaction to one of the meds.
Back to the Emergency room on Saturday, extremely nauseous again, I get a shot for nausea and some new prescriptions, the ones I'd purchased the day before were now useless.
I get my new meds and it looks like things are looking up until late Saturday night when I notice the weps are there again.

After reviewing my experience I am led to believe the problem drug is the Nausea medicine, so after talking to a Nurse friend, I decided to stop taking the Nausea medicine, Nausea was minimal at this time.

So here I am Monday morning feeling almost normal, or as normal as I get, and the weps seem to be clearing up, hopefully I'm putting this behind me.

What really bugged me about this time was that I missed some of the nicest weather this year to ride since I was stuck to the couch and recliner.

Hopefully I'm getting over this, I would rather get shot by a nail gun or cut with a saw than to have Nausea twenty four hrs a day.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't passed, and hopefully I'll I'll get back on track, would like to ride today but no luck, heavy rain all day, we need the rain so that's a good thing.

So this time I wasn't lazy, I was down.


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I had a fun ride today, I rode "Black Dog Loop," a fourteen miler on Mtnbike over the "Cordillera de Carterville."
It's been a while since I did this ride makes me think I need to visit some more routes I haven't done in awhile, keep it interesting.
This ride has a pretty good climb, actually a four stepper.

First Step

Second Step

Third Step

Fourth Step

On Top
A nice ride down but take it easy on the gravel,
and there's a sharp turn at the bottom

Might should have went fishing,
Cattle are all standing, means fish are biting

Clear blue skies and a moon in the afternoon


Here's an interesting item I got from a friend

The Nude Men Clock
Pretty neat, not X rated.


Deadly, but Delicious,
thanks Janice

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From:TomA four stepper? What about the Texas two step?

It probably would be a "Two Step" for you.

I got my first ride of the year, I did my "Club Lake Loop," for twenty miles.
The weather was nice except for the NW wind which made my return trip home little fun, it was also a bit chilly on my skinny legs.
Fortunately we're having good riding weather this week.


In the reading department I have started reading "Fortunate Son" by Lewis B. Puller Jr.
I'm finding this book really interesting and thought provoking, it's about a man about my age and his Viet Nam experience, lot of parallels here.
This book won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography, so far, real good.

I hope everyone got their New Year off to a good start, I'm really looking forward to 2012, it has to be better than 2011, maybe I can even set a new mileage record.

The Dallas Cowboys finished off their year about the same way they started it, rough.

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From:TomThanks for the 2011 posts. Here's to more for 2012. Happy new year.

same back at you, and thanks for the classic, "What's a Stop"