September 2012

Nice weather around here at the moment, I did ten miles on the recumbent today, feeling a bit better.

Medical Update:

I went and saw the Neuosurgeon on Monday and he didn't see anything wrong with my neck, decent shape for my age. That's good but that still leaves me with neck pain and headaches, minimal but there.

So it is posssibly an inflamed disc or maybe muscle, not sure. This Saturday I'm going back to Longview for a shot in my neck, cortesone and a strong antiinflammatory, I'm hoping for a miracle cure. I do think I'll get relief from the shot, just don't know for how long.

Riding my bike puts my neck in the worst position so what riding I do for now will be on the recumbent.

Oh the joys of aging. So all in all I guess the news is good but somehow it doesn't feel real good, I'm really looking forward to Saturday and the Miracle shot.

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84 deg

Howdy, Howdy, now if I can remember how to post.

My latest medical update.
I went for my MRI on Aug 24 then I went to my local Doctor and he got me set up with a Neurosurgeon on 24 Sep.
I'm really looking forward to meeting with the Surgeon and see what he has to say.

I'm not in a lot of pain, mostly discomfort with occasional pain, bearable but not enjoyable.

I hope to get all this straightened out and then get back to riding and posting, right now I don't feel a lot like doing either one.

Everyone be careful out there and enjoy this great fall weather, no more 100's for us, Hallelujah, and we're even getting a little rain.


In the reading department I just finished "Shanghai" by Christopher New, a really good book, one of those you can't wait to get back to.

I'm presently reading "The Cry of the Halidon" by Robert Ludlum, surveying in Jamaica, mucho problemes.

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