April 2013

85 F, 29 C

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85 F, 29 C

Woke this morning and didn't feel quite one hundred per cent.

I told myself, "I can sit around here and feel like crap or I can go and feel like Crap riding my bike, I'd rather be on my bike.

Another contributing factor was the Ride itself, they raise money for a project dear to me, helping my indio friends in Guatemala.

Deborah Bell who heads up "Rescue International" is a really fine lady, nurse and project coordinator.

Guatemala and I thank Deborah Bell and all her volunteers.

The ride itself was fun, little fun, but I'm glad I went.
I got there just as the riders were leaving town, I hurried up and started putting on my gear and getting my bike out of the truck. Deborah comes across the street and tells me she was wondering where I was, I tell her I'll register after the ride and I"m off.
I'm blasting thru town, get stopped by a light, reach down to get me a drink, no water bottle.
It's really humid and warm so I head back to the truck for my bottle and then I'm off.

NO riders in sight as I leave town but the first big hill I come to I spot a rider walking.
I catch her at the top of the hill and her friend, Debbie, is there with a flat tire.
I stop and fix the flat and we're off.
Debbie says she doesn't think her tire has enough air, doesn't look to bad, she stops, catches a ride to where they have a pump.
I ride on and don't see Debbie again until a 3/4 the way up our last major climb.
As I'm nearing her on the climb I see her stop and get off.
I'm wondering how she got in front of me, I didn't know at that time that she had hitched a ride.
It'll be fun to go over this with her next year.

If your into after ride treats they don't get much better than this ride, all kinds of goodies served with smilin faces, good job.

I'll be there next year, Lord willin and the Creek don't rise.

I feel better now after a nap.

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55 F, 13 C

Jerry and I had a great time on our trip to Little Rock to ride the "River Trail."

We left Tuesday afternoon about 4pm and made it to "Lake Catherine State Park" about 7pm, about an hour south of Little Rock.
We decided to camp out and it was exciting and fun, front rolled in in the middle of the night and it rained and got pretty chilly, always fun on a campout.

The next morning we rose and headed for the Waffle House for some breakfast, then head on to Little Rock to meet up with Oren who will be our guide for the day.

We meet Oren at Burger King and then head to trailhead on the river.

We had a great time, Jerry and I had a hard time believing they actually built 3 really nice biking and pedestrian bridges over the "Arkansas River," really impressive.

The Start of the "Litle Rock River Trail"

mrbill riding and smilin, riding makes you smile
Pinnacle Mountain in the distance

For all of the Photos of the ride,"Click Here"

I would like to thank Oren for being such a great host and guide and Jerry for coming up with this idea, a great time.

Almost forgot to thank Oren for that "Hill," toughest thing I've climbed in a while.
You actually climb the Bluff on the side of the river, one mile long, 10 per cent grade all the way with a short 12 per cent at the top, Oren checked it with his Inclinometer, "Real Fun," couldn't get Jerry to make the climb.

I also posted some pics of "The Old Mill," this is actually right behind Orens house in North Little Rock, hard to describe, you just have to see it, really amazing.

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From:Jerry HarpGood job Bill. Took me awhile to chase down that moving "Click Here" tab. LR really is a destination city for cyclists.

From:TomGreat Pics. Looks like a really good ride.

72 F, 22 C

Before going to the Gym today I watched stage 2 of the Tour of Turkey.

Click the video below to see how you don't want a race to end.

Unfortunately Mark Renshaw (Blanco) broke his collarbone in the crash, it also seems it was he who touched wheels and took down the group.

Guess I'll ride with Jerry to Texarkana tomorrow so he can purchase a Kayak, I'm sure it won't be long until we're paddeling Pruett Lake.

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72 F, 22 C

Another beautiful day in Paradise.

I had a really nice ride, it just doesn't get any better.

Red Ants, one of my favorite creatures
and I heard they're a natural enemy to the fire ant.

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72 F, 22 C

I don't believe there's ever been a better day for Bike Riding.
The weather was perfect and the plants are in bloom, really nice.

Buckeye Bush with Butterfly
I don't know Jackie but I doubt if this is true,
usually some redneck who she didn't want anything to do with.

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65 F, 18 C

Went to the Gym this morning, had a nice workout and then went for Chinese.

A beautiful day in NE TX.

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86 F, 30 C

It was cloudy, warm and very Hooooomid.

I went over Red Hill, through the bottoms and up Pate Mountain and for a real treat the wind blew me up the last hill, love it when that happens.

Lot of plants blooming right now, scenic riding.

Clover in Bloom

Yes, I'm 100 per cent sure.


Talkin bout "West Texas:"

"Yeah, gets real flat after that, too, out toward Amarilla. So flat they say if ya dog runs away ya can watch him go for a week."

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86 F, 30 C

Started the day off at the Gym, met Jerry and we decided to head to the lake with the Kayak.
Jerry had never piloted a Kayak but he took to it like a Duck to Water.
It was a fun outing, several people were fishing and a couple of older folks had a nice mess of fish, one 3 lb catfish, purty.

Jerry's first Kayak trip, good job.

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76 F, 24 C

Beautiful day for a bike ride and we had us one, me and Jerry.
Jiri didn't show, either he was scared we'd hurt him or it was just to far a drive from the Czech Republic.

We were going to do Jefferson loop but changed plans as Jerry had never done my favorite, "Union Mtn" ride.

mrbill trys to fly

Representing "Fat Cyclist" today

Yes, it's true, real men do wear Pink

Jerry coming down off Union Mtn.

Hawaian money in East Texas

Spring is here and I fear Summer isn't far behind, hoping for a mild one.

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60 F, 16 C

Beautiful day today after the rain yesterday.
The trees are leafing out really fast the flowers are in bloom, it's like spring is here.

Jerry called me and we decided to take a ride.
It was a really nice ride thru the backwoods ending at the truck stop for coffee, good day.

If you would like to join Jerry and me on a Linden/Jefferson loop on Saturday drop me an email, relaxed pace with break in Jefferson.

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From:Jiri and NicoleJiri & Nicole:We would like to join the loop :)
Jiri with the bike and Nicole would like to spend time in Jefferson in the antique stores :)
We also wrote you a message in skype.


That would definitely make my day!!

87 F, 31 C

Mucho Caliente!!

I've been getting in some riding and I've also been getting in some yard work, I've discovered bike riding is more fun.

It's not About the Bike

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From:TomNo need for yard work here.

I predict that this was your last snow, spring is on the way.

80 F, 27 C

Update: Cancellara wins Paris Roubaix, surprise, surprise!!

Beautiful day for a bike ride, just a bit warm, I sweated.
Winter is definitely over, flowers are in bloom and so are the varmints.
Yesterday I ran over what I call a "Suicide Squirrel Lizard," he crossed the road twice before he finally found my tire, hate it when that happens.
Grasshoppers are also out and the snakes should be moving soon.

A sleepy day in Linden

Bluebonnets are in bloom


In the reading department I'm currently reading "Jewish Stories of Prague" by V.V. Tomek.
I have to admit I'm not real knowledgeable on Jews and their history so I'm finding this book very interesting.


Sagan, "I didn't Grope," and then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper, "if I groped then why did she give me her telephone number."

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From:Jerry Harp:Creative photo there Bill. Umm....Funny.
The one of downtown Linden is pretty darn good too.

High praise from an "Almost Photographer"

70 F, 21 C

Thursday was the pits, clouds, rain and a cool 48 deg.
Friday was beautiful, Sun, clear blue skies and 70 deg, had to ride, even tho I went to the gym in the morning.

Blue Skies

On top "Red Hill" TX, Cass County.


Paris-Roubaix tomorrow, one Hell of a Race


Jerry's "Salton Sea" Ride Report

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50 F, 10 C

A rather nasty day, rain in the morning, clouds all day and about 50 deg.

I went to the Gym and got me in a good workout and then went for Mexican food.

It definitely was a reading day, I finished "The Memoirs of a Prague Executioner" by Josef Svatek. I found this book informative and interesting, I now know where Bohemia was.

It's funny but when I was growing up I had a Bohemian Uncle, Louis Geryk, and I never knew exactly where Bohemia was, now I do, present day Czech Republic, parts of Austria and Poland, interesting history.

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73 F, 23 C

Good day for a bike ride, got me in seventeen miles and a few hills, felt good.

This little fellow joined me for a short while
Here I am stopped and he's trying to let me know that he wants to go
He's to nice for an Interval Dog but I got a good workout trying to drop him, I have had them follow me all the way to the house.

I think winter is over


Jerry's Tour of the "Salton Sea" continues

Jerry makes to "Slab City"

Jerry's campsite for the night, on the beach.


In the reading department I'm enjoying "The Memoirs of a Prague Executioner" by Josef Svatek.

I've learned that if I go to Prague later this summer I will need to take some extra cash just in case I fall into the hands of the Executioner I can afford to pay the Executioner to use a Sharp Sword for my beheading, dull swords for the poor, they didn't play.

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80 F, 27 C

Went to the Gym, had chinese then came home and crashed, guess I was a bit tired from a full weekend.

Jerry, my old touring buddy has made it to the Salton Sea in Southern California.
The "Salton Sea" attracts a lot of wierdo's, I think Jerry will be right at home.

Jerry and new bike at the "Salton Sea"

No problem finding camping area at "Salton Sea" as there are many abandoned buildings, Jerry found him one.

Tuesday is a riding day so I'll be out there tomorrow, weather is supposed to be nice, hope it's not to nice, it was 86 deg yesterday on the back porch.

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