July 2013

96 F,

Thought I'd better check in and let the world know that mrbill hasn't drowned or got run over by a log truck.

I've been getting in some rides and some kayaking, Jerry and I did 6 1/2 more miles of the Big Cypress, really nice.

Heat and Hoomidity make cycling little fun but we always have our Big Fun days occasionally no matter what, I remember, I had 2 really good days last month.

Had a ride this morning and the second morning in a row that I've seen my Roadrunner, today he ran and flew across the road about 20 feet in front of me.

I've got to relate something that happened yesterday.
I went to the Gym and Jerry was there, I told him that I was going to the health food store in Texarkana and he replied that he needed to go to Academy and if he could ride along he would buy my lunch, let's go.

We decided to go to the "IronWood Grill," my first time, Jerry had been there before and I had heard of it.
It's a nice place, we get seated and our waitress, Abby asks, "what to drink," we answer, "Water." We perusing the Menu when Abby returns with our water, she sits it on the table and says she'll return in a moment, and this is when it happens.

Just about the time you think you've seen it all, Bam, something new.
I reach for my Water and lift it to my face but as I raise the glass only half a glass raises into the air, water and ice flood the table, a lady across the Isle almost chokes to death and I'm sitting there thinking, What do I do now while water is running down my leg.

My next thought, the good American that I am, was, heck I didn't even get cut, this won't even be worth a free meal, I missed a payday.

I got to thinking, has this happened before, probably, but what are the odds.

Jerry happened to get a pic with his cellphone.

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89 F,

Happy "Fourth of July" to everyone, hope everyone has a good one.

I got out for a ride this morning, it was nice, the humidity is slowly creeping back up as the wind returns from the south bringing Gulf moisture, this also helps with rain, a double edge sword.

On my last ride I decided to take some Dog Spray that I found among some stuff that my friends from the Czech Republic left with me when they returned home.
Sure enough I encountered my little doggies, I wasn't in the mood for an Interval so out comes the Dog Spray.
One of the cute little bastards was getting angry so I turned on the saddle and let him have it, he stops, shakes his head and looks like, "What was that?"

Today he didn't give chase, Jiri, thanks for the Dog Spray works good on those days when you just don't feel like sprinting.

I'll have an exciting 4th, reading and weedeating, I'm sure about the reading.


In the Reading Department:

I told in a previous post about Frank McCourt and "Teacher Man," well I liked it so much I read two more of his books, "Tis" and "Angelas Ashes," I highly reccomend these books, very entertaining, a look at life as a small boy in Catholic Ireland and his move to America.

From: "Tis"

Mechanics and plumbers had to fight while college students shook indignant fists, fornicated in the fields of Woodstock and sat in.

I also just finished "Hippy Boy" by Ingrid Ricks. This is a fun read about a girl growing in a disfunctional Mormon family in Logan Utah, enjoyed it so much I finished it in one day.

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88 F,

Temperatures don't get a whole lot better than this in July, high in the upper 80's and lows in the upper 60's, it won't last, but we're thankful for the relief.

I've been getting in some short rides and have spent a bit of time helping Jerry, as an Engineering Consultant, on a sailboat he built out of two Kayaks.

This past Saturday was the big launch, Jerrys family turned out and his Daughter Kathy was his copilot for the first test run.

Things started out pretty well but I noticed they were doing fine leaving us and going across the lake and into a little slew, then we realized things weren't working just right when they had to paddle back.

I had a good time as did everyone else even tho things didn't go exactly as planned.
It's not always easy to find things to keep you busy when you retire, but Jerry always comes up with something, he's now just about finished with his single Kayak sailboat, video to come.

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TomWith all that extra retirement time, I'm glad you're staying out of trouble, for the most part.

When you retire, after a bike ride and a little gym time there's not enough energy left to get into trouble, can you speel "Couch."