March 2013

60 F, 16 C

Happy Easter everyone, hope everyone has a nice one.

I'm posting this Easter morning, extremely nasty weather but we need the rain.
Robert came up from Waco for a visit this weekend and he left for home this morning.

Yesterday morning it was raining so we went to Atlanta to see my Gym and look around town.
We returned to the house and decided to take advantage of a break in the rain to ride.

I decided we would do a seventeen mile route but as we started out and looked to the north and heard faint rumbles from the sky I changed our route to a fourteen miler with a possible eleven mile bailout.

Robert topping "Thompsons Mountain,"
nine miles into the ride

The sky behind Robert as the storm moves in,
I tell Robert we'll have rain by the time
we get to the house

I was wrong, we had Hail, the size of a Quarter

Immediately tryed to cover Roberts car with Hailstones bouncing off our Helmets, fun end to a fun ride. About 45 minutes later the sun is out and it looks like a nice day, crazy spring storms.

It may be a reading day, dark, rainy and rumbly at the moment.

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70 F, 20 C

A good day for a bike ride, about 70 deg, cloudy and light wind.
The sun was trying to peek thru but no luck, but at least it didn't rain.

Don't know what the problem was today but mrbill didn't have any spunk, he wasn't dancing up the hills he was concentrating up the hills.

The "Tour of Flanders" is Sunday, will it be Cancellara or Sagan or a surprise, it's a toss up.

Hills and clouds

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From:TomWhat's all that green stuff.

It's called grass and I'm fixing to have to mow it for the second time, scary, this might make for a long mowing season, unless we get lucky and the grass dies.

67 F, 19 C

I've been getting in some riding, the weather has been medium.
Wind has been a negative factor lately, good reason to ride the backroads.

I'm also still going to the Gym regularly we'll see how that goes come summer, hope to keep at it.

Peter Sagan just keeps winning races, this guy is really good, him and Cancellara both have soloed to a win lately, not sucking wheel.


In the reading department I finished "The Gringo" by J. Grigsby Crawford.
This book is about a Peace Corps Vounteer's accounting of his time in Ecuador.
Since I may visit Ecuador in the future I found this very intertaining, I think it would be even more entertaining to someone who hasn't spent much time down south.

At present I'm reading "The Memoirs of a Prague Executioner" by Josef Svatek, not a book I would normally like but I am really enjoying it, things were a bit brutal back in the 1500's.


Jerry's on the road again, this time he's doing his "Salton Sea Tour," Southern California.

Jerry met these Tourers in Phoenix, claimed they needed a bath, hey Jerry, "All tourers smell like that, no offense."
Those folks sure do look French.

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55 F, 13 C

The weather changed my plans for today.
Jerry and I had a ride planned but Jerry wimped out so I joined him at the Gym.
Some rain did move in about ride time and it was cloudy and cool so Gym wasn't a bad option, I'm getting to like that Hot Tub.

If you live in the Atlanta, TX area and you lost a "Mikita Drill Motor" on HWY 59, black and white cordless, Let me know cause Jerry found one yesterday and I'm sure he'd like to return it, Jerry's like that, but he was pretty happy with it, I think he'll return it, I better check with Jerry.

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64 F, 18 C

Gym today, ride, weights, hot tub and a swim, good way to start the day.
Jerry showed up at Gym and after workout we went for Chicken.

I got home and I can hardly believe it myself, I washed the car, now if I can just clean the truck.

Check this out

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64 F, 18 C

Got in a nice ride today, the backroads to Hwy 59 and back about seventeen miles.
It was sunny when I left then cloudy as I finished, about 64 deg, nice weather for a ride.
Then I got lazy.

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75 F, 21 C

Woke to clouds and thunder, I realized it was a good time to burn some trash piles, perfect timing, sprinkled and then rain as piles were finishing burning.

After work around casa I headed to the Gym, got a workout, hot tub and swim, then I had Chinese.
A good day.

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75 F, 21 C

We've been having some terific cycling weather.
On Thursday Jerry and I took a ride and then I did a ride to Linden yesterday.
Yesterday actually got a bit warm, about 84 deg, middle of March is a bit early for these temps.

At present I'm trying to stay in some kind of shape with 3 visits a week to the Gym and then 3 days of riding, that leaves one free day, which will probably be another riding day most of the time.

Do have some things I need to do around the casa, and it's depressing to think that mowing the grass is one of them, in the middle of march?

Milan/San Remo was today in Italy, I hate finishes like this one, Sagan does all the work, Ciolek sets in and does nothing, then takes it at the line.
BS, this was Sagan and Cancellara's race.

Taylor Phinney, brutal conditions!


In the reading department I finished "It's Not About the Bike" by Lance Armstrong with Sally Jenkins
I've just become numb to Lance and I was a bit numb to the book.

At present I'm reading "Skinwalkers" by Tony Hillerman

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70 F, 21 C

A beautiful day for a bike ride, 70 deg, no wind and full Sun.

A good day to do my "Union Mtn Ride," definitely one of my favorites.

Foothills of Union Mountain

Final Climb to the top

mrbill conquers "Union Mtn" once again.

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From:Tom40 degree temperature difference from Texas to Minnesota

Hope that's not the case in July or August

60 F,

Went to the gym today

I think it's starting to pay off, just 3 days a week of hard work and you can look like this too.

After the gym I came home and actually did something, I cleaned out the car, a major accomplishment, needs to be done at least a couple of times a year.

In Pro-Cycling my Slovakian favorite, Peter Sagan has taken another stage, this time at Tirreno - Adriatico, the guys an animal.


In the reading department I finished Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, I really enjoyed this book and highly reccomend it, a thinking mans book, not a quick read.

I'm presently reading "Lance Armstrong, It's Not About the Bike" with Sally Jenkins.
About halfway thru, it's kind of funny reading it now after all that has transpired, a quick read, not a lot of thinking.

Upcoming weather looks real promising for bike riding, I will ride tomorrow, Union Mtn, one of my favorites.

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60 F,

Got out for a ride around the neighborhood this afternoon, Sun and 60 deg and breezy, a nice day for a ride.

I finally got my Internet going, I now have "Hughes Net," and I'm glad I got it, never was happy with "Wildblue," so far it is better than it was.

After our drought summer before last and those 115 temps we had a lot of trees die and now we have lots of trees down in the area, this one fell on my route today.
No, mrbill didn't power on and attack that log and jump it, he acted like an old man, dismounted and carried his bike to the other side, and continued on, I'm learning.

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56 F,

Nice day today, a bit cooler than yesterday and we do have some wind today, as usual.
I started my day by taking a friend to the Doctor, then I came home and had me some lunch.

I am supposed to get Internet over my phone on Thursday afternoon, I'm skeptical because it hasn't been available since I've lived here but a Technician told me the other day that they have upgraded their system and he thinks I can now get it, fingers crossed.

My last week at the Chiropractor, undecided about Chiropractor in the future.

I missed my ride today because I went to town in the afternoon to borrow a friends Internet to try and Skype my friends in the Czech Republic, missed them, timing is a problem, will wait until I have internet to try again.

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76 F,

It was a beautiful day today, had to take a bike ride.
I did a loop around the neighborhood, really enjoyed it, bike riding is a great "Stress Reducer."

Momma and the kids


I finally got my Termination Confirmation number from the Satillite Internet company, when she said the termination was final, I felt like I should be popping the corks on some Champagne bottles.

I go my Dish working.

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55 F, 14 C

Still in Internet Hell at the house, If I can get hold of the "Exede by ViaSat" company today I'm going to terminate them, this is a company from Hell.

I'm updating from the Gym, going for a light workout, still just a wee bit sore from my bike wreck.

I'm try to update on Monday, I plan on updating from here at the Gym.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

BE Sure and Beware of Internet Company, "EXEDE by VIASAT."

Thanks, Jiri and Nicole for the Birthday song from the Czech Republic.

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