May 2013

88 F,

Went to the Gym today, got in 5 miles on the Recumbent trainer and hit about 10 machines, plus got in a little visiting, all good for the body and mind.

Jerry has returned from his Bike Tour from Rochester, NY to Portsmouth, NH. and it looks like we may do a Kayak trip on Monday.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

In the reading department:
I'm presently reading "The Maxims of Manhood," 100 rules every real man must live by, by Jeff Wilser.
A really fun read, and nice to know that I have followed most of the maxims, I confess to breaching a few.

"As a real man you have to think. You have to read. You have to fight. You have to own a dog larger than a toaster. You have to follow the Maxims of Manhood.

I like the formula for figuring what the youngest age for dating is available to you.
You take half your age and then add 7, ok, that means I can date a gal 40, I'm wondering if there's a variant factor of at least 2.5 yrs, cause I know a nice young lady at 37.5, hey, it's just 2 1/2 yrs.

I highly recommend this book, it should be recommended reading for High School boys.

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88 F,

Got caught in the rain today, no surprise, it was so humid you could cut it with a knife.
Just a small shower and it was only on half my ride, the other half was dry, except for sweat.

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88 F,

Funny thing happened on my ride today.

I was riding by a spot where I encounter dogs, one of the dogs usually follows me down the fence and then at the corner he shoots under and proceeds to chase.
Today as I was ridin by he begins to run on other side of fence, I hollar at him, "Hey Boy!!," he looks my way and takes about 2 steps, starts to turn his head, to late, Bam, he runs right into a tree.

The sudden stop puts him on his ass, but he shakes it off and here he comes, I'm laughing so hard I can hardly control my bike.

We really are having some nice cycling weather, windy today, but nice.

mrbill is riding and smilin

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84 F,

Got me in a ride today, it's been nice riding weather.

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80 F,

Got me in a twenty five miler this morning.
I had some clouds most of the way and unfortunately I had some wind, good training.

It's been rather Hooooomid since our last rain, but, to be expected.

I was glad to see Teejay VanGarderen win the "Tour of California," and equally as glad to see my favorite, Peter Sagan win the final stage and the Sprinting Competition over Tyler Farrar.

While in Italy they finish the stage, Col du Caliber, in the rain, fog and snow, totally crazy.

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80 F,

Raining here this morning and rained last night, over an inch now, loving it, we need all the rain we can get.

Hope to ride later, mrbill don't do rain, unless he gets caught in it.


I will be on Skype from 2:30 pm to 3:pm today, Linden time, (zmrbill1).

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80 F,

Went to the gym yesterday and on the way I dropped off my Old Refrigerator at the Salvage Yard.
I would have paid them 5 dollars to take it, but instead they gave me $16.50, what a deal, took two friends for Chinese.

And I ask if they could unload it

Easy there buddy.

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83 F,

Did a short ride today, got to go to a friends funeral and then I've got to get a new refrigerator, looks like a full day.

Me and my best friend
Looks like it's time to wash some cycling clothes
It's heating up in Texas


Last KM of Stage 3 of the
"Tour of California"

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From:TomI like riding my bike with both wheels on the ground, and I use the pedals too, but...I guess it's done different in Texas.

I strive to be different

79 F,

The weather around here at present is perfect for bike riding, so I got me one.
We've had some rain this spring so things are really green and blooming.

The smell of "Honeysuckle" is in the air

Deep Purple

Look, but don't touch, "Bullnettle"


Vacation Picture

The "Malpais" (Bad Country)
I first heard of this spot while reading about the wild west.
Cowboys and Indians hid out in the lava domes and water could be found in spots.
This was formed about 100,000 yrs ago, before I was born.

You can see the Lava flow to the left and Mount Taylor in the upper right corner.


Tour of California 2013
Final Km's stage 1 - Escondido Escondido

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79 F,

I am now back in Linden after a perfect vacation.

And Linden is looking and feeling good

New Mexico is a great place to visit, beautiful scenery and great food.

Bob and I had a great time at the "Tour de Gila," one impressive bike race, the criterium in downtown "Silver City" was a blast.

I also really enjoyed exploring the "Gila Wilderness," home of Geronimo, beautiful and isolated.

Really enjoyed camping at "Lake Quemado," kind of chilly at 8000 feet, beautiful, and a lot of my new favorite trees,

"Alligator Juniper," a really impressive tree, was here before me and will be here when we're gone.

Nothing like a campfire

I'm going to try and get all my pictures posted on a New Mexico page, I'll post a link in a few days.

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75 F,

Where I spent my day, I'd reccomend this area to anyone.

The Cliff Dwellings

Started the day off following racers up the Mtn to the "Cliff Dwellings," hiked to Cliff Dwellings, then drove here to Glenwood.

A day full of Georgeous Vistas.

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Jiri and Nicole:

Hi Bill, we are following your trip in the road atlas you gave to us :)
The area around Silver City seems to be very nice - wish we still had "Rosi" and could come and join you :)
Enjoy it :)
your kids Jiri and Nicole

Thank you for the great pictures - we are in temptation to pack our backpack and to be also again "on the road"

We could have a great time, wish you were here.
Really nice to hear from you.

From:TomA car ride to the top of one of those mountains, and a bike ride down is what I'd work towards.


Spoken like a man who knows what he's talking about.

These Pros are crazy, the last Stage of the Gila was unbelievable, totally crazy.

85 F, 29 C

Racing in Downtown Silver City, New Mexico.

We're having a blast, taking a break, got to go to womens pro race at 3pm and mens at 4pm.

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85 F, 29 C

I made it to Ruidoso, NM, had a great drive, no problems.
I find it hard to update when visiting with old friends.

Bob and Sarahs home in Alto, NM, a suburb of Ruidoso.

I had planned on riding the "Ski Run Road" up to Ski Apache but since coming from 350 ft altitude to 7,350 ft of altitude and finding the Mtns bigger than I remember, there may be a change in plans.

Today Bob and I are headed to "Silver City, NM" to do some hiking and camping in the "Gila Wilderness" and I also want to catch the Criterium on Saturday of the "Tour de Gila" in Silver City.

Everyone have a good day, got to go, damn Vacation is fun.

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85 F, 29 C

Got in 400 miles today, in the car.

On my way to Ruidoso, made it from Linden to Snyder, Tx, will go on to Ruidoso tomorrow.

Lots of "Wind Turbines" around Snyder.

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85 F, 29 C

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