37 F

I wasn't going to ride when the temps are in the 30's but my Online fiends made me feel Wimpy so I ventured out for a ride.

It was 37 degrees, I did an eleven mile ride and that was enough, my toes and fingers got cold, everything else was fine. If I do more 30 deg riding I may have to get warmers for fingers and toes, two pairs of gloves and two pairs of socks wasn't enough.

37 degrees when I left for my ride

It was chilly, my toes and fingers got a bit chilly

Glad I got out for a ride, it was really nice, just got to work on fingers and toes.


I really got a kick out of this video

Hope you do to

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60 F

I got in a ride yesterday, it was strange, Hot and humid, but that's all changed.
Today we have cooler temps and rain, yep, a dreary one. I may spend a little time in shop cleaning bikes, go to gym and read, sounds like a good program.


On November 30th there is a bike ride in Marshall, TX, the "Holday Bike Tour, info below. Holiday Bike Tour
Everybody show up, Marshall puts on a good bike ride.

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70 F

A beautiful day today, sunny, 70 deg and a light breeze, don't get much better.

First off I went to the gym, had a good workout and a nice visit. I skipped going out to lunch as I wanted to get home and get ready for a bike ride. I rode my 26 mile loop, the Marietta rollercoaster and then town, it felt good.

mrbill enjoying a beautiful day in NE TX

the Marietta rollercoaster

Downtown Linden

Our new Mexican restaurant on the square,
come for a ride I"ll buy your lunch.

Mark this up as a good day.

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68 F

I'm behind on my site, I'm blaming it on the weather and my Internet, I have to blame it on something and surly it's not my laziness.
I have been riding some, we have had some good days but we've also had some good reading days, cloudy, dreary just downright depressing.

Yesterday I was feeling spunky and the weather was nice so I called Jerry, he was down on the couch, I told him we needed to ride, that was all he needed, we would meet up at 2pm.
We rode to Douglasville and took a break at the store. The gal at the store made Jerrys day when she said something about good looking legs, I think she was talking about me but I played along and made Jerrys day.


In the reading department I've been on a reading frenzy.
I finished "Mousetrap" by Ruth Hanka Eigner, a really good book, it just wasn't long enough, a really good read.

I've finished book two of "The Good Soldier Sevjk" and am waiting until I can borrow the next and last book of the Good Soldier Sevjk.
While I'm waiting I read the "Living the Velvet Revolution" by Sunny Merik Lockwood, a book on how to get rid of Communisum in 10 days.

Next I travelled to China with a book titled "Finding Compassion In China" by Cindie Cohagan. This was a fun read, a couple bicycling thru China, not something high on my priority list, but I did enjoy the book.

Then from China it was on to Australia in a book titled "Travels of An Ordinary Man, Australia" by Paul Elliot. Being an old backpacker myself I enjoyed this book about travelling around Australia, brought back some memories.

I'm currently reading "The Leaving of Things" by Jay Antani. I've just started this book, it's about a family moving back to India after having lived in the US. The story revolves mainly around one of the children, I think it's going to be a good one.

So I may be sitting here in the woods of East Texas but I'm managing to get in quite a bit of travelling, I just don't get the Olfactory part, and that's a big part of third world travelling.


Surprise, Surprise, WD 40 now has products for Bikes
Buy the product or the stock, you can't go wrong.

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48 F

I had a nice day today, Gym and a ride.

I had a nice visit, that's a big part of the gym, got my exercise done and then gave Jerry a ride home.

Last night it was 25 deg, our coldest night this fall, Jerry rode to gym, I did too, but I rode in car, I did my ride later, about 2pm.
It was cool, 48 deg, but with full sun it was really nice. I rode to Linden and sat in the sun on the town square and had me a half of a Milky Way.


In the Reading Department I'm currently reading "Mousetrap," by Ruth Hanka Eigner.

I'm about 28 % into it and am really enjoying it.

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From:TomGot up to 50 here today. It is rare that Minnesota is warmer than Texas. We'll only get a day or two more of this, then it's back into the freezer.

Good for you, we're supposed to start warming back up, hopefully.

70 F

A picture perfect day in NE Tx, they don't get any better, no wind, blue skies and 70 deg, I could get used to this.

I went to the gym in the morning and hurried home so I could get in a ride. I did my hill loop, got in some good work, stopped for a minute in town and then headed to casa.

While at the gym I saw Mr.Cope, our local wood sculpturist, and he asked me if I'd like to see the Blue Jay he carved, of course I said yes.
Mr.Cope is the type guy who talks to everyone and is just a great all around person I really enjoy visiting with him.

Mr.Cope with his "Blue Jay," it took him about 2 1/2 months to carve this, and he did one heck of a job.

Not sure about riding the rest of the week we've got a major weather change coming, cooling down, I better get out and winterize, why do I always wait to the last minute?

It's kind of funny me talking about cooler weather and then I see this posted by my online friend from Minnesota,

"Windchill is up to 11...better head out now while it's warm."

Tom's not Normal, check his blog,
Harry Legge's Cycling Blog

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70 F

Beautiful day today, made for cycling or anything else outside, 70 deg, full Sun and light breeze.

We've been having some cloudy weather so today was extra nice.

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68 F

I enjoyed Saturdays ride so much I decided I'd do it again on Sunday, I got an earlier start than I thought since I forgot to set the clocks back.
The weather is just to nice not to ride, 67 deg, full sun and tolerable wind.

On my ride I ran into Jerry and a nephew walking on hwy 1841, I guess Jerry's giving up the bike and is going to be a hiker, I'll keep you posted.

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68 F

Really had a good time at the "Mineola Metric Century" bike ride in Mineola.
Click image below for ride report.


Love this photo, two of my favorites,
Robbie McEwen and Peter Sagan


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From:TomYou rocked it, Bill. Way to go man!

I had a lot of fun, like the old days.