October 2013

82 F

It finally stopped raining so Jerry and I got together for a ride.

Here's a good pic of Jerry

A little better pic

It turned out really nice weather, you can see the back edge of the front off to the north.

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80 F

Rain all day, did go to the gym and then had me a chicken enchilada and that was about it.

Looking forward to the ride in Mineola on Saturday.


Just because I can, and I thought it was fun

Motor Bike thru Bab Berred, Morroco

Almost got that one Guy

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82 F

Jerry and I had a good ride today.
It was rather warm, 82 deg and humid but all in all pretty nice.

Jerry was thinking he was bonking after climbing our Queen Hill, he told me, "hell, all I had for breakfast was some toast and a can of pork and beans," heck, sounds good to me.
I was a good guy, as usual, and gave him my Milky Way.
Right after you top the big hill you run up on this guy

he's definitely got the size for an Interval Dog, but he doesn't have the attitude or speed, he is a Big Boy.

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74 F

No ride today but I did go to the gym and then I cleaned the inside of my truck which, of course, was overdue.

I'm getting a bit tired of clouds, we need a day of full Sun, Texans need sun.

Jerry and I are going to Mineola on Friday and will camp, truck camp, and then make the ride on Saturday morning.

The "Mineola Metric Century" ride,

This will be a good ride for everyone to finish up the season with, I know three folks going so come on and join in.
As a Special Bonus I'll be bringing some autographed 8/10 pics of mrbill, probably only bring about 20, don't won't to flood the market, that way they will hold their tremendous value, yep, put it up there on the wall with all the other cycling greats, oh what a dream.

I also got the clips changed on my cycling shoes, I think you can tell by the photo below why my left foot kept popping out.


If you would like to help some folks less fortunate than yourself but you don't like to give money to charities where only a small part of the money gets to the needy, then click the pic below.

Believe me these folks need your help and the organization is a good one, thanks, and yes, I did buy a couple of baskets.

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70 F

It was another strange weather day, cloudy with spots of Sun and still a slight threat of rain.
I was watching the Cowboys football game but decided in the 3rd quarter I didn't really want to watch Romo blow it again, so I went for a ride.

I headed to Linden and once I got there I called Jerry on the cell and asked if he wanted to ride, lucky I called, it got him off the couch.
We had a good ride and then I returned to casa.

And the Cowboys did loose, with the combo of Jerry Jones and Romo they're will be no Super Bowl.


It is said that a Sufi dervish wanders the earth because the action of walking dissolves the attachments of the world, and that his aim is to become a "dead man walking," a man whose feet are rooted on the ground but whose spirit is already in Heaven.

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70 F

Today was a strange day, thought for sure it was going to rain. I waited around for it to warm a bit and also wondered if I would get caught by the rain. I decided to go for it, a ride to Linden and back, needed about an hour rain free.
The ride to town was fun with the 20 mph tailwind, ahead of me were Blue Skies and all was good, and then I got to Linden and turned around.

This is what I saw, and I'm going 7 miles up the road toward this, better get moving mrbill, not real easy to do with the 20 mph headwind.

As I travel north I soon loose the sun and just as I get about a mile from the house I get a few sprinkles, that was it, I got lucky, it was a bit to cool to be getting soaked.

The front stayed north of us all day long and finally gave us some rain overnight.

Hoping for a better day Sunday.


I finished reading Book one of "The Good Soldier Svejk," what an enjoyable read.

From: The Good Soldier Svejk

"There was a soldier at the regiment in Budejovie. He was such a good-natured, dumb beast. He once found 600 crowns in the steet and turned them in at the police station. They wrote him up as an honest person in the newspaper. It brought him such shame. Nobody wanted to talk to him. Everybody yelled at him: 'You dumbbell, you! What sort of silliness did you do? Com'on! If you have a bit of honor left in your body, you will regret it until you die.'

"He had a girl. She stoped talking to him. When he came home on leave and went dancing, his friends threw him out of the pub on account of it. He started to mope about and take it too seriously, In the end, he let himself be run over by a train.


I'm reading the "Good Soldier" on my Kindle, I borrow it for free, I have to wait til next month to borrow book number 2 so in the interim I'm reading, "The Decameron," by Giovanni Boccaccio, about 20 percent done, some story telling, more later when I know more.

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65 F

I've been getting in some riding, I have to, the weather is to nice not to.
On Wednesday Jerry and I had a nice ride, Jerry is still recovering from his Marshall workout.
I've tried to explain to Jerry the difference between a workout and a ride, now he understands, he had a workout in Marshall, the first I know of that he's had, and he now feels like a bit of Angina has set in.
I kept my eye on him on the ride and he did good, I really think that his old ticker was just surprised by the work and wasn't used to it, I think he'll come around.

I went to a funeral on Tuesday, a sixty yr old friend passed away. Freddy was a really nice guy and a pillar of the community and I was really impressed by the tribute his son gave him at the service, something I could never do, to emotional.

So today it's off to the Gym and then a ride in the afternoon.
Tomorrow I plan on doing my forty mile ride, if you want to pull me, get in touch.

Had to post this, I've been riding bikes all my life and I still don't understand this and fully realize that I could never do it, and that's hard for mrbill to admit.

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72 F

I had a nice ride today after cutting some firewood in the morning.
It was another beautiful day, keep em comin.
On todays ride I rode to Linden, found me a nice little spot for a break and spent some time watching the traffic, kind of fun for a change.

In the reading department, From: "The Good Soldier Svejk,"

"Even thievery must exist," said Svejk, laying himself down on a straw mattress. "If everyone was always honest with one another, then they would soon smash each other out of existence."

If you want to ride, give me a call, if you don't want to ride, don't call.

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70 F

Nice ride today, beautiful weater in NE TX.
We had full sun and 70 degree weather today, I wore my vest and it worked out fine.
These forty degree mornings are kind of chilly until you get used to it.
I think I'll ride again tomorrow if I don't end up cross/training with the Chainsaw.

I had a north breeze for about half my ride,
and blue skies.

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70 F

I went to the gym today and then I worked around casa doing some things I've been neglecting.

The delivery men, UPS, FedEx are not happy with my drive, they have to navigate limbs and trees.
We used to have a UPS delivery man Bob, big BS'er, he saw me in town and asked if I cleaned up my drive, I told him, "No, I've just quit using UPS."
So yesterday I got out the old chainsaw and went to work, got a few trees cut and my neighbor got some firewood.


In the reading department I finished "The Lady with the Dog and Other Stories" by Anton Chekhov. This guy had more trouble with women than I do, some rather unique looks at life.

At present I'm reading, "The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk," by Jaroslav Hasek. I'm almost certain this is going to be a very good book, set in the period of WW1 in Central Europe.
Part of my Czech research and interest.

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72 F

Great weather for riding, 70 deg with full sun.

I was looking on the Internet for some Lube for my bike. I was also wondering if it was good to use gasoline for cleaning your chain, that's when I ran across this:

One day while cleaning my bike, my dog came along and started drinking the gas out of the dish. All of a sudden, my dog started freaking out. Poor thing started running around the house, around the garage and just went psycho. Eventually, he ran up to me and just dropped dead.
We ended up taking him to the Vet to see why he died. The Vet told us, "He just ran out of GAS!!" Hahahahaahah.

I'm thinking my 35 mile ride tomorrow will begin about 1 or 2 pm, it might be a bit cool earlier.

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From:TomYeah, our ride will start out with snow flurries, according to the weather predictions.

Sounds fun, wish I was there, not.

62 F

The rain didn't stop and it only got to 62 deg. Good reading weather.

Just finished breakfast, listening to rain on the roof. It started raining yesterday and rained all night, I think we're getting caught up.
I will go to the Gym today and hopefully by the time I'm thru the rain will have let up and I'll be able to ride.

In addition to the "Autumn in Bonham" ride there is another ride coming up which I plan on making, Nov 2nd
The "Mineola Metric Century" ride,I've never done this ride so that's an extra incentive for me to attend, new rides are always fun.


In the reading department I finished "Cast No Stones" by Kevin Machell, enjoyable, light and slightly thought provoking.

Hearing of Alice Munro's Nobel Prize for short story and her likeness to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, considered to be the best at short stories, I decided to look into Chekhov's work.
So, at present, I'm reading "The Lady with the Dog and Other Stories." I've never been big on short stories, sometimes I feel like I missed something and at other times I feel like I got shorted, like the story stopped short.
Chekhov, a Doctor who loves helping others and a writer for money, these parts of Chekhov come thru in his stories.

We have a new Mexican Restaurant on the Square on Linden, I'm not sure if it will be open by Saturday or not, but if it is and you ride with me Saturday, I'll treat to lunch, I'll try to find out.

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76 F

I found me some hills and I also found me some rain.
When I left the house I figured I'd get wet, almost took my rain jacket, but decided it would be to warm, good choice.
It was kind of fun riding in the rain, but not something I would like to do all the time.

I did a 26 mile loop, the north half it was raining and the southern half was mostly dry.

Leaving Linden the southern part of my route,
headed for the rain.

Rain on road to casa.

Saturday I'll be doing a 32mile ride around Linden, anyone wanting to join in just get in touch either thru email or comment.

This is the route, click for more info.

There's another good ride coming up on Oct 26th
"Autumn in Bonham"
I'm not sure if I'll be attending, let me know if your going, it may tip my scales.

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76 F

Kind of a dreary day, cloudy, damp, had a hard time getting started.
I was late to the gym but got her done.
After gym went for Chinese and then went home to ride.
Rode to Linden, best thing that happend all day, a bike ride always makes it better.

Nice little spot for a break in Linden.

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82 F

I went to the "Tour de Fireant" on Saturday, had a lot of fun.
Charmane, who I met at the Douglasville ride, was there and we rode most of the ride together.
Jerry also made the ride and he did real well on his new bike. This was the hardest effort I believe Jerry ever made, now he knows the difference between working out and riding.

The weather was fine, cloudy and cool, only problem being hooomidity, hard to take pics with sweat on everything and camera clouding up.

I had fun visiting with folks and doing a little pulling on the road, mrbill likes that.
I believe the only other person from Texarkana was Nancy Gore, a real bike enthusiast.

So I had a great time at the ride, looking forward to our next one.

To see some pics of the ride, click the image below.

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From:Michael:Great to meet you Saturday :-)

Nice to meet yall too, one of these days I'll probably be chasing yall, keep on ridin!

88 F

Christmas in October, I got my workstand, how did I get by the last 35 yrs w/o a workstand.
I put it together and had a bike on it in no time.
The downside is my Front Derailleur didn't arrive and that's the main thing I need, life messing with me.
I did manage to make some adjustments to my old derailleur and I'm going to take it on a test ride tomorrow.
If you work on your bike and don't have a workstand, get one, it was really nice working on derailleur while on stand.

I will be going to Marshall to the "Tour de Fireant" on Saturday, the dogs are looking forward to it too, they usually get a pizza.

Looks like it's going to be another beautiful day in NE TX, will take a ride and enjoy the day, probably do a little reading too.

"Cast No Stones" which I'm reading now is turning out to be a good one.

Goldie girl, telling me about it as usual

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82 F

I've been riding every day but decided to take the day off.
I did go to the Gym and enjoyed Chinese afterwards.
The weather here right now can't be beat, little wind factor but temps are just right.
I've ordered a new front derailleur for my bike, I knew I'd be upgrading from Tiagra to Ultegra just didn't know it would be this soon, hope it arrives today.
I'm planning on going to a ride in Marshall, TX this weekend, the "Tour de Fireant."
This is a really good ride, well organized, and a good after ride experience, they even give away a bike and all the pizza yu can eat and beer is also available, not many rides treat you this good.

I love mushrooms, I took this picture of a couple in my front yard

A day or two after this photo Jerry stopped by, I showed him my mushrooms and he asked if they were edible.
I didn't really know, but was pretty sure they were fine, I figured this was a perfect opportunity to find out.
I assured Jerry that they were fine, "I eat em all the time," Jerry proceeded to pluck them and take them home.
That was nearly a week ago and Jerry's fine so now I realize I can eat these, thanks Jerry.

mrbill has been published again, check it out here: Jubliee-Subaru racing

Come on out to Marshall this Saturday and have a good ride and a nice visit.


In the reading department I finished "Prague Winter" by Madeline Albright.
An excellent book, I highly recommend it.

From: "Prague Winter"

Leo Baeck, a popular 70yr old reform rabbi from Berlin
"Never become a mere number," he said. "We bow before God, but stand erect before man."

Jan Masaryk
No man shall dictate to me what books I shall read, what music I shall hear, or what friends I shall chose.

Masaryk disliked ideology of all kinds, thinking that it made people forget their humanity in the vain pursuit of foolish goals.

Joseph Korbel, the authors father
"The main thing is to remain oneself"

"Without sorrow there can be no joy."

And then there's this that I would have really had trouble with.

Karel Schwenk's satire "The Last Cyclist" was also written in Terezin. It tells the story of a dictator who blames people who ride bicycles for all his country's problems. The tyrant banishes everyone unable to prove that their ancestors had been pedestrians for at least six generations. One intrepid cyclist rebels and is placed in a cage, where he is ridiculed by the local population. As in "Brundibar," virture triumphs in the end.

I'm currently reading "Cast No Stones" by Kevin Machell, looks like it's going to be a good one, actually the main character could have easily been me, something to think about.

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82 F

I've been getting in some riding, not necessary to get out early since our last little cold front, upper 40's and 50's in the morning.
I had a nice ride yesterday with Jerry, it was fun, Jerry is enjoying his new bike and even acting a bit like a real biker, did have to leave him on the hills.

As you can tell by my last post I like Murals, here is Lindens Mural

I really like this Mural done by Brad AttawayAttaway Art

Here's a photo of Jerry with his new "Bling Bike"

Jerry with his new "Bling Bike" at DeQueen ride

Jiri and Nicole, my Good friends in the Czech Repubic sent me some photos of a day trip they made.Click Herefor the photos.

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88 F, 80% Hum

I had a good ride this morning, went by Jerrys to look at his new "Bling" bike, looks nice and he's happy.

Went to Gym, had Chinese, and then Skyped my friends in the Czech Republic, had a real nice visit, Nicole had to scrape ice off her windshield this morning.

The Legend of Giants

Natalia Rak

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88 F, 90% Hum

I did some overdue yardwork yesterday morning, so my daily ride was in the afternoon.
I usually ride in the morning, more decent hours when it's so hot in the afternoon, but I did enjoy yesterdays evening ride.

I went by the Square in Linden

Beautiful Blue Skies over Linden.

You'll notice no traffic in this photo but when I got ready to leave, traffic from everywhere and then a friend pulls up with the Grandchildren and I find myself buying Popcorn.
I can't help but think that if an Organization needs to raise funds, state the reason, if it's a good one I'll donate, they get all the money, not some company who takes 70% of the money, I feel like I donated to the Popcorn Company, ease up mrbill, don't think so much.

While checking out the "Prague Market" on the Internet I came across this photo

Found this photo while researching the "Prague Market." If I was to move to town this would be nice for Grocery shopping.

While mentioning Prague that reminds me at present I'm reading "Prague Winter" by Madeleine Albright.
All I can say is you need to read this book. Even tho my Dad was awarded a Silve Star in Germany during the war I sadly admit that my knowledge of the sequence of events before, during and after the was is very limited. They're were several times during my life before my dad passed away that I wanted to know more about this time from him, but it wasn't something he wanted to talk about. After my two tours in Viet Nam I completely understand where he was coming from, best hidden in the deepest recesses of the mind.

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From:TomHow many times in your life have you said, "I won't do that again" and went ahead and did it again?

I'm serious this time, hold it, I was serious last time, oh well.

86 F, 100% Hum

Still in the later stages of Recovery from my weekend in Waco, I'm not going to do that again, not the ride, the Bar.

I finally got out for a ride on the 1rst, 11 miles on the Mtn bike was all I was good for. We've had some rain and that's great but the problem is afterwards the Humidity is almost unbearable, especially when your not at the top of your game.

On todays ride, back on the road bike, it was still extremely humid but at least I feel that I'm getting back to where I was before Waco.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, Charmane, who I met at the Douglasville ride is planning to come to Linden for a ride, we plan on doing 26, with the conditions that should be enough.

I'm looking forward to next week, a front is coming thru this weekend and it should be cooler next week with less humidity.

Get out and ride and stay out of those Sports Bars, now off to the Gym.

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