December, 14

Today I went to Mount Pleasant to ride with Michael and Clay.
I left my house about 8:30 and it was still raining but it got better and better the closer I got to Mt. Pleasant.
We started our ride at 10am.
First we rode to Pittsburgh, we were headed into the South wind and I was drafting Michael, just trying to hang on.
We met up with Clay at the giant creepy head of Bo Pilgrim.

I was really glad to get to Pittsburgh and get a break from the damp wind.
In Pittsburgh we visited "Pittsburgh Hot Links," went by an old house I like and then visited the "Clock Tower" with it mini park.

Then it was on to Cason where we made a quick stop and and then moved on, North to 49, and I was liking the wind at my back, just didn't last long enough.
Riding in on 49 to Mount Pleasant was pretty nice, those 2 mile uphill grades tend to get to you after awhile.
That is mainly how this ride was different from Cass Co rides, we have short steep climbs and Mt. Pleasant has loooonnngg grades.

I really enjoyed the ride, thanks to Michael for pulling me in the wind.

When we returned to Michaels house he gave me a demonstration of his Remote Control Helicopter, he definitely knows what he's doing with the helicopters. He's got 4 of them ranging from small to Large, the demo was with the small one and he can make it do all kinds of tricks, pretty neat.

So thanks to Michael and Clay for a good riding weekend, really enjoyed it.

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