92 deg f
32 miles

I got out early this morning for a ride, trying to beat the heat which is really impossible this time of the year.
I rode to Linden and when I got to Kims I ran into John from Jefferson and a new lady rider named Terri Jones.
Terri lives up near Marietta and is just getting back on the bike, an enthusiastic biker.

John and Terri were going to Kildare and back and I was doing a loop so when we left Linden we went our separate ways.
When I got back to Linden John and Terri were there and I enjoyed visiting with them a bit.

I then headed for the casa, heating up quick.
A good day on the bike.

92 deg f

My umbrella Tree

92 deg f

My umbrella Tree

90 deg f

Woke up a little sore this morning but doing ok after all I could be dead or in the Hospital.
After talking to a friend of mine I'm considering reporting the "Car Attack" to the police. I've been thinking about it and even tho nothing will probably come of it I owe it to other cyclists to make the effort to get this "murderer" off the road.

I can't help but wonder if it's this guy who I had an encounter with last August.

This guy is definitely a person of interest, I believe from my encounter with him last August that he would definitely intentionally hit a bike rider.

90 deg f
34 miles

Hit By Car.

What a ride today, one I don't want to repeat any time soon. I left the house early today to beat the heat, it was a nice morning and I was really enjoying it. I was out for a 34 mile ride but at the 8 mile point I wasn't sure I was going to make the full ride.

I was travelling up highway 8, about a mile from Douglasville, I see this white car coming up behind me looking like it isn't going to give me much room, I glance down and see that I'm on the white line. I look back up and the car is still coming and not moving over any at all even tho we're the only vehicles in site. I glance down again and move about 6 inches to the right of the white line, on the edge of the road, I start to look back up and suddenly Baam, I'm hit. The main brunt of the impact is to my left forearm which made impact with either the mirror or the windshield. At impact my handlebars are knocked to the right which throws me back against the car, I immediately bounce back up and catch myself, the car is now gone and somehow I have managed to stay up.

I can't believe it, I've just been intentionally run over. I start my post trauma routine, feeling to see if anything is broke, thank goodness I don't think so but I know there's some damage to my forearm. I'm wearing my cool sleeves so I watch them for a couple of minutes and see blood starting to soak thru, oh shit.

After the initial weird feeling you always have with some good trauma, nausea, light headed, I start to come around. I decide this is enough for today and decide to return to the house. Then I stop to take inventory, look at my wound, major road rash, pretty sure my forearm isn't broken I decide, what the hell, I'm going to finish my ride. I took out my bandana and wrapped it around my arm and put my cool sleeve back over that and I was ready to ride, kind of.
I managed to finish my ride without a lot of discomfort, left hand a little sore could feel it when shifting but I think it's ok.

I made it home and went to take outdoor shower, the most pain of this whole thing may have been when the water hit the wound, she zaam, whoah, stung just a bit.

I went to town and had a friend bandage me up and now I'm good to go.

It's going to be real interesting to see what all is sore in the morning, the morning after is always the worst, I just hope I feel like riding.

It's really kind of scary to realize that there are people out there who will run over and kill you for no good reason.

91 deg f

I managed to get out early today for a ride, you can beat a little of the heat, you can escape the wind, but you can't escape the Humidity, but it was a nice enjoyable start to the day.

After my ride I was off to the gym, had a good workout and a good visit.

It looks like I'll be riding local tomorrow, I'm thinking of doing the "Antioch Alps," I really like this route, lots of hills and light traffic.

Quote of the day: Socrates said, "the unexamined life is not worth living."

82 deg f
35 miles

I felt like I needed a good ride today so I did one of my favorites, the "Marietta Loop." This route has plenty of hills and some shade which is nice this time of the year. This happens to be one of my least favorite times of the year with the humidity, I felt it today on the big hill, no wind, 90% humidity, nasty.

used my new taillight today, thanks Michael Prewitt

Got me some turtle karma today, helped this little guy across the road. If we had turtle races I would have taken him home, he had spunk, he was young.

Going down this is fun and coming back up it on the return trip will be even more fun

Met this boy when I arrived at Mimis cafe in Marietta

Downtown Marietta from Mimis front porch, nice, quite and peacful

I also encountered a couple of new dogs on my return trip from Marietta, pulled out the Pepper Spray, squirt, squirt and the last I saw of them they were rubbing their heads on the ground.


I will go to the Sunflower festival in Gilliam on June 18th. This is just to nice a ride to pass up.

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88 deg f

Back Online.
I live out in the Jungles of East Tx and my internet connection is by Satillite, with Hughes. Saturday morning I lost Internet, I tried several times during the day to restart modem with the hope of reconnecting, but no luck. Sunday morning I called Hughes and after several calls and several stories I was told they were sending out a technician, between 11am and 2pm Monday.
So today I went to the gym early so I would be sure and be home in time to meet with Tech.
I always dread this but this time things went well, he first changed a part on Dish, no luck, changed Modem, success.

It's funny when you loose internet, it's a double edged sword, you realize you get a lot more done without Internet but you also miss out on a lot of information gathering, travel planning.

Now that business has been taken care of I plan on getting out early tomorrow morning for a ride, early because this week we'll be into the low 90's.

I may be leaving town on the weekend of the 18th to go to Fredricksburg, TX, Stonewall, TX and Luckenbach.
I was planning on Luckenbach to enjoy some music and then I found out that the "Stonewall Peach Jamboree" is also the same weekend, so lots happening in this area on the 18th. I haven't decided yet weather there will be a bike ride involved yet or not but there's a good chance of it, I've already picked out a couple of routes. Stonewall, TX is also the home of Lyndon Johnsons ranch so I could kill several birds with one stone.

Stonewall Peach Jamboree
The weekend of the 18th is also the weekend of the Sunflower Festival in Gilliam, LA, so I may not make the Sunflower Festival this year, I'll post here when my plans are firmed up.

Another ride coming up on July 9th is the "Peach Pedal Bike Ride" in Weatherford,TX, I'm seriously condidering this one, one of the few I haven't done.

Peach Pedal Bike Ride

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