70 deg f
31 miles

A windy ride today, hurricane force winds and you can tell by the photo, I loved it.

Working on this 2 day mini tour.

When reading about early Texas history I always read about "Washington on the Brazos." Well lately I've done some research and I've decided that a good way for me to see the site is to incorporate it into a bike ride.
Washington on the Brazos is located on the Brazos river 7 miles south of Navasota Texas where the Navosota river meets the Brazos and this is the place where the "Texas Declaration of Independence" was signed on 2 Mar 1836.

I'm posting a clickable google map of the proposed route of the mini tour, this is a work in progress and it may take place in May, stay turned, this is a really interesting area.

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63 deg f

One thing the pictures never show is the wind and it seems that every ride lately we have a 15 or 20 mph wind.
Jerry and I met up in town and did a 25 miler today and it was nice and we managed to dodge a little of the wind, by taking a hilly route with some trees.
Tomorrow the wind is supposed to blow harder than today, guess I'll have to suck it up and go for a ride.

I also enjoyed watching the "Milan San Remo" pro race. This is the first of the Spring Classics and also the longest race that the Pro Peloton does. Sagan didn't win mainly due to the fact that on the run in to the finish a rider next to him fell and he was lucky just to stay up, knocked him out of the sprint. You'll notice none of the Big Boys won yesterday, mainly because Sagan didn't pull them to the line, I loved it.

Hope the weather is being kind to you where ever you are, go for a ride.

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55 deg f

The No.1 rider and Personality in the Pro Peloton

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78 deg f
42 miles

We had a good group today which made for a good ride.
I met up with the group in Linden and then we did a 27 mile loop SE of town. Great day for riding, sun, 78 deg and windy as usual.
We had some new riders with us today, Lance and Joanie Bynum, always nice to have new folks on the ride, hope they become regulars.
I had a great day and thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks to Jerry for getting in touch with everyone.

See you on the next ride.

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75 deg f
40 miles

We had a group ride today, Jerry Harp, Roger Warren, Jim Trimble, Jonathan Cornett and mrbill.
It would have been the perfect day if not for the 30mph wind, but it was still a fun ride.
Everyone was feeling spunky and a few challenges were tossed out there and excepted, a fun way to get your intervals.
I was nice today and I waited on everyone at the top of the climbs, I was feeling spunky today.
We've just about decided that Jerry's new solid tire is holding him back, must be why everyone isn't riding solid tires.

So I got in 40 miles and everyone had a good day.

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73 deg f
31 miles

Beautiful day for a ride, 72 deg, Sun, light wind, flowers, hard to beat today.
I did a 31 mile ride from the house, rode to town and then did a 15 mile loop on the other side of town, did see my friendly little black dog on the cemetery cut thru.

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73 deg f
25 miles

One windy day.
I did a 25 mile loop and heading NorthWest was a chore.

Looking for a better day tomorrow, 5 mph wind instead of todays 20.

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68 deg f
16 miles

I know I keep commenting on how nice the weather is but I just can't help myself, it has been so nice, avg, 68 high, 45 low, Sun, now that's hard to beat.

Last week I got in some pretty good rides, pushing myself to stay with road bikes while I ride my touring bike so when Charmane and I rode on Sunday the 28th my legs were fried, but I did manage to hang onto Charmanes wheel, the gal is a good rider. I was going to take off on Saturday the 27th but like I said the weather was just to nice so I rode.
I would like to thank Charmane for coming out to ride, always a fun time. Plants are starting to bloom and that helps to make riding a real treat. In the pic below of Charmane you can see the Redbud tree blooming on the right in the pic, at this time they were just starting, now there really in bloom.

After our ride on Sunday I took off on Monday, I did go to the gym, and I was going to take off on Tuesday too but Jerry called and wanted to join me on a Birthday ride, seeing it was my Birthday, what could I do, the weather was nice so we rode.

So that brings me today, and I did get out for a 16 mile ride after the gym and I do plan on riding tomorrow.

I got a lot of Birthday wishes and I'm thankful for everyone of them, and thanks to Jiri and Nicole for the birthday greeting from the Czech Republic, I really need to see them some time this year, and especially their new son, Jan.

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