80 deg f

Thank goodness, Fall is here, no more 90's, at least there better not be.
With the cooler temps I've been getting some things done, mowing, weedeating and a few other things not easily done in the heat.
I took the day off the bike this morning to get some laundry done and a little house cleaning. Tomorrow I'll be back on the bike and I'm really looking forward to it, I'm wondering if I'll need my jacket in the morning. I did go to the gym today, my usual Mon, Wed, Friday routine.

While getting things done I also got my bike cleaned up, sprayed it with Mean Green and then rinsed it off, cleaned chain and cassette, lubed derailleurs, looking forward to riding a nice clean bike.

92 deg f
32 miles

Thank goodness summer is almost over, a couple more days. The hot and humid days of summer really do get old and it seems the older I get the less I like it.
I've been getting in some riding, going to the gym and trying to keep up with mowing the yard, lot of rain this year, grass is still growing.
I'll be going on a ride in a couple of hours, this ride should put me over the 4000 mile mark for the year, now that's good for your health.

Hope everyone out there is doing fine, have a great day.