April 17

74 deg f
17 miles
1299 days left

I went to the gym this morning and then got me in a 17 mile bike ride in the afternoon.
I discovered on my ride that if you spray pepper spray be sure and spray it downwind.
I was riding a backroad when an agressive dog came after me so I got out my pepper spray. I'd already got this dog before so it was cautious. I decided to give him a short blast as a reminder, I wasn't sure it worked, so I checked it with a short squirt, only trouble is I was moving forward and I sprayed into the wind, it blew back on my glove, glad it didn't blow back on my face.
When I got to Linden I stopped at the Dollar store for some raisins, while enjoying my raisins I wiped my forward with my gloved hand, yeah, that one. My forehead started burning and it was close to my eye, tried to wipe it off but I think I spread it, this is not good. I go into the store and use their bathroom to try and wash it off, that stuff stays with you.

So I learnt not to spray upwind and I'm not going to spray dogs unless totally necessary, this pepper spray is Brutal.

Later in the evening I was walking the trail around my property when I ran upon to baby animals, not sure what they were, maybe coons, they may have fallen from a tree, not sure. They were in rough shape, I went back to the house to get a box and some water thinking I would try to help them. I did get just a bit of water into their mouths with an eye dropper, I decided to leave them and let nature take its course. I hope the mom returns for them but it doesn't look good, a real puzzleer, I doubt they'll make it through the night.
It's a rough world out there.

71 deg f
1325 days left

Today has been a Bla day, rain this morning, cloudy and cool all day.
I've just been lazy, good day for it and I have been rather active lately.

Last week me and a friend, Robert, went on a hiking and camping trip to the Hill Country of Texas. The towns included, Bandera, Medina, Leakey, and Camp Wood.
We got in some good hiking, met some fine folks and enjoyed the Beautiful Countryside.

Click on image below for all photos from my "Hill Country Hiking trip"