January 17

72 deg f
25 miles
10mph wind
1371 days left

I went to the gym this morning and everything was fine until a t-boy nazi, Mark Anthony, sets down beside me and Marty. He starts talking and says, "I bet those bleeding heart liberals are about to have an aneurysm about now, well I wish they would."
I think the t-boy nazis are a scary bunch, history, looks like I'll be going to the gym a bit later to try and avoid them, but I've never wished they'd die.

I do have to thank Mark for getting me off my ass and doing something, as soon as I got home I made a donation to the ACLU, thanks Mark.

Sorry about the political message and I'm trying my best to avoid these situations but the hate is so prevalent in America right now it hard to avoid it.

I also got me in a bike ride today, 25 miles, it felt good and the wind wasn't quite as strong but it was still a factor.

What a nice place to cycle, Slovenia

52 deg f
15mph wind
1373 days left

Today I took the day off the bike, tired of fighting the wind and cool.

It was a nice day except for the wind so I decided to take a ride to the Lake of the Pines, a short distance from my house.
I came across a new website called "freecampsites.net" and while playing with it I saw a free campsite on Lake of the Pines that I wasn't aware of so I thought I'd check it out.

I've seen this spot from the Hwy 155 bridge about a thousand times but have never been there, so today was the day for a little exploring.

As it turns out it's a great spot, mainly a boat dock but theres also some picnic tables and a primitive camping area.
I did a little hiking, took a few photos and just enjoyed the place.

On the way home I just had to drive down that damn steep hill that we climbed on bicycles earlier in the week, yep, it was steep, kind of scary going down in the car, what a hill! pictured below, just before you fall off.

I will be out there tomorrow pounding the pedals, wind or no wind.

75 deg f
32 miles
25mph wind

The word for the day, Wind, as you can see from the first photo below.
About half way thru my ride today I was feeling a little demoralized with the Hills the day before and the wind today it just seemed like I wasn't getting anywhere.
I'm thinking I need to take the Carbon bike out for a few days to spunk me up.

Other than the wind it was a beautiful day, full Sun and 75 degrees.

Where my CR hits hwy 8, yeah, I'm turning right

Drill baby Drill

65 deg f
30 miles

I guess Jerry was feeling Macho when he picked our route for the day, mucho elevation for this early in the year.

Me, Jerry, Roger, Jim, Rodney and Clay met up in Hugh Springs at the Wildflower Inn at 1:30pm for a supposed to be 25 mile ride, that turned into a 30 mile ride.

We started our ride going thru Hugh Springs, got to the Traffic light at the West end of town and then turned left, that's when the party began.

We faced a good little hill and then once up it things just seemed to keep on going up, no flat in sight.
We finally reached our next turn near the Steel Mill and then things got really rough, one heck of a climb up MF mountain (I named it that, seems appropriate). About half way up the mtn my tire was sounding funny and it felt like I had a low tire, I stopped and checked my tires, no problem, guess it was just the damn gradient.
We all finally made it up the climb, and then had some nice riding for a bit until we reached hwy 155.
Highway 155 from Daltons Corner to Avinger is nothing but a Major rollercoaster, boy was I glad to see Avinger.

We all finally got together in Avinger and then headed on back to the start point, the Wildflower Inn.

I'm not sure about Jim and Clay but I'm sure the rest of us had had enough.

Today was one Beautiful day for riding, 65 deg and full Sun and low wind, Riders Delight.

And this is MF Mountain, this is only half of it as it curves at first and I couldn't get it all in the pic, at least a 10% gradient, air was thin on top.

55 deg f
15 miles
T-Boy leaves in 1380 days

I definitely want to get in a ride today and there was hope with a little sun in the morning.
I got my bike out got all suited up and got ready to go. I went out in the front yard, the sun was gone and some dark clouds were moving in.

I'll be dang, well I decide I'm not going to guess what the weather is going to do so I return to the house and declothe and then ride 15 miles inside.
As I write this at 4:30 in the pm the wind is blowing about 25 mph and there's rain off and on.

The weatherman is calling for Sun next week, I don't have much faith, but I hope he's right.

I think a few folks are getting together tomorrow afternoon for a short ride, meeting up in Hugh Springs, if I get back from the gym in time I might make it.

I got in a little cross training yesterday working in the woods

55 deg f
24 miles

I got up this morning hoping the weather would clear up enough for a ride. I went out on the porch and water was dripping off the roof.
All morning it was drizzling, misty and light rain.
Jerry texted me to see if I was riding and I told him I was waiting for the weather to clear up.
Finally around 12:30 it looked like the heavy mist was slacking up and since it was supposed to be better weather in the afternoon I assumed it would get better so I texted Jerry and told him I was headed his way.
I headed for Linden, felt like mist didn't want to go away. I met Jerry at Kims and we headed out east of town on a 15 mile loop that would bring us back to Linden. The further we rode the more moisture we got and by the time we were headed back into town on 1841 it was almost a light rain, had to stop and wipe off my glasses.

When we got back to town we went to the Truck Stop for some coffee and after visiting a bit and getting some free pizza I got a ride home in Jerrys truck, I had had it with the moisture.

I was glad to get in a 24 mile ride and hopefully better days are ahead.


Lance Armstrong will reunite with some of his old US Postal teammates to take part in endurance mountain bike race the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. George Hincapie, Christian Vande Velde, and Dylan Casey will join Armstrong in the relay event in Tucson, Arizona.

Read about itHere

51 deg f
7 miles indoors

Another rainy day in NE TX, a fellow at the convenience store said he had gotten 4 inches.
No ride outside today, just to nasty but I did get in 7 miles on my indoor bike.

The day started off with a trip to the gym, good workout and visit.
There are a couple of things I really need to take care of and I've been lazy and putting it off, but today I finally got on the ball and got things going. First this coming Friday I will go to Texarkana and get me some new glasses, think I'm going with the Buddy Holly look.
After the Optical shop I headed to Affordable Dentures and I'm scheduled there on Feb 2nd for a new set of Dentures, getting old is not for Sissies.
Really tickled to finally make things happen, need to get these things taken care of so I don't have problems when travelling.
On top of all this I even did a load of laundry, very productive day.

And now from the Tour Down Under

Caleb Ewan wins the stage with my boy Peter Sagan in second, good spot for Peter this early in the season, Porte stills retains the overall lead.


A Jerusalem donkey, known by the cross on their back, a guy at the store the other day mentioned this type of donkey as a friend of his had one. While talking about donkeys I learn that it's good to put a donkey in the field with horses or cows for company and protection, they tend to start hollering when a predator such as a coyote or wolf gets near the area.

A baby Jerusalem donkey, just to cute

51 deg f
16 miles

I finally got back on the road today, just a 16 mile ride but it felt great, much better than riding inside.
It was cool but I did get lucky and had no raindrops. It's been a while since we've seen the sun hopefully it'll return someday.

In the Tour Down Under Porte takes the stage win, I'm thinking the boys going to have a good year, if he's smart and doesn't get hurt.

On twitter I ran across this video, amazing the rider wasn't hurt, it looked pretty hairy.

Bike Crash

62 deg f

Today was foggy, super foggy and it hung around all day long, damp and dreary all day.

I didn't ride today but I did get a bit of house cleaning done, not my favorite pastime, I'd rather be riding.


Jens Voigt, aka, the jensie, shut up legs.
When the Jens was riding he was the one to put the spark in the Peloton, always in the break, making things happen. Not only is the Jensie one of the all time favorite cyclists he's a fine human being all the way around.

75 deg f
10 miles

Another nice warm day in January, little bit of everything today, clouds, mist, rain and sun and a temp of about 75 deg.

I went to the gym this morning, good workout and a nice visit.
I was thinking of a ride when I got home but rain appeared so I decided to get 10 miles indoors, boring but a lot better than no ride.


My new favorite Ladies Cycling Team, "Wiggle High 5"


I was looking at a blog on Argentina when I see this "chimney cooker," thought it was pretty neat, heat your house and smoke some meat at the same time.


I'm posting this next one because I like the old VW buses, I had a few friends who were into them back in the Hippy days. This particular one was found by a French guy who amazingly got it put back together and rescued from certain death deep in the woods.

81 deg f
30 miles

I got in a ride today despite the wind, it has been brutal lately but I guess we can't complain to much because the wind is what has brought us these summer time temps.
I rode to Linden and then to some friends house on the other side of town. I had a nice visit and even got a bowl of Lentil soup, thanks Becky.

Flags look like this a lot lately, not a good sign for riding, at least until it's at your back and then it's a ball.


A rider to watch this year, Porte, if BMC can get it together and get the team behind him and realize that Van Garderen will be a Domestique not a leader.

Cycling is fixing to kick off in Australia on Jan 19th, I'm ready for some bike racing, one of the toughest sports on the planet.

42 deg f
25 miles

It finally warmed up enough to ride, 40 deg, and was I ever ready to ride.
It was 41 deg F when I started and remained at that temp the whole ride, I got in 25 miles with full sun, really enjoyed it.
I feel like I've got my year started now that I've got over 100 miles in, hope to have another 5000 mile year, if travel doesn't mess with my riding, but that would be alright.

I don't remember who said it but I agree with the saying that you should go somewhere every year, somewhere you haven't been before.

Be sure and click for the big pic, pretty amazing
(found on web)

35 deg f
10 miles

Woke to a chilly morning, 10 deg F and even tho the sun came out it still only got to 35 deg F, a bit to chilly for this boy to ride bikes. My front yard was also covered in a light layer of snow from the previous evening.

I did manage to get in 10 miles indoors, I needed it after eating a little ice cream.
I sure hope I can get out for a ride tomorrow, the high is supposed to be near 40, I think I can do that.

32 deg f

I went to the gym this moring, cold is the word for the day, cloudy and 32 deg F.
Needless to say there was no outside bike ride today just 5 miles indoors, I gotta work on that, hard to get those inside miles, boring.

In the afternoon the snow started falling, it didn't stick at first but after awhile there was some on the ground.

In the news guns are at it again, gunmen kills five people at Miami airport, really, tell me how many people would he have killed with a bag of rocks or a stick, damn guns.

Also read today that Barcelona is the happiest place for ex-pats, Madrid was also up there, gotta see those two, like my Doctor said, "you better get it done," does he know something he isn't telling me?

This squirrel loves tortillas

50 deg f

I had a good day at the gym today, hit all my regular machines and then did a bit of socializing.
I didn't ride today because I had a doctors appointment in the afternoon, Doctor is always amazed with my cycling and my condition, hope it stays that way.
I'm going back for a physical in a couple of weeks maybe I'll post my results.

Speaking of old guys in good shape, click on photo below to read story of 105 yr old cyclist who sets hour record, now I've a goal to shoot for.

Simply Amazing

I hope to ride tomorrow, it would be nice to get a hundred miles my first week of the New Year.

65 deg f
40 miles

Today turned out to be a nice day for a bike ride.
I text Jerry and we met up at 11am at Kims for a ride.
I got in 25 miles on the 2nd, 40 today so this makes a total of 65 miles for 2017.

I was tired today when I got home, I think it was the wind, unfortunately I had a headwind all the way home, little fun.

The next photo is my cabbage and blackeyed peas, for health and wealthe in the New Year