June, 17

85 deg f
25 miles
1224 days left

Got me in a good ride this morning, 25 miles with some good hills. We've really been fortunate, knock on wood, this summer so far, the weather has been really nice for this time of the year, don't think we have had an official 100 degree day yet.

Yesterday, Monday, I had a productive day, went to the gym in the morning and then did mowing and weedeating in the afternoon.



Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway

85 deg f
1232 days left

Today I was hoping for a day of rain from Tropical Storm Cindy but only had a small shower in the morning about the time I usually ride.
The weather was on and off all day so I just decided to get in a few miles indoors, boring but keeps the legs loose.
Tomorrow is gym day, looking forward to that and then we have a cold front coming in Friday with another chance of rain Friday night, Saturday should be good for riding.

Below is a photo taken in Norway, found it while reading a travel journal, what a shot. Norway does have some incredible scenery. Be sure and click the image for the big pic.

More Norway, as a skydiver I would love to do this, only trouble is the hike back up.


The other day I was reading and came across this, had to save it, thought it was crazy funny

"The restaurant where we had dinner only had one waiter and (I think) one chef so they were as busy as one armed taxi drivers with crabs."

85 deg f

25 miles
1232 days left

I got out for a ride this morning after a breakfast of Quinoa with honey, cinnamon, vanilla, blueberries and bananas.
I got in touch with Jerry and he was up for a ride so I met him at his house. We had a good ride but hated to see that the Hwy Dept is putting down Chip Seal on one of our favorite routes, which means it will be almost unrideable for a while.
After our ride we stopped at the Truck Stop for some socializing.
Got home, ate and then took my one to two hour nap.

I just saw the weather for the next 7 days, how nice. There's a tropical storm in the Gulf headed our way and following that, a cool front, temps in the 80's, muy Bueno.


Below is a photo that I found extremely neat. The photo was taken by William Bennett who is cycling around the world.
Currently he is in Africa, but took this photo in Namibia.
This was like Desert country with no option for camping so he camped under a culvert, not an uncommon practice.
The morning after camping he got this great shot of his camping spot, perfect timing.

82 deg f

1233 days left

Thought I'd see if I still remember how to update my site, it's been awhile.

Pretty much the same old thing, eat, ride my bike, sleep and do it over again, and also spend a bit of time in the gym.

It's also been a bit of a depressing time with our new, I don't know how to call him, anyways I'm not in favor of "Making America Hate Again."