November 17

73 deg f
17 miles
1069 days left

Today was a beautiful day for a bike ride so I took me one.
I rode to town on the backroads and then road home on Hwy 8.

Enjoying the backroads

Dressing up the Courthouse for Christmas

Leaving Linden heading north on Hwy 8

After my ride I took Bootsie to town for a walk in the City Park.

64 deg f
17 miles
1078 days left

My day started off with a trip to "Lake Wright Patman," it was a nice morning, cool with Sun.
I had a good time Saturday and poor Bootsie sat at home all day so I promised her I'd take her to the Lake on Sunday.
I found that Bootsie must not have any Lab in her cause she didn't pay any attention to the water at all, to busy with all the new smells.
We had some nice hiking along the lakeshore and visited with a man fishing for Crappie.
A really nice peaceful morning at the lake.
We came home from the Lake, had a bite to eat and then I took the bike for a ride to town and back.

A really nice day.

70 deg f
19 miles
1079 days left

I really enjoyed myself today visiting with and riding with new friends and old friends.
Jerry called me on Friday and told me Curtis and Jenny Shaw from Longview were wanting to come up and visit and ride with us.
Curtis and Jenny are taking a break from their bike trip which they started Alaska and will finish at the tip of S Ameria in Ushaia, Argentina.
Their keeping a journal on the internet and I've been following along since they started so it was a treat for me to meet them.
Turns out the Curtis and Jenny are the likeable, social folks I thought they would be and we all had a great ride and visit, even tho the wind was blowing about 25 mph.
I'm really envious of Curtis and Jenny cause on Dec 6th they head back to Colombia to continue their trip and they will be in Colombia for a few more months.
Thanks to Jerry for making this happen.

Here's a link to Curtis and Jennys current Journal,
CJ Bike Tours