October 17

78 deg f
25 miles
1102 days left

A few pics from todays ride, from Red Hill to Almira to Linden, Windy and Hilly.

72 deg f
17 miles
1103 days left

Today was a beautiful day. In the morning I went to the gym got in a little upper body work and some socializing. My flu is better just a little congestion but on the road to recovery.
After the gym I came home and had some lunch and then since it was so nice I decided to take a ride. I rode to town and back and stopped by the truck stop while in town, what a nice day.

Peter Sagan and his wife Kate have a new baby, Marlon, another world champion in the making.

70 deg f
16 miles
1105 days left

I decided I would ride today despite the Flu and the 25 mph wind.
Other than the wind it was a nice day but the wind was Brutal. Heading South I barely had to pedal and going North to the house I found myself barely moving at times, made friends with my Granny Gear.

Nice little hill on the backroads, took the backroads to hide from the wind.

75 deg f
1105 days left

I'm still alive, but do have the flu at the moment. I believe I've had my last Flu shot, I went about 2 years without a cold, flu or anything, I go to the VA and get a Flu shot, Bam, I get the Flu, won't do that again.

I've slacked off my riding lately due to a sore spot in the back of my left knee, probably a strain or small tear, low grade pain, just a bother, but decided I'd better take it easy on it.