February 18

60 deg f
986 days left

Rain, Rain, Rain

I think we had at least 5 inches of rain today, continuous all day long.
We noticed coming home from the gym that all the low areas are full of water, the good thing is all the creeks are getting a good flush.
I also noticed that some of my trees are starting to bud out, Pear and Tallow, which doesn't surprise me, their as confused by the weather as I am.

So a rainy day meant I worked on sawhorses and finished reading;

I enjoyed this read, if you like Mysteries or Who Done It's you'll like this book.
A friend at the gym said he has all of Baldacci's books so he's bringing me one on Friday, I would like to read one more before I get back to some Historical Fiction, my favorite.


If you like Mellow, Classic Guitar you might enjoy this

Elvis Porras from Costa Rica, I met him at the airport in Costa Rica, he was set up in the airport playing and selling CD's, I purchased one of his CD's after seeing the song, Malaguena, a favorite of mine.


Pro Cycling really kicks off the year on the 24th with the "Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Elite" race, the start of the Spring Classics, my favorite races.

I managed to get in a few miles indoors later in the day.

16 miles
70 deg f
987 days left

No rain until late in the day so mrbill got out for a bike ride. It's been so warm the last couple of days I was able to leave the house about 9am in regular kit, no warm weather gear necessary.
Crazy weather for February, 80 deg yesterday, good enough for an outdoor shower.

Several years ago I built some minature sawhorses, Teresa used them in the kitchen, like trivets, to set hot things on.
I found them in a cabinet and took 2 of them to Teresa and 2 to the gym with me.

these are about 6 to 1 scale

A friend at the gym wanted the ones I took and they seem to be popular so I'm making some more.

I thought I'd have an easy afternoon making sawhorses, got out my tools, and got to work, I was working outside.
As usual Bootsie was right there with me while I was working, then all of a sudden I hear a big crash, Bootsie runs toward the front gate barking, I stop working and go to see what's happening.
My afternoon of relaxing craft work turns into serious labor when I see that a tree has blown down right across the driveway.

Tools put up then I go get the chain saw and get to work, real work, with Bootsie helping of course.
I can't belive how strong this Super Dog is, she was running around picking up sticks so I decide to mess with her.
There's a log about 5 ft long and 3 to 4 inches in diameter, I tell Bootsie to get it, she starts biting on the end of it, I tell her again to get it, she grabs hold of that log and proceeds to drag it across the yard, I couldn't believe it.


We just had a holiday, "Presidents Day," can someone please tell my why, also why don't we have a "Garbage Truck Workers Day," come on, who actually gets more done, yep the Men on the back of the truck.

60 deg f
989 days left

I got out for a ride today, it was wet from a heavy mist and light sprinkles but I had a good time and enjoyed the ride.

Just about the time I get in a groove updating my page, I have a problem with my server and was unable to edit my page this weekend.
Hopefully it won't be a recurring problem.
I've used the hosting service I have now for a number of years but I may have to change.

Now to get back in the groove.

60 deg f
990 days left


We had rain again today so I ended up taking Bootsie to the park instead of riding.This is what it looks like when I Walk Bootsie.
Spent some time in the evening reading and watching the olympics.
I know my friends in the Czech Republic are excited to see Ester Ledecka take the gold in the Super-G

For a small Country the Czechs do real well in Sports.


Got a major chore done today, I dusted the ceiling fan, not a favorite chore.

10 miles inside
60 deg f
991 days left

Gym Day

I had a good day at the gym, not a lot of visiting today, several folks were absent.

A slow afternoon, playing with Bootsiereading and watching a bit of TV.
Bootsie, Super Dog, amazes me at how high she can jump, higher than my head, not necessarily a good thing when she catches me off guard.


Famous road in Mallorca, one heck of a climb


I'm trying to stay out of politics on my page but some things are just to important, like Gun Control. Here is a list of the Politicians who accept large amounts of money from the NRA, a list of people who care more about Money than Human life.Don't vote for these Politicians

Sorry about the politics but if you really want me to I can explain why people shooting kids really gets next to me.
It really is a sad commentary on our Society that people like these are in positions of power.

17 miles
77 deg f
992 days left

A taste of Summer and Wind

We really are having an up and down winter, today was 77 degrees and warm and of course the heat was brought by the SE wind.
After not riding outside for a few days because of rain it was nice to get out for a ride even with the wind.
I rode the backroad to town, hiding from the wind

My first mimi summit on the backroad

A little further down the backroad I was climbing a hill and looking down when I see these neat colorful designs, oil on the road that was still damp after the recent rains.


Rigoberto Uran, or Rigo, is one of my favorite riders, he's also Colombia's favorite rider. I got a kick out of this Clipfrom Rigo at the Oro y Paz race.

In the "Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol 2018" race in Spain Chris Froome is taking it easy, doesn't want to look to good since he shouldn't even be racing, doping case.

I also liked this clip, 3rd stage of the "Tour of Oman 2018"Click for Video


On Gun Control:
Marco Rubio says he's going to make sure that the Mentally Ill don't have access to firearms.
He didn't say he would get the guns off the street, maybe that's because he's accepted over 3 million dollars from the NRA, tells you a little bit about what sort of person he is.

60 deg f
993 days left

A morning with the Seniors

Today was gym day but we had a different start to the day.

I met a gentleman named Guy at the Gym and last Monday we got to talking about music. Guy tells me he's a drummer in a band and that they play every Wednesday morning at 10am, so this morning Teresa and I stopped by the Senior Citizens Center to listen to the Band.
Turns out we had a good time listening to Classic Country and Guy even got the band to play one for me, "Wings of a Dove" by Ferlin Husky.
A little lady joins us at our table and she proceeds to let us know about everyone in the place, reminded me a bit of my Mom.
I didn't do any dancing, to early in the morning for Rum and Coke and my dancing is always a bit better after a drink or two, but I was tapping my toes.

The band, "Uncertain," at the Senior Citizens Center in Atlanta, TX

Guys is seated to the right in a blue shirt under the letter "a" in the word "Uncertain," the bands name.
They named the band Uncertain cause there uncertain as to who's going to show up.

We left the Center and headed to the gym where I had to tell friends about the band and the little lady who was hitting on me, that hadn't happened in a while.


I spent the afternoon reading and napping, when I woke from my snooze there was a special report on the TV about another school shooting in Florida, thanks NRA.

For those who don't know who the NRA is, it's the National Rifle Association they've got big money and contribute to Politicians who then do their bidding by not voting for Gun Control.
It really irks me when the same politicians who are in the pocket of the NRA talk about how much they're concerned about the kids and their families, Bullshit, all they care about is the money their getting from the NRA.
Since "Money" is "God" in America, nothing will change.

Want to solve this problem;
Everyone is allowed a pistol in their home for protection and hunters are allowed a rifle to be used in rural areas for hunting.
Anyone caught with a gun in the City Limits of any town goes to Prison for a year with no early outs, second offense, 5 yrs.
I think this would work.

Sorry about my rant but this really irks me, all these ignorant, insecure people whose only shot at Power is to strap on a gun.


10 miles indoors
40 deg f
994 days left

Cloudy, Cool and Rain

I was hoping to get in a ride outside today but the weather didn't cooperate. Instead of 59 deg and clouds we had 40 deg and rain, not riding weather for me, although I did do 10 miles indoors.
I never left the casa today and Bootsie and I only walked the trail once, just a nasty day.

I finished reading "The Good Life" by Tom Shepherd, like Jerry said it's a feel good book. It was an enjoyable book, probably more interesting to Older readers, but I still enjoyed it.

I've now started reading "The Innocent" by David Baldacci


I bet my friend Jiri in the Czech Republic could do this, Charmane, probably not
Bike Pull upsThis is Luca from Italy

Mark it on your calendar, April 7th is the "Ark-"La-Tex Challenge"If I make this ride this year I'm going to follow someone because last year I got lost and added about 10 miles to the route, which I didn't really need.

Our weather isn't looking good for riding in the coming days but at the same time we can't complain about the rain here in Texas.

50 deg f
995 days left

Warming up

Thank goodness the Sun came out today and warmed things up just a bit.
I went to the gym in the morning got in my workout and a visit.
After the gym I headed to Wally World (Wal Mart) and that's always fun and interesting.
It was cool and windy so I decided to take Bootsie to the City Park in Linden for a walk.

While reading "The Good Life" by Tom Shepherd I read about when he was 14 yrs old during the Depression and bought his first car.

A 1929 Model A Ford Fordor Leatherback

What a nice car I would love to have one of these, why doesn't some car maker bring these back, could even have an electric motor.
I'm afraid it would cost more than the fifty dollars Tom paid for it back in 1933. Sadly the author of "The Good Life" Tom Shepherd passed away in January of 2013, he definitely had a good life.

Speaking of cars, in the 50's most folks were either a Ford man or a Chevy man and there were plenty of talk between the two.
While reading I ran across a couple I hadn't heard before, by the way, I was a Chevy man.

"Buy a Ford. Buy the best. Drive a mile. Walk the rest."

"I could never keep a Ford under me. I was always under the Ford."


One for the Dog people.
The State Dog of Louisana is the

Catahoula Cur
Bootsie is smiliar in Build and on her nose she has some black dots on the white, like a Catahoula. I guess I can't really call Bootsie a Catahoula Cur, Bootsie is in a class all her own.

Tomorrow will be cool and cloudy but I hope to get in a ride, we'll see.

10 miles inside
31 deg f
996 days left

31 degrees

It was 31 degrees when I woke up and 31 degrees when I went to bed and we also had some light rain showers so with icicles hanging from the roof mrbill didn't ride outside today.
I did manage to get in 10 miles inside later in the day.
I spent the day reading, walking with Bootsie around the trail and watching some Olympics on the Boob Tube,hold on Google I was talking about a TV.

There are a couple of good bike races starting Wednesday. The "Vuelta a Andalucía 2018" where I'm going to be rooting for Rally Cycling, a US team that likes to shake things up.

The "Volta ao Algarve 2018" also starts on Wednesday and I'm looking to see how Richie Porte and Tejay van Garderen are coming along. When Tejay first joined the pro ranks I had high hopes but he can't seem to win the big one, I think his attitude doesn't help him, kind of like Mark Cavendish and Tiger Woods, but I hope he has a good year, prove me wrong Tejay.

16 miles
60 deg f
997 days left

My ride today was a bit nasty but I was surprised as usual, had fun riding in the mist, drizzle and light rain.
It wasn't to bad at the start and after all my weather calculations I thought things would improve.

Well, I got to Kims and went in for a short break and got to talking to a gentleman at the next table. He was talking about the bad weather and I preceeded to explain how I make all the calculations with the Radar, Enhanced Satillite and wind and I was pretty sure it was going to get better, boy I'm sharp.
Then I got my stuff rounded up and headed for the door and as soon as I walked outside, what?, it's about twice as bad as it had been. I went back inside and the old boy I had been talking too was smilin, I told him, "looks like I missed it," he got a kick out of it, will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut.

My ride started out damp, I thought it was going to improve

But it didn't

Heading into the mist and droplets

I had to shed the glasses, then I could see the road

After the ride things took a turn for the better. Teresa and I rode to Texarkana and Teresa mentioned getting some Rum, good idea, after all it is Mardi Gras weekend. I discovered a new good Rum, never had bad Rum.

Then while riding down Stateline Avenue I spotted this Tamale Shack, "Hot Tamale Heaven," they sure were good with the Rum and Coke, nice finish to the day.

60 deg f
998 days left

No Sun today

The clouds have moved back in and rain is on the way, can't complain to much, we need rain.
I had a good day at the gym, heck I even got invited to sing with a local band, although I don't see that happening, my singing sounds better when the wind is blowing thru your hair, traffic is passing and the rubber is grinding on the road. Guy, friend at gym, heard Dub and I talking about singing and he got to telling me about the band he's in, he plays drums. Like most musicians now that there older their on the "Nursing Home Circuit," a good gig cause your audience is always happy and nobody throws anything at you no matter how bad you are, on second thought it might be a good place for me to make my professional debut.
Our discussion got me to thinking about when my Mom was in the Nursing Home and the Elvis Impersonator came and performed, Mom really loved it, I need to try and find that photo.
I won't be doing the Elvis impersonating cause I don't have the "Ducks."That was a depressing period in my youth, Elvis was big and everyone had ducks but no matter how hard I tried my hair just wouldn't cooperate, and that damn Arlie Davenport down the street had some beautiful Ducks and yeah, he got the gals, depressing.

The afternoon was spent picking up some limbs and putting them in a burn pile, while dragging limbs I thought they were hanging on something but it was just Bootsie trying to drag them in the opposite direction, lot of help.

Sometimes we all feel a little down, depressed, that's why I created the button, just press and you will feel better, money back guarantee.
I placed the "Feel Good" button in links to the right so you can access it whenever you need it.
Looks like rain tomorrow but there's a chance I can sneak in a ride.
Hope everyone has a good weekend, Mardi Gras is happening in all towns around me this weekend.

27 miles
54 deg f
999 days left

Sun, Glorious Sun, If only for a day

The Sun was out today, and it looks like we have some cloudy rainy weather coming so I was up for a bike ride. I left around 12:30 and when I got to town I checked with Jerry and Roger and they said they would meet me at the Sonic at 2:30, Bueno. Jerry ran into John Knapp on the way so he also joined us.
It was a good time and we enjoyed having John join us.
I managed to get in 27 miles, it was a good day on the bike.

For everyone who has ridden with mrbill and has been blessed with his beautiful singing voice, you'll be glad to hear that I'm considering putting out an album, "Songs From the Blazing Saddle," a compilation of some of those songs you've heard me singing while riding down the road.
I'm pretty sure this Album will be a big hit so better email me and reserve your album today, I'll even autograph it for a small extra fee and for an extra extra fee I'll even throw in an autographed photo of mrbill, What An Amazing Deal, hurry before this offer expires.

Where's Jerry?
Don't think I'll ever get this "selfie thing"

Oh, there he is. Jerry, John and Roger

Thanks to everyone showing up for the ride today.

I know I'm going to get a bunch of emails wanting to know which songs will be on the album, "Wings of a Dove" by Ferlin Husky will be number 1, I always get a request for that one, don't worry about what other songs will be on the album, you know you love em all.

I need to team up with this guy

Just a taste

10 miles inside
52 deg f
1000 days left

Another cool and cloudy day.

Off to the gym this morning and just as I enter the gym I get a call from a friend in Ruidoso, NM, nice to get caught up with friends there. It seems their hurting from lack of rain, hopefully things will turn around for them.

In the afternoon I took Bootsie to town for a walk, ran into Jerry at the bank, to cold for him to walk.
Finished off the day with 10 miles on the inside bike, some reading and watching the Boob tube.

I really like the list of 40 books everyman over 40 should have so I made a list and put it on a link to the right, just in case the article dies.

Two names I'd like to never see again, Kardashian and Jenner, I just don't get it, their names are in the news everyday, says a lot about America and our news.


mrbill's treasures;

What is it?

The Ball.

Back in 1991 Robert and I took a trip to the "Copper Canyon" in Northern Mexico. Our base for exploring the Canyon was a town called Creel, a really neat small town on the rail line, you can get there by train from Chihuahua.
The Copper Canyon is home to the

Tarahumara Indians and they are know for their running. They run trails along the canyon walls while kicking a wooden ball.


Here's an interesting video on the Tarahumara

We had a great time and I highly recommend this spot and the train ride to get there, Chihuahua was also interesting.

52 deg f
1000 days left

A Little Rain Must Fall

One of those depressing days for a Texan, cloudy, cool, drizzly and rain all day, heavier in the evening, no surprise I didn't ride outside. I did get in about 5 miles inside and was planning on more but was to depressed.

In the morning I really enjoyed the "Oro y Paz" race in Colombia. The outcome of the stage was predictable, Gaviria, a Colombia and one of the fastest sprinters in the Pro Peloton surely wanted the win on the first stage of Colombia's first UCI sanctioned race, and he did it in style.

I was riding with the Big Boys today

I loved it at the finish, it was like the old days, the Quick Step Train rolling to the line, reminded me of Boonen and Gert Steegmans, beautiful.
Live Video of the "Oro y Paz" UCI race in Colombia, starts at 9am


Here's something I'm going to have to work on 40 Books Every Man Over 40 Should Have On His BookshelfI've read a few of them and they were definitely good reads, looking forward to this, thanks Robert.

55 deg f
1002 days left

Gym day

Always enjoy starting the week off right with a trip to the gym.
Got my workout done and then had a nice visit with friends.
I got invited to a political rally but I better pass, I just can't handle politics, especially the hateful, ignorant politics we have today, that's all I have to say on the subject.

The Market has finally had its correction, been a long time coming, now we have a buying opportunity. I don't guess we'll hear much from the politicians on the market for a while, they only want to own it when it's moving up.
In my opinion we haven't seen the worst yet.

My afternoon was spent reading and playing with Bootsie, that dog never tires, the energy of youth, I'm really looking forward to when she's grown and just wants to lay around.
It doesn't look to good tomorrow for riding, maybe a few indoor miles and then a good book with a cup of tea.

Jerry and Roger went to the "Freeze Your Fanny" bike ride in Longview on Saturday and they had a good time. There was a near miss for one of our friends, a truck driven by a drunk barely missed hitting him with the mirror on his truck.
The drunk drives a bit further then pulls off the road, the cyclists confront him but he proceeds to drive off, he then runs into a pole and the police were able to get him.
This man should never be able to drive again, inches away from killing someone and drunk at 10:30 in the morning proves he's a hopeless drunk.
This really gets to me since I was hit summer before last, not a fun experience, inches away from death.
Always begs the question, "why don't roads have Bike Lanes?"


Mrbills Treasures;

"The Medicine Man"
This is a treasure from 1991, I got him in Merida, Mexico on the Yucatan Penisula.
The story was that when a patient came into a doctor's office they would point to a spot on the Medicine Man where they were hurting, narrowing the area of concern for the Doctor.
Me and my travelling buddy Robert both got one but mine was the only one to survive, a small miracle considering the number of bus and train rides we took to get home.

16 miles
65 deg f
1003 days left

The Sun Returns

Thank goodness the Sun returned today, it makes all the difference.
I read some in the morning and then I got on my bike around noon for a ride to town.
Just an easy ride to town and back with a little visiting.

The Super Bowl was the talk of the day and I'm responsible for the Patriots losing, because I said they couldn't lose, sorry Brady, but it was a good game.

The first UCI sanctioned race in Colombia starts tomorrow, Oro y Paz
the race takes place in the state of Cauca, about as flat as it gets in Colombia, but they will finish with a good climb to Manizales, good for Colombia.


Mrbills Treasures

What is it?

Well you didn't always go to the store and buy a little container of salt, in the old days you had a "Salt Bucket."
This "Salt Bucket" was made sometime in the late 1800's, it was my Grandads, Henry Whitesides. Henry was born in 1893 and he used this Salt Bucket when he was a child.

52 deg f
1004 days left

A cloudy cool dreary day.

The weather today was not very inspiring, cloudy, cool and depressing.
I read in the morning and then in the afternoon Bootsie and I went to the Linden City Park for a walk.
Bootsie is the best dog yet for riding in a vehicle, she sits up just like a person keeping an eye on what's going on.

Bootsie makes a good passenger, she loves going to the park.


The way all roads should look


Sunset on the beach in Morocco . Always thought I'd like to visit Morocco but not sure I could handle the touts.


Anyone remember this?

It's been awhile since I've read Mad Magazine.


Colombia has a race coming up, should be a good one in an area of Colombia that I really like, it's theOro y Paz

52 deg f
1005 days left

Gym day.

I had a good trip to the gym this morning, stopped by Wally World on the way home. We also went by the hospital to eat lunch. Some friends of ours like to eat at the hospital and they got us to try it, cheap and good. We especially like the gumbo and broccoli salad but things have been going downhill. I'm not sure if we got spoiled by the gumbo in Shreveport or what but the gumbo at the hospital in Atlanta is going the way of Pork and Beans, it's hard to find any chicken or sausage in the gumbo, it's getting more like tomato soup, not sure we'll continue eating there.

Cassandra serving up Gumbo and rice

Real slow afternoon, nap and walk the dog.

Speaking of dogs here's a really cute pic from instagram

Just couldn't resist


In the reading department I started to read, "The Hammer of Eden" by Ken Follett, I didn't get far until I realized I had already read this one.
I decided to read "The Good Life" by Tom Shepherd, I got this book from Jerry, he said it's a "feel good" book.

34 miles
60 deg f
1006 days left

The weather keeps me guessing.

I sent out a text to Jerry and Roger to see if they wanted to ride, Jerry no but Roger was up for it so we met at Kims at 12.
It was difficult deciding what to wear, cool in the shade and warm in the sun. As I started riding it felt cool, especially when the clouds blocked the sun. The sun was off and on so I was cool and warm but that would change, and the wind would change too. I started into a mild SW wind thinking I would have it with me on my return to the casa, not so. Roger and I finished up our ride at the Truck Stop and had a cup of coffee and visited. When we left the Truck Stop it was cloudy and cool with the wind now out of the North, what the heck.
So it was one of those days when you start against the wind and the wind changes and you finish against the wind, little fun.
I did manage to get in 34 miles and a nap when I got home.

Bootsie the "Wonder Dog" has recovered completely, can't even tell she had surgery, she's back to her Ornery self.
Someone said she would be a little calmer after getting fixed, didn't happen, the second night after surgery she wanted out, I let her out without thinking and sure enough there was a possum out front, she was on the poor thing. There I am trying to get her off the possum, she's running circles around us, the possum is hanging close to me, I finally get her into the house and the possum escapes.
I definitely think Bootsie may be a possum dog.

Man those Possums are ugly, and I've heard that the bad thing about Possum Burgers is that you get that hair stuck in your teeth.

That "Possum Pot Pie" sounds delicious


Now for some bike racing, the second stage of the "Volta Comunitat Valenciana 2018" in Spain.
Really glad to see Valverde take the win, Click Hereto view the final KM of Stage 2.