Courthouse to Courthouse Tour
Linden, Tx
2 OCT, 04

Teresa and I arrived at the Cass County Courthouse at 7:30 am and Terry Spivey and Gary Brooks, from the Texarkana Bicycling Club, arrived shortly thereafter. The ride began promptly at 8 am, headed for Jefferson, TX.

One of many nice views along the way.

Lacys Bridge, built in 1976 when FM 1617 was going to be improved. As you can tell it's a favorite spot for the local teens

A view of Black Cypress Creek from Lacys Bridge

Gary Brooks, Bill Hatfield and Terry Spivey on the bridge.

All Right, made it to the Jefferson Courthouse and the Banana Puddin, provided by the ride Hostess, Teresa Hatfield, thanks

Break at the Courthouse in Jefferson

About 35 miles into ride, and feelinit

Linden Kildare High School

Bill Hatfield approaching HS break

Terry Spivey approaching HS break

Gary Brooks approaching HS break

Cemetery Marker, H Woodard, 1831 1916

Finish in Linden

Headed for the Couch

The front of our Courthouse to Courthouse T-Shirt

The back of our T-Shirt