"Cullen Baker Ride"

06, November, 10
Lake Wright Patman Dam to Bloomburg, TX
36 deg at Start, 60 deg at the finish
Beautiful Weather
40 miles

It was a perfect day for a bike ride, a little cool at the start, but not bad with Sun and clear blue skies.
Texarkana's most loyal riders, Terry, Barry and Sandy showed up and the 4 of us made for a good group.

I really enjoyed the ride, nothing like good friends, perfect weather and a Bicycle Ride, there was also some good jokes and BS, which I appreciate.

Click thumbnails below for full size pics.

A cool start, I was leaning into the pic, after all what would the pic have been without me in it.

On the way to Bloomburg

D, A Texarkana racer out for his miles

We arrive in Bloomburg, Teresa, who went Bloomburg with the Grandkids, took this pic for us

Crowded as usual at the Fair, you can spot the Cyclist, glowing in the background

Taking a break

Leaving Bloomburg, Barry and Sandy

Terry Spivey bringing up the rear


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