"Courthouse to Courthouse Ride",
Linden, TX
2, October, 2010

Temperature at Start 62 degrees F
Temp at Finish 82 degrees
57 miles

At the Square in Linden

Gettin ready to ride

Road shoes for this part of the ride

Mrs. Cheryl

Ready to Ride

There goes my support, gone to Jefferson shopping

Leaving Linden

High School Mtns

Headed to Kildare on FM 125

Really nice little pond just this side of Kildare


Leaving Kildare

Looks like this boy got out

Great Roads

Lodi, TX, Post Office

Downtown Lodi

Nice spot

Deer Run

Intersection FM 248 and Hwy 49

Heading toward Jefferson

Pulling into Jefferson

Main Street Jefferson

Marion County Courthouse

Annie Skinners, Jefferson's local Biker Bar

4 person bike in front of Jefferson Hotel

Mom, Kid, and Grandkids, all being kids



Teresa and Robin

mrbill, making switch to Mtn Bike

Bikes ready, where's mrbill?

Robin and mrbill

Robin and Teresa

Trying to leave Jefferson, don't let them intimidate you mrbill

The Castle at Berea

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