Today was a really nice day for a bike ride and I had me one.
I made my ride to the "Dangerfield State Park" and in the process I got me a Metric Century.
I started my ride a 9:30 am and finished about 2:30 pm, it was 72 deg at the start and 74 deg at the finish.
I did have a headwind most of the way to the park and coming home I know I had it behind me for a few miles because at one time I looked at my speed and I was travelling along about 21 mph, yep mrbill must have had a little wind at his back, but all in all the wind was hard to figure, never really working to hard for you or against you.
I also discovered that a Weeny dog can run about 22 mph, amazing, needed a little downhill to loose that sucker.
The route is a good one, not much traffic for the most part, a pretty hilly section on hwy 250 to Hughes Springs and a nice drop into Dangerfield on Hwy 11 from Hughes Springs.
I've learned in the past it's a good idea to check out a route in a vehicle before making your ride just to check that the roads are alright and everything is in order, since I was making this ride by myself I didn't do a surveillance ride.
As usually happens with mrbill he was surprised to find that the Park was closed for renovation, since it was only me I wasn't to disappointed, I wasn't going to miss the climb up out of the Park.
I rode on to Dangerfield where I took a break, got me some Gatorade and a snickers, heck it works for Lance.
On the way back on Hwy 130 there's this killer little climb at about 45 miles, almost got me and then you climb Thompsons bluff about 10 miles from the finish, that was really fun.
When I got to the black top road to mi casa I had to ride up and down it a couple of times to get an official Metric Century, done deal.
After getting home I showered and then we were off the the party store to get some of Grannies Tonic and then we swung back by the Mexican food restaurant and picked up a couple of Chicken Enchilada diners to take home.
I'll have to say it was a really good day on the bike, no mechanicals, low traffic and for the most part Courteous drivers, not to mention perfect temps.

This is pretty much how the roads were, rollers and light traffic

This was where I turned on Hwy 250 headed to Hughes Springs, was glad to get the wind on my back right shoulder, rather than in my face.

Glad I didn't have to explain to a group of riders how I didn't know the Park was closed.

Downtown Dangerfield, and they've got a Movie Theatre where all seats are a buck fifty.

Entering Cass County from Morris County, headed toward the casa, this was as flat as it got and I had a little wind, a nice section.

I've made this ride before and I'll make it again, it's a good one.
Hope everyone had as good a day as I did, now back to work on the Treehouse.

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Tom, I know that's right, and you've definitely got yours in order.


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