"Freeze Your Fanny",
Longview, TX
February 6th, 2010

Temperature at Start 42 degrees F
Temp at Finish 44 degrees
NW wind

The word of the day was, Cold, we had a high of 44 deg and it was supposed to be warmer, hang the weatherman.
Last years temps were, 50 deg at the start and 70 at the finish, that's more like it.
A good ride, everyone had a good time, my only complaint was a really skimmpy Schwagg bag, come on FYF sponsors, don't be so tight.
I rode the 30 mile route, went to Mardi Gras in Jefferson, TX later in the day, Laissez les bons temps rouler.
Didn't take a lot of pics, I wanted to get to the finish line and to much trouble to take photos with gloves on.

Pre ride treats

Runners joining the cyclists after their run


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