Misty Ride

20 January, 18,
60 deg, misty, 12 mph S wind

I was ready for a ride after snow and nasty weather. The weather was iffy but it turned out alright, misty on and off but never really a problem.

Leaving my Driveway headed toward Hwy. 8

This is where my Co Road meets up with Hwy 8, looking South

First nice climb, finish of climb in the distance.

I was riding along and I come upon this friendly horse, she ran along with me and then stopped to say hello

Pulling into Linden

Heading North on Hwy 1399, this is my last chance to bail out, turn right for shortcut home, I went straight

Hwy 1399 from Linden to Marietta is called the "Marietta Rollercoaster", this is where the actual Rollercoaster starts, nice rollers all the way to Marietta, some of them with a Bite

The top of the far hill is Almira, Dog Town, a crossroads, 1399 and 995

Heading East on 995 to Red Hill

Approaching the big hill of the day, one of the highest points in the County

On the climb

Entering Red Hill, junction of 995 and Hwy 8, I take a right and head uphill to the Casa

On the final long climb to my Co Road.

I stopped at the Dollar Store in Linden and picked up a bone in the Doggy treats section, the ladies about had a fit when I told em I was going to put it in a big pot of beans, they said, "Eating those beans will probably make me howl at the moon.