10 March Ride

75 deg, Sun
17 miles

Great day for a ride, thanks to Roger for calling me and getting me going.
Roger, Jerry and I met at my house at 12 for a ride on the backroads. Roger and I have done a couple of mtn bike rides lately and are enjoying the change of pace and car free riding.

We all took off and I knew the first mile and a half would have a bit of walking due to some deep sand, mrbill was ready to ride not walk but soon remembered that sometimes it's best to walk deep sand, when he took a spill.
How damn embarrassing, crashed about a mile into the ride, nothing serious, fell on nice soft sand but top bar on bike did get my right knee, nothing major just a little pain, luckily when I got up this morning my left knee was bothering me so I took a couple of ibuprofen, they helped with this little crash.
Actually worked out pretty good, I was favoring my left knee, now I was favoring my right knee so it kind of evened everthing up.

After a little cry we were moving again, we got to hwy 995 which we had to cross and Jerry decided to take the hwy back to Red Hill, I don't think my crash inspired him much for the backroads, so Roger and I headed north into the wilderness.

It had been a few years since I'd ridden this route so things had changed a bit, mainly for the good, overall the road was better than the last time I rode it.
It's a great route, long uphill grades and long downhill grades and some short tough climbs, in the bottoms some creek crossings with washed out roads, a little bit of everything.

We had a great ride, no more crashes and as we were stopped at an intersection in the wilderness my phone rang, it was Jerry and he was waiting for us in Red Hill, I thought he had already went to the house.
Roger and I took off for Red Hill but we still had a bit to go, plus a little monster hill, so we missed Jerry, he was already gone when we got there.

This was a great day made possible by friends and a great ride in the Wilderness on mtn bikes, and the "Taco Trailer" was a perfect finish.

Be sure and click thumbnails for the big picture

mrbill goes down in the sand, not a way to start a ride

Nice view from the top of the hill

Jerry, looking for a road with no sand or gravel

Little water crossing in the bottom

Then climb out the other side on this, steeper than it looks

I asked Roger, "What kind of plant is this?"
Roger, "I think that's called a "Flower Bush," not sure if that's the scientific name

Finishing up the ride I told Roger that I was hungry for Mexican food, he mentioned the "Taco Trailer" in town by the Dollar Store, so I headed there after the ride.
Real nice and plenty of it, Bootsie even got a Taco, a great way to refuel the body and the Rum was to fuel the mind, and Pain Killer after that major crash.