September 2013

89 F,

I had a great time in Waco this weekend at the "Waco Wild West 100" bike ride.

I decided I'd just ride with Robert and do the 26 miles, he hasn't been riding much.
Well as usual once we started, I had to go, first back to the finish on the 26 miler, should have done the 50, but it worked out well and I did get a good workout and had tons of fun, a lot of friendly folks.

One neat thing at the ride were the "Austin Bike Zoo" creatures, one Bat and 3 Butterflys, really well done.

After the ride we checked out the Art exhibits at the finish line and then it was time to head to the casa to get a shower.

We decided we'd got to "Georges" for some Tacos and a couple of drinks.
To make a long story short, a storm came up and we had to hold up in the Bar, Stephanie, our waitress took real good care of us, even tho I said a few bad words about her on Sunday morning, it was your fault Stephanie.

We had a great time, I think I'll do it again next year, just pray we don't have storms.

Click image for more photos of Waco Ride.

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89 F,

Well Fall finally fell along with about 6 1/2 inches of rain, Hallelujah.
This is a really nice thing after about a month of no rain and temps near or at 100, I like what a friend said, "I think I hear the grass growing."

Needless to say the riding also increases with the better weather, my conditioning is improving and I'm really enjoying my new bike.

I'm looking forward to the "Waco Wild West 100" ride this weekend in Waco, should be a good time, they have a great crowd and it's a good event.

I'm getting itchy feet to leave the Country but the weather is so nice here at the moment I just can't commit, Ecuador is my Country of choice, I'll get there, just don't know when, love the Andes.


In the reading department I finished "The Count of Monte Cristo," a real good read, in a nutshell, don't screw over your friends or make false accusations against others, it can come back to haunt you big time.

After Monte Cristo I decided I'd read a couple of light entertaining books, not much meat, "Crazy in Paradise" by Deborah Brown and "The Rocking Chair," by Steven Manchester.
Don't bother with "Crazy in Paradise," sure it's crazy, it's Florida, and the Keys, heck they can't even figure out how to vote in Florida, sail away.
I would recommend "The Rocking Chair," a good book about family, I was finishing it up at the Gym and started to tear up, had to put it down, not macho to tear up at the Gym.

At present I'm back into the meat with a book I'm really enjoying, "Absolute Friends" by John le Carre.
This is my first book by John Le Carre but probably won't be the last, I am really enjoying this book.

I'm going for a bike ride, find me some hills.

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98 F,

I had a great weekend of riding, Sunday was one of those days that you wish you could bottle, great ride, felt good, why can't everyday be like that.

I've been pushing it a bit lately trying to improve my conditioning and I do feel it coming around.

Today I'm going for an easy ride, I think I need an easy day.

You can really get some nice views of the sun rising when you get out early.

I'm looking forward to the Waco Ride and the DeQueen ride on Oct. 5th.
If you would like to make the "Tour of DeQueen" go to and register, you must register by Sep 26th to get a Jersey, come on out, good folks and good times.

Now I'm going to have my Smoothie and go for a ride.

I hate it when this happens
2 miles from the house

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From:Tomand it's always the rear wheel

That's so you can get your fingers greasy

98 F,

Nice ride this morning, was on the road before 7am, really nice out early.

School buses were out, you might catch a tractor or a road grader but buses are to fast, I did have one draft me for about a quarter mile today.

Am now headed to the Gym for some upper body work. I am having a great day, hope you are as well.

Be sure and relax on your bike, no death grip on the handlebars and no wrapping your toes around your pedals, stay loose.

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98 F,

Had a nice ride this morning, I believe my conditioning is coming around a bit.

I am really liking my new bike, after a little tweaking the front and rear derailleur and loosening up the headset she is really performing nicely.

I guess my next ride is the "Waco Wild West" bike tour, on the 28 of September.
I'll be staying with Robert and if anyone would like to go and need a place to stay, get in touch with me, Robert likes to have guests, so far me and Jerry are going.
I've done this ride before and it's basically flat with one hill and a lot of folks seem to fall down on that hill, guess they get used to the flats, you got me, but it's kind of funny.

My morning

mrbill is ready for cooler weather, ride mrbill, ride.

Waco Wild West 100" bike tour

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From:TomThat ain't smooth.

No kidding, they call it Chipseal, I call it MiniCobbles, it gets a bit better every year and when it finally gets smooth here they come with more rocks, it never ends.

98 F,

I had a good ride Sunday morning, guess Saturday got my weekend off to a good start.

About a week ago I cleaned my Mtn Bike and it's been lonely so I decided to take her out today.
I lubed the chain and derailleurs and hit the road.
It's always weird when you change bikes and it took me about 3 miles to get comfortable, I kept thinking, "this thing is heavy."

It was good to take the Mtn bike out but I guess I'll be back on BlkBeauty tomorrow.

Didn't hit anything today.

Gym was good today, a good thing, physically and socially.

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100 F,

Went to the "Douglasville Fire Dept Ride" this morning, it was good fun, enjoyed seeing some old friends and making some new ones.

I posted a pic of "smooth pavement," well here is what we were riding on today,

The famous, "Texas Chipseal"

Riding behind this guy made me thirsty

A new friend, Star, from Texarkana, good rider, she pulled me home.

Hamburgers are always fun

A good group, about 9 miles out

They had plenty of burgers so I brought one home for the girls, so now we're all happy campers.

Notes from the ride:

I'm out of shape, lazy, a disgrace
Some folks I wanted to see, didn't show, Alan, Sandy, Bluejeans Bob?
Enjoyed riding with Star
I need to ride more, don't we all.
And, It Needs to Cool Off


A friend of mine on the front porch

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From:TomYeah, but it's a dry heat.

I prefer smooth too.

That's what they always say, and I always say, "It's still to darn Hot"
you wouldn't like "Texas Chipseal," heck, who does? It's almost cobbles

101 F,

Been riding, it's pretty nice if you get out early, and with low humidity our 101 deg wasn't that bad today.

While leaving Linden today I was on a really smooth patch of pavement, yeah, the same one I was on when I hit the Armadillo.

Here's what smooth pavement looks like close up.

This is only a small stretch of smooth pavement, then back to the old famous "Chipseal."

Tomorrow I'm going to a ride in Douglasville, Tx, about 8 miles from my house, hope to see some old friends, will try to get some photos.

Haven't hit anything else but today a Chapparral ran across in front of me and then after that a squirrel, yep, he did the switchback, but I didn't get him.

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99 F,

Today I rode where the Buffalo roam

Glad I didn't hit one

Rode the High School Mtns

And the Marietta Rollercoaster

A really good morning, love getting out early, all quiet except for the rubber on the road.

We survived August

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