August 17

93 deg f
1168 days left

I had a nice ride this morning, rode to Linden, met up with Jerry and we did a 10 mile loop, which gave me a total of 25 miles.
We stopped at the Truck Stop after our ride and by the time I left at about noon it was heating up.

The Eclipse on Monday was pretty neat, got dim here in NE TX and the temps dropped about 4 degrees, feels strange.

Last Saturday Jerry, Roger and I went to Hugo, OK to ride around Lake Hugo, a 36 mile loop. The ride was fun, a little hillier than expected and a bit warm at the end. We headed to the Chochtaw Casino after the ride for food and refreshment, Rum and Coke.
Click on image below for my pics from the ride.

Click image for Lake Hugo pics

80 deg f
1173 days left

Surprise, Surprise, mrbill has returned, something actually happened worthy of an update.
This past weekend I travelled to Waco, Tx to catch up with Robert, a friend of mine from college, and to take a bike ride around Waco.
The weather couldn't be beat and the Hospitality was terrific.
Click on image below for all the Waco Pics.

Click for Waco pics