"Freeze Your Fanny"

4 Feb 06
Temp = 45 degrees
Wind = North 10 to 15 mph

I guess you'd say this years "Freeze Your Fanny" was mild compared to some. I thought the weather was nice, it's been warm and cool so it was hard to decide what to wear. I'm not sure about the temp but it must have been about 45 degrees at start time, sunny and a North wind. I didn't think the wind was much of a factor on the 31 mile route, which I rode.

The course was well marked and the roads were in pretty good shape. The one rest stop I stopped at had a real nice selection of goodies, I didn't think I would ever get to that rest stop.

I highly reccommend this ride, it's very well organized, the fruit bowls before the ride and the Chile after the ride was great.

It was good seeing CL Friend and his grandson Nathan. Terry Spivey from Texarkana was there, and I enjoyed the company of Sonny from Greenville on the last 10 miles.

Good Lord willin and the creek don't rise I'll see you at this ride next year.

Photos of the ride.