"Tour de FireAnt 09"

Marshall, TX
55 deg at Start, 64 deg at the finish
Mist continuously, heavy and light
49 miles

It wasn't exactly the perfect day for a bike ride, we awoke to a cool, drizzly, misty day.
Of course as soon as we got going and producing heat the conditions weren't that bad.
The only thing I didn't care for was the sprinkles on my glasses, poor vision, and it was constant from start to finish.

Considering the weather conditions there was a pretty good turnout, 178 riders, this ride deserves more, everyone needs to bring a friend next year.

We had a new route this year and I definitely liked it better than the old route.

It was nice to see the Texarkana crew, they made a pretty good showing.

Robert and I rode the 45 mile, which turned out to be 49 miles, probably could have done the 100k with the cool conditions, but things turned out perfect.
I took it easy on this ride and had a lot of fun meeting folks and taking a few pics.
They always give away a Trek bike at this event and guess what, yeah, I didn't win, surprise.

This is a well organized event, good reststops, good route, good folks, and good goodies, encouage your friends to attend next year.

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bike of the day

Texarkana crew, Barry the Man

Jersey of the day

Gathering for the start

a view I don't see often

Bike holders, the second time I've seen this

Favorite reststop, Red Hat Mamas, just had to try one of those Red Bulls

Best T-Shirt of the year


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