"Waco Wild West Century" 09

Waco, Texas, on the Brazos
September 26, 09
70 deg @ start
93 deg @ finish
70% humidity
50 miles

My ride report for the "Waco Wild West Century" 09:

Perfect day for a ride, everyone was really enjoying the weather, and it put everyone in a good mood.
I rode with Robert, a friend from college, and it was a fun easy day.

Instead of my working my butt off in a paceline, which I like, I took it easy, met a lot of folks and had a great time.

After the ride we went for Barbacue and that was about it, it was recovery time.

Robert had a good ride considering he hasn't been getting in much training, I was proud of him, he laid it all on the line, and that's why he was slightly mentally deficient for the remainder of the day, oxygen deficit to the Brain.
He tried watch television, and couldn't work the remote, tried the Computer, no luck, rebooted.
I told him to quit messing with the electonics for about 24hrs, at that time his brain should be back to normal, not a hundred percent, we never come back a hundred percent, that's why old cyclist seem to be a little bit left of center, but's it worth the price.

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