"Ride With the Eagles"

Mount Pleasant, TX
25 April 09
Temp 70 to 82
15 to 20 mph SW wind
45 miles, 2 hrs 50 min

Yesterday's "Ride With the Eagles" in Mount Pleasant was a fun time. I it was the smallest turnout I've seen in sometime for this ride, I was surprised, maybe people or getting tired of getting lost. I believe we've had a change in leadership or management, but looks like this ride could be in trouble.
After arriving I met Barry, a friend from Texarkana who I've done several rides with and then I saw Terry, also from Texarkana. As we're getting ready to ride I spot, Jerry who I've also ridden with in the past and it's this threesome, me, Barry and Jerry who make the 45 mile ride together.
Even tho I had what was left of my cold, I had a good day and really enjoyed the ride.
I tried to do my share of the work, I think everyone had a good one, Jerry did manage to get lost about one mile from the finish, someone always get lost on this ride.