The "Tour de Possum, 08"

September 20th
Avg temp, 80 deg F
Sunny skies and light wind

The "Tour de Possum", a good time as usual, I would like to see more folks out for this ride, Texarkana does a good job and the route is a good one. I really enjoy a ride when I find someone to ride with, same skill level and luckily I had a couple of folks to make the ride an enjoyable one. Robert White a friend of mine from college who lives in Rockwall and is just getting back into cycling came out and my other riding partner was Jerry Weir, from Texarkana. Robert has a new bike and hasn't gotten in many miles so he did the thirty mile route so Jerry and I left Robert around the 17 mile point and made the 45 mile route, perfect weather helped to make it a good ride.
Let me relate a funny incident that happened on the ride. For the ride I wore my "Fatcyclist" jersey,, and it is pink and black, it was made and sold to benefit Susan, Fatty's wife, and her battle against cancer. As I pulled into the first Rest Stop I walked into a small crowd of people near the refreshments, and then a tall black gent says to me, "Hey man, that sure was nice of your wife to let you wear her jersey today." I stand there kind of stunned at this weird and rude comment out of nowhere, when suddenly a lady behing me says, "Real Men Where Pink", as I turned to face her I saw three ladies and immediately one of the other ladies also made the statement that "Real Men Wear Pink". I said to the ladies, "I really like the way yall think", thank you ladies whereever you are, I probably would have said the wrong thing to this rude character, but your comments said it all so I graciously let it slide and ignored Mr.Rude, a major accomplishment for me. Jerry and I were waiting up for Robert who, like I said earlier, hasn't got in many miles, so Mr.Rude goes on. When we left Robert at the 17 mile mark I decided to put the hammer down and sure enough Jerry and I caught Mr. Rude and a couple of his friends a ways down the road. As we passed by Mr.Rude, on his little green Recumbent Trike, and his friends, one of them hollered out, "What's the rush?", I wanted to say, "No rush here, yall got a mechanical or what?", but I didn't say a word. I was really proud of myself, I guess you do mellow a bit with older age, and thanks again ladies.
Sunday morning Robert and I managed to get in a 25 mile ride around Linden before he had to return to Rockwall, weather was cool and cloudy.
All around a great cycling weekend, thanks to everyone who helped to make it that way, No hard feelings MrRude, yo mama just didn't teach you no manners.