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My ride today was a good one even tho I started out riding into that SW wind that I finished up in yesterday.
I rode Club lake road which is one hill after another, good hills

Like this one

It was nice on the return trip with that wind at my back, I would rather finish in the wind any day.

Before I left for my ride today I took this picture of our Confederate Rose, every year when it blooms it reminds me of my Mom, she died on October 13th and the day she died it bloomed.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and hope you have a good week.

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Thanks, have a good one, Harry

I did my "Antioch Alps" ride today and it was a beautiful day for it.
It was rather cool at the start, 10am 57 deg, I wore my vest and it felt good for about 20 miles and then I started to warm up.

Atop the Alps, looking East

Atop the Alps, looking West

Leaving Antioch headed for Queen City

Downtown Atlanta, Texas

And Finish up with "Heartbreak Hill", it is a killer

So I had a great ride, ended up with 50 miles, could have used a little less wind on the last 20 miles, but I guess that's all part of it.
When I get into a steady headwind I think about those long climbs out of those Canyons in Utah, just get a comfortable gear, get your rythm and breathing in sink and then just ride.

Guess I'll take the Mountain Bike out Sunday for a spin, hitting the backroads, Ah, no traffic.

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From:MrDaveyGieGeeepers Texas has cooled down. I'm headed out for a Sunday ride too. Have a good one Bill

Thanks Dave, yep but we will have a highs in the 80 today and tomorrow and then it goes downhill, have a good one.

Fall has arrived, at 1pm it was in the upper 60's, pretty cool since it was 90 last Wednesday.
Got in a short ride on my Mtn Bike, wore a long sleeve shirt and it wasn't to much.

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Here's a map of Saturdays ride, from mrbill's casa it approximately 45 miles, if you start and finish at "Red Hill" it will be approximately 38 miles.
This is one of my favorite routes, challenging but rewarding.
Just in case of emergency or problems we can't deal with on the road, Teresa will be on call with Sag Support.
We'll leave "Red Hill" at 10am and return whenever.
The weather should be great, temps around 75 deg for the high, with low humidity.


Yesterday afternoon I got my Mountain Bike all cleaned up, washed and dried.
Then I moved it to the front porch where I did a little WD40 work and lubed the chain.
Oops, go a little lubricant on the porch, Teresa doesn't like this.
I try to tell her that it happens with all Bike riders, just about any of them probably have a spot or two of Lubricant on their porch, some even have spots on the floor inside the house.
She didn't seem to believe me so I told her, "Just ask any of the folks who visit my Webpage, they'll tell you, it happens to all of us, no big deal."
So if Teresa gets in touch with you, tell her not to get excited about a little oil spill, it's not like the "Gulf Oil Spill" and it will be alright.
I'm sure mrbill will clean it up, he, being the thoughtful, caring partner that he is, thanks.

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From:TeresaWell, Mr.Bill I don't know about your fellow cyclist friends but none of them live with me.
You know how I am about things being messy. There is no need to have stains on the front porch so if you'd kindly get busy cleaning up your mess.... I'd appreciate it.
Happy Riding fellows and don't leave a mess on your front porch.....

I did my Lottery ride today, on my Centurion.
The ride to Linden was against the wind but it wasn't bad but the heat was a bit much, ninety degrees at the finish at 1pm, but 90 sure beats 103.

Latest update on Cass County Courthouse Restoration
As they remove the paint, you see more detail, will they ever finish
what will it look like, stay tuned.

mrbill taking a break at the Curtis's Barber Shop
Used to come here regular for my 7 dollar haircut until I bought me some clippers,
I kind of miss the BS at the Barber Shop.

Saturday morning I'll be taking a favorite ride of mine, the "Antioch Alps", I'll be leaving "Red Hill" about 10 am, the weather should be perfect, come along and join me for a good ride and a good workout, yep, got some hills, more on this later.

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This is almost as bad as a bike wreck!

Didn't ride today, did some upper body work with the chain saw, almost lost a leg, but that's another story.

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From:MrDaveyGieMR. Bill please don't lose a leg.
Oh, and I bet you ate that last peanut butter cookie being you ate all the others. :-)

Still got two, it was just a close call, was hung up in vines and trees, I felt something nip at my left knee, I looked down to discover that my blue jeans had been cut by Chain Saw, I raised pants leg to check out knee, didn't see any blood, whew, close call. a little while later I notice a little blood, I check again, just a couple of scratches, about as close as I want to get. To an old Carpenter this is pretty much old hat
Yes, the cookies are gone, I won't ask for any more right away, they're just to good, if you know what I mean

From:HarryIt's ok, you got two of 'em.

Still got two, need two to pedal up those hills

From:NancyHope you are okay.

Thanks for your concern, I'm fine, but I don't recommend shaving your legs with a Chain Saw!!!

Two words for today's ride, Humid and windy.
It was Drippy Humid and the wind could almost stop you if you quit pedaling or if from the side almost blow you over.
We've been having some rough weather, Fall wants to arrive but Summer doesn't want to let go.
The good thing is we are getting some much needed rain, last night was pretty stormy, a tornado about 15 miles north of us.
Still enjoying the Mountain Bike.

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Got up today and the weather was iffy.
We finally got some rain yesterday and last night, much needed rain.
I decided I was going Bike riding and if it started raining I'd head for the Casa.
I took my newly refurbished Mtn Bike on the backroads, even tho it was nasty, wet, windy and humid, I loved every minute of it.

A sample of today

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From:HarryWe had the wet roads today as well, but it didn't matter...ride was great.

Glad yall had a good one

I had a great ride today, it does pay to replace worn out parts on your bike.
I was all grins with my new Cassette, chain and wheels, I managed to get the rear Derailleur dialed in so all of mrbill's super leg power was transferred to the road, not like before with some power lost in loose links and slipped shifts.
I've decided that when I win the lottery I'm going to by a new bike every month and give my old one to someone like me.

She wants to go

I do see a crank in the future if I can get the old one off, not a job I'm looking forward to, hope I don't have to resort to Dynamite.


Texas Declares War on US

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From:MrDaveyGieThat was thoughtful, entertaining, funny read. Thanks

Had to get the old Chain saw out today and cut down a big tree that was threatening my Barn.
I worked until my chain gave up and then I gave up, crashed again.
Tomorrow I'll ride, Harry said that's what I'm supposed to do, I hope he wasn't' kidding, I'll let you know how it goes.

Crashed yesterday afternoon, not on the bike, on the couch, I was out, the Grandkids were in the house and I didn't even hear them, tell me I didn't crash, still groggy this morning, should I ride?

Stupidity is real and should be taken seriously.
You could be sitting next to a sufferer right now.
There is still no known cure for stupidity and sympathy does not help.
But we can raise awareness.

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From:NancyI found a link that I thought might interest you all.
Tips for dealing with non-cyclist friends.
It was generated from an article found at.
both were funny.
Later, N Gore

Thanks Nancy, happy pedaling

From:HarryAfter a crash, it's always good to get back on the bike right a way.

Are you sure your not thinking about horses

Not what I like to do on a ride.
It's been quite a while since this has happened, I'm pretty sure it had something to do with my changing out of wheels yesterday.
My rear deraileur needs a fine turning but it worked fine with my new Cassette.

Todays ride was "Medium Fun"

Peanut Butter Cookies, Gluten free, right out of the oven, I can hardly wait, hey hold it, I just got the word, their ready, I'm outta here!!!

Teresa, your one good cook, Country Style, I love it!!!

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From:HarryI think I can smell them up here. Damn good lookin' cookies!

I just had one Harry and believe me they taste as good as they look!!

It was Wednesday so I took the Centurion to town to get my Lottery Ticket, a nice ride and still warm, 83 deg at end of ride, 12:30pm.

I got my Cassette today, a day early, installed on my new wheels.
Tomorrow I'm going to test her out, look out "Union Mountain," really looking forward to it, hope all goes well.


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I had a good day and it started with a bike ride.
I've been missing my MtnBike so I took it on the backroads, just had to avoid a couple of my favorite gears, hopefully I'll get her fixed before the week is out.

As you can see by the leaves, it's fall, or is it the drought?

Saw this creature, with one like him on his back

After my ride we went to Atlanta to get some Chinese and visit one of our favorite spots for books, Mozell's Resale Shop.
We've found quite a few good books here and the price is ridiculous, cheap.
While looking for books you can also have some fun looking at all the stuff, just about everything, kind of like a Diego Rivera mural, you can't see it all in just one setting.

Mr. Mozell, sometimes you have to wake him up when you enter

See a title you like, let me know

Need an old Snuff Bottle?

This "Hornsby's" bottle caught my eye

So it was a good day, got in a ride and got me another book, "The Fan Club" by Irving Wallace.
Hope yall had a good one too.

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From:TeresaWe had a blast!!. If you see anything you may want just let Mr. Bill know and we'll see about getting it. There are things that my grandmother & mother might have had. IT'S GREAT!!! Love it!!!

I had fun too and thanks for picking up the lunch tab

Took the day off the bike, did some cross training with the riding Lawnmower and weedeater, Teresa won't do yardwork, but that's ok, she's a good cook.

I did do some reading on my present book, "The Prize" by Irving Wallace.

"A grammar-school child could understand him, if she listened. I remember, once, somebody, an ordinary person , asked him to explain his theory of relativity, of time, of why all motions of the universe are relative and not absolute, and you know what Albert said? he said, 'My friend, when you sit with a nice girl for an hour, you think it is only a minute-but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think it is an hour. Relativity!'"

Also, he had become tired of his New York literary set. He had finally agreed with George Bernard Shaw's remark to John Galsworthy that "literary men should never associate with one another, not only because of their cliques and hatreds and envies, but because their minds inbreed and produce abortions."

"I remember one of Mr. Maugham's characters once saying that an artist should let his mother starve, if necessary, rather than turn out potboilers to save her. In short, the artist's work, his devotion to it, was all that mattered. You know, Professor, that takes terrible strength."

This book is about the "Noble Awards" and the people behind them and the people who get them, very interesting.
If you might like this book, Hardback, let me know, one dollar plus shipping.

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Ok, I know I sound like a broken record but it was beautiful out there on my ride today.
I took the KHS to Red Hill, Almira, Marrietta, Douglasville then back to Red Hill and home.
I managed with both my rides this weekend to do the whole Marietta Rollercoaster, a nice little workout.


On top "Jones Hill" looking East towards Douglasville

Headed South on Hwy 8 toward the Casa which lies behind that hill in the distance

And then when I got home my lovely wife made me Spaghetti with Chicken Alfredo and a Fresh Green Salad, Naked, um um good.
Followed by a little Football and a couple of Grannie's Tonics, Ain't it great to be in America.
Hope you had a good one!!

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Another beautiful day, just a bit warm at the end of my ride, but not like a month ago.
I got in thirty five miles, High School loop plus Almira and Red Hill, a good route, especially if you like a few hills.
I decided to take the Caddy today, my KHS, haven't ridden her in a while and wanted to give the Centurion a rest.
I enjoy my three bikes, Mtn bike for offroad, Centurion, some on some off road, and the KHS, strictly for road.
I hope I get my Mtn bike back on the road next week.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and gets in a good ride, I plan on it, Sundays my favorite on the road, low traffic.

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It was a beautiful day, really enjoyed being on the bike.
I took the Centurion on County Roads and backroads, I like the lack of traffic.
Lucky for me I didn't see any "Bats"

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It was a beautiful day for bike riding or anything else outside, mid 70's and low Humidity, I thought something was wrong with me, no sweat, yep, I said "No Sweat", I love it.

I took the Centurion, mostly on the backroads, felt like I had the air conditioning on.
I probably would've taken my Mountain Bike out today but rear Cassette is worn out and so is chain, and I see a crank in the future, so it's waiting on parts.

Days like today make me smile

And our two takeout Chicken Enchilada Senior Diners with sauce, chips and cheese sauce for eleven dollars and eighty eight cents also makes me smile.

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From:NancyI have gone to the Marshall ride in years past.
Did they give away a bicycle?
Great t-shirt!!!

Hi Nancy, yes they did give away a Trek Bike, and it even had a straight Handlebar like my Centurion. Wish you could have made it, it's a good ride, maybe next year, take care.

From: MrDaveyGieNow that is a meal deal.

The Senior meal may not be enough for a big boy after a ride, but it works for us, good food with a Mexican price.

From:NickWhat speed is your mtn bike? I might have an old - good cassette laying around you can have.

Thanks much, Nick, I'll be in touch

Got some things done around the casa in the morning, had Chinese for lunch, went to "Laura's Used Books" in Atlanta, Tx, got me 3 Sidney Sheldon books and then returned home to go for a ride.
Just took a short ride to limber up after a day off, I'll be out for a ride today, but first I'm thinking about changing the chain on my Mtn Bike, I think it's time.

Was really thankful that the Chilean Miners are being rescued, a really good thing, they've got it pretty rough.

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I found this video over at "Yo Eddy's", link to the right, and I just had to post it, one of the best I've seen.



In case you missed it the Pics from the "Tour de FireAnt" are here:

Tour de FireAnt Photos

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Got out this morning to stretch my legs after my effort yesterday.
It was kind of cool starting out, about 65 deg, cool after mid 90's yesterday afternoon, but as usual things started to warm up with the first good hill.
I did my High School loop, which passes thru Downtown Linden, got my latest update pic on the Courthouse Restoration.

I hope that paint they've put on the Courthouse is just a primer, surely it is, time will tell.

Now for some food, Salmon, Baked potatoe and Tomatoes and then some couch time and a little football, sounds like the all American plan.

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As usual I had a great time at the "Tour de FireAnt" in Marshall, TX.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is one of the best rides in Texas, well organized, lot's of goodies, good ride routes, I like this ride.
After I got to Marshall and got parked I was getting my bike out of the truck and a gentleman walks up and says, "Hey, mrbill", I'm looking trying to remember who this is, remember I'm old, when he says, "you haven't met me, I'm Dave Fletcher, I found you Online and sent you an email."
I have had this happen a few times and it's always neat to have someone hollar at you who you know online but have never met in person.
As it turns out we rode the last half of the ride together, had a good time, Dave's a good rider, almost to good.

It was a big change from last year, weather wise, cool and drizzilly last year and dry and hot this year, this summer heat just want let up, in the 90's at the finish, not good in October.

Edge Cycling from Texarkana had a good turnout and a couple of riders picked up trophys, Charles Allen and Whoop Whoop, did some good riding.

I really enjoyed the ride and the get together afterward, there was plenty of Beer and Pizza for everyone, bummer, mrbill can't do beer or pizza, Gluten.

I missed a couple of folks, Darrell and Robert and was hoping Nancy from Arkansas would show, hope to see you here next year.

Click the image below for all the photos from the "Tour de FireAnt"

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From: Teresa

Glad you had a great ride!! And as usual you did a wonderful job on the pics. Looks like there was a good turn out and hats off to the Red Hat MaMa's, good job ladies!!!.

Thanks Darlin

I did one of my favorite rides today, "Union Mountain", backroads, no traffic, just the deer, squirrel, rabbits, grasshoppers and me.
On the return from Union Mtn I have a stretch of gravel road, with some sand, it descends to the bottoms and then there's a long climb out.
The last time I road this ride this particular stretch of road, the climb out of the bottoms, was gravel and rock, well surprise,

Today the climb out was blacktopped, smooth as ice, really nice, I really didn't miss the rocks.

Looking forward to the "Tour de FireAnt" in Marshall tommorrow, should be really nice.

I hope everyone has a great weekend on the bike, if your not on a bike, do your best to have a good weekend.

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From: Harry LeggsI'm all about smooth. You gravel guys amaze me.

I don't do as much Gravel as some folks we know, but I do like to mix it up, also, not much traffic on those backroads and some different sites

Took a ride on the backroads today, another beautiful day, I think I could get used to 78 deg F and 20% Humidity, yep.
Keeping limber for my ride this weekend, a forty five miler in Marshall, the "FireAnt Hill" ain't that bad, wish I hadn't said that.
It still seems weird to ride at 1 pm and be comfortable, amazing.
Looking forward to seeing a couple of friends and winning a Trek Bike, surely I'll win, it's a drawing, with my luck, yeah, I'll win.
Will get in a ride in the morning and then I guess I'll clean bikes, being a "Bike Addict" isn't all fun.

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It was another beautiful day in NE TX, cool, dry and blue skies.
I got some chores done around the house and then I took the Centurion to town for my lottery ticket, got one number out of 5, just my luck.
Looking forward to the "Tour de FireAnt" this saturday in Marshall, TX, weather should be perfect.

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I was going to take the day off today, but, I got my chores done and the weather was perfect, what could I do, I took a short ride.
It's really funny being able to go for a ride at 1pm, just a couple of weeks ago that might have resulted in Heat Stroke.
I'm going to try and take the day off today, can't guarantee that it will happen.

I sure hope everyone comes out for the "Tour de FireAnt" this weekend in Marshall, Tx, it's a good ride and we don't want to lose it, the weather should be perfect, 65 degF at the start and about 80 at the finish.

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Good ride today after yesterdays effort.
I did my Janice turnaround ride, the weather was cool, yep I said cool, felt like I was in the car with the A/C on, how nice.

Janice and Teresa drinking their morning coffee and getting their Vitamin D, and Mickey hiding

Janice's "Four O'Clocks", really nice, my pic doesn't do them justice

Janice, thanks for the Pomgranites


Click this link for all the photos of mrbill's
Courthouse to Courthouse Ride"

Leave a comment From: Teresa:

Good pics, except the one with the 2 old ladies having coffee ( It's showing our age BIG TIME!!!!)
from 1 of the old ladies

I don't Photoshop

From: Ms. Nosy

You can tell that the one in the pink had just returned from an early Halloween Party, because she still had her costume on....LOL LOL Take that horrible picture off!!!! Before it scares the little children!!!!

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From: MrDaveyGieMr. Bill,
I sent some of our cool weather your way. I knew you'd like.

Love it, thanks Dave, what took you so long?

I couldn't have ordered a better day for my "Courthouse to Courthouse" ride.
It was about 60 degrees at the start and about 82 at the finish, and clear blue skies.

At the square in Linden, getting ready to ride

A send off from my Support Crew, Teresa, she was in a hurry to go Garage Saleing

Nice little spot just before Kildare

The roads were really nice on the way to Jefferson, really nice

This one makes a good Texas Screensaver
some nice spots along this route

Marion County Courthouse in Jefferson

Really liked these little four person bike carts, In front of the old haunted Jefferson Hotel

I think my support crew had as much fun as I did, Teresa, Robin, Lexie and Ashlynn

The "Castle" at Berea

I did switch to my Mountain Bike in Jefferson, worked out good on these roads, which were rough in spots and some good climbs, real good.

Taking a short break at "Lacey's Bridge", about halfway back to Linden

Up, Up, Up

On Top, the highest point on the ride, and you had to work to get here, but it was fun going down, then up, then down, you get the picture

My official finish at the "Cass County Courthouse", now just 7 more miles to the house, into a headwind, ouch

As I rode along on this ride I seem to say to myself quite often, "it's a shame no one makes this ride, they don't know what there missing."
From Linden to Jefferson was a great route, just crusin, not hardly any vehicles and really nice road, mostly small rollers.
The park in Jefferson is always a nice break.
The last half of the ride is challenging, right after you leave the "Castle" at Berea it gets rough.
As I was starting this section a lady in a Suburban stops to warn me that the road ahead is really rough, I tell her I realize it and I'm ready for it, mrbill likes it rough, she kind of looks at me like I'm crazy and I don't really think she understands my ride, just out of comprehension.
Halfway back to Linden the road smooths up some but the hills are unrelenting, one right after another and there were a couple that had me talking about my Mama.

I arrived in Linden, where's my support vehicle?, shopping in Jefferson, seven more miles to the Casa and they just happen to be in a head wind.

I made it to the house, another "C to C" ride in the books, I take my outdoor shower, eat me some chicken spaghetti, and then it's couch time and some football.
I don't believe I've ever saw a crazier ending to a football game than that LSU - Tennessee game, crazy.

I'm going to try and post a page later with all my Ctoc pics, check back.

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From: Teresa:

Babe,, you did a wonderful job on the pics & the ride. Sorry your support group wasn't there. But we were having a blast,playing at the park and shopping at the city wide garage sell. All & all I believe we all had a great day!! One way to get totally wore out!! Slept like a baby, WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

From: Harry LeggsSupport vehicle what a good idea. I don't think I have anyone who likes me enough to follow me around for 80 miles though.
Good lookin' ride man!

Hey Harry, my support vehicle didn't follow me, probably didn't even have her cell phone on, she was having too much fun shopping

Ms. Nosy:

Now this is what Teresa and I need!!! Does everyone pedal or is it just the one person pedaling???? If it's just the one person pedaling, that just doesn't seem fair!!! It also looks like 2 little kids can ride up front near the handle bars..I wonder how much does something like this cost???

Too Much, but it does look like fun for the family, that little space up front is for the Beer Cooler