Mrbill's Bikenbreakfast

97 deg f

    18, July, 2016

It's heating up in E Texas, we're supposed to have some 100's this week, not good news, but it's Texas and it's summer, so that's how it is.
I had a good weekend of riding, going to take off today to get some things done around the casa and I go to the gym today.

I had a nice short vacation a couple of weeks ago, I went to Colorado for a week, how nice, cool and beautiful. If I can just win the lottery I'll have me a summer home in Colorado.
I've really been lazy with this page, my apologies, I hope to post a couple of my favorite pics from vacation soon.

Here's one of my favorite pics from Vacation, Colorado Mtn Goats on top of Mount Evans, elevation of pic, 14,000 feet.

Here are the Photos from my Colorado Trip that I have uploaded so far, still a work in progress.

Colorado Trip Pics

92 deg f
32 miles

    25, June, 2016

I got out early this morning for a ride, trying to beat the heat which is really impossible this time of the year.
I rode to Linden and when I got to Kims I ran into John from Jefferson and a new lady rider named Terri Jones.
Terri lives up near Marietta and is just getting back on the bike, an enthusiastic biker.

John and Terri were going to Kildare and back and I was doing a loop so when we left Linden we went our separate ways.
When I got back to Linden John and Terri were there and I enjoyed visiting with them a bit.

I then headed for the casa, heating up quick.
A good day on the bike.

92 deg f

    15, June, 2016

My umbrella Tree