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90 F,

    25, July, 2014

I took a ride to town and back this morning and then headed to the Gym.
The cool front is gone and it's heating back up, but thank goodness we're supposed to have another cool front next week, bring it on.

I was trying to think of where I might like to ride tomorrow and decided I would create the "Naples Watermelon Ride."
Tomorrow is the Naples Watermelon Festival and I will be doing a 32 mile ride starting in Downtown Naples at 8am.
The ride will head South on hwy 338, to 259, to 130, to 161 which will bring us back into town.

Here's a link to the ride.
Naples Watermelon RideCome on out and join me for the First Naples ride, always a treat to make the first ride.
Here's my cell if you would like to get in touch, 903-650-2419

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80 F,

    24, July, 2014

I rode the Marietta Turnaround today it was lots of fun as usual with plenty of hills. Starting out this morning it was as wet as it gets without raining, we had rain yesterday and the fog was thick this morning, plus the humidity made for a wet ride. I would stop every 2 or 3 miles to clean my glasses, finally I put them in my pocket, a fruitless endeavor.
Enjoyed visiting with the locals at Mimi's restaurant in Marietta, had a coke and then made my way back down the Marietta Rollercoaster to the casa.

I did text Jerry to let him know that lunch at Mimi's was Pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans, he text me back and we met up for lunch, along with Martha, Jerrys wife and Jeramiah their grandson.
We had heard that the food was good and it really was, everything homemade and the Pork Chops melted in my mouth.
The owner had a couple of games to play and Jeramiah got a kick out of seeing how they work, and so did I.

So a great start to the day.

The pork chops were so good I ate them before I could get a picture

One of the games, balance 6 bolts on one

It wasn't pretty but I did it.

China has largest population not because the men are extra horny or women are extra fertile.
But because their condoms are Made in China.

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86 F,

    22, July, 2014

Roger and I got out early for a 25 miler with hills, perfect morning for a ride.

Thursday I will be doing the "Marietta Turnaround," I'll be passing thru Red Hill about 7am if you want to join me, this is hill work.

Is it possible for Nibali to lose the Tour, it's possible but highly improbable, it's definitely his to lose. I was really hoping TeJay would get a podium finish but now it looks doubtful.

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86 F,

    21, July, 2014

I took me a short ride to town and back today and then went to the Gym.
I saw Roger at the Gym and he wants to join me on a ride in the morning, we'll do 25 and I may add another 8.

I found me a ride that I might do, it's the "Hamilton Hillaceous Bicycle Tour."
Hamilton, TX is about 120 miles west of Waco so I may go to Roberts in Waco and we can go on Saturday morning from there, sounds like a plan.
Of course I was interested as soon as I saw the name, Hillaceous, sounds like it may have some hills, and that's what we like.

Hamilton Hillaceous Ride

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80 F,

    20, July, 2014

Robert and I had a good ride this morning, all except for Robert having a flat about 3 miles from the house.

We stopped by the convenience store for a break and while there we saw something that caught our interest, the "Gut Blaster." This thing is a ball about the size of a tennis ball, it's a jalapeno pepper stuffed with cheese, wrapped with a chicken strip, wrapped with bacon, battered and then deep fried, we were both afraid to try it.

So a good weekend of riding comes to an end, now I'm looking for my next ride, there's the "Tour de Goatneck" in Cleburn, Texas next weekend. I've ridden this ride several times and it's a challenge, hilly, you ride in and out of Dinosaur Valley and they say it always rains at the Goatneck.

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74 F,

    19, July, 2014

Me and some friends went to the "Tour de Paris" bike ride in Paris, Texas today.

Beautiful weather, high of 74, old friends, new friends and a great ride, the perfect day.

Click on image below for ride report and pics.

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78 F,

    17, July, 2014

Rain is on the way and boy do we need it, its been about a month since we've seen rain.
I did manage to get me in a ride and I finished it just in time, started raining the last half mile.

After getting home I had some breakfast and then burnt a large brush pile, perfect time just before the rain.

Looking forward to the ride in Paris on Saturday, Texas that is.

16 miles

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88 F,

    16, July, 2014

Fond memories of the Hula Hoop

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90 F,

    14, July, 2014

Took the day off the bike today needed to get some yard work done.
After yardwork I watched the Tour de France and I can't believe that Contador has crashed out of the Tour.

Now that Contador and Froome are out it's anybodys tour, Nibali is looking good and there's hope for Tejay Van Garderen, what a crazy tour.

Hope to see everyone at the "Tour de Paris" this weekend, temps should be nice.

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90 F,

    13, July, 2014

Got in a nice ride today, I rode the Antioch Alps, always a favorite of mine.
I've really worked this weekend and I feel it just a bit and that's good, this weekend I've maintained a 16 and 17 mph avg, not bad for the old man.

I'm really looking forward to the ride in Paris Tx next weekend, I'm going to find me some folks to play with. I've just got to decide which route I'll ride, I should ride the 55 mile route but may do the 40 with a friend, I'll probably decide right after the start.

Todays ride, 35 miles, 1234 ft gain, 17 mph avg.

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90 F,

    12, July, 2014

I did me a solo ride today and it was quite a ride. I managed to end up with a 16 mph average for the ride, total time, stops included.
I also found me a new hill on CR 2683, may be the biggest one yet around here, I loved it.

Going to cut the Mystery Melon here in a bit, a good day.

Tomorrow I'm doing a 35 mile ride which will include the "Alps" and "Heartbreak Hill." I'll be passing thru Red Hill about 7am if you want to make it here's my number, 903-650-2419.

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90 F,

    11, July, 2014

Got me in a short ride this morning and then went to the gym.
Had fun visiting at the gym and then I gave Jerry and Roger a ride home, they had walked 12 miles to the gym.

Tomorrow, SATURDAY the 12th, we're having a 42 MILE RIDE in Linden. We'll meet at the Courthouse at 7am and we'll have watermelon after the ride, the "Mystery Melon."

Route Map

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