Mrbill's Bikenbreakfast

69 deg F,

    13, December, 2014

Today I went to Mount Pleasant to ride with Michael and Clay.
I left my house about 8:30 and it was still raining but it got better and better the closer I got to Mt. Pleasant.
We started our ride at 10am.
First we rode to Pittsburgh, we were headed into the South wind and I was drafting Michael, just trying to hang on.
We met up with Clay at the giant creepy head of Bo Pilgrim.

I was really glad to get to Pittsburgh and get a break from the damp wind.
In Pittsburgh we visited "Pittsburgh Hot Links," went by an old house I like and then visited the "Clock Tower" with it mini park.

Then it was on to Cason where we made a quick stop and and then moved on, North to 49, and I was liking the wind at my back, just didn't last long enough.
Riding in on 49 to Mount Pleasant was pretty nice, those 2 mile uphill grades tend to get to you after awhile.
That is mainly how this ride was different from Cass Co rides, we have short steep climbs and Mt. Pleasant has loooonnngg grades.

I really enjoyed the ride, thanks to Michael for pulling me in the wind.

When we returned to Michaels house he gave me a demonstration of his Remote Control Helicopter, he definitely knows what he's doing with the helicopters. He's got 4 of them ranging from small to Large, the demo was with the small one and he can make it do all kinds of tricks, pretty neat.

So thanks to Michael and Clay for a good riding weekend, really enjoyed it.

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39 deg F,

    15, November, 2014

Thanks to my riding partner, Charmane, I got in 40 miles today, 39 deg at the start and 42 degrees at the finish, cool toes.
Jerry started out with us but turned back after about 8 miles, he had another committment, security at the Art Show.

Our ride went really well, we stopped halfway in Atlanta and had a Latte and warmed up and then got back on the road.

I give Charmane all the credit for our mileage today, before the ride I asked Charmane what distance she wanted to ride, hoping she would opt for the 32 mile, but no, not Charmane, she wanted to do 40, what could my Macho self do, I had to go for it.

After the ride we went to "Music City Texas Theatre" for the Art Show. We ran into Jerry, he was upset because they didn't give him a gun and a badge for his security job, don't think any art was taken, Jerry must have done a good job. They also had warm apple cider which really hit the spot.

So another good day of cycling even tho the weather wasn't realy great, you do what you have to do.
Thanks again to Charmane, it's really nice to have a good cycling partner.

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39 deg F,

    13, November, 2014

Jerry and I went for a 25 mile ride today, it was 39 degrees with a north wind. The ride went surprisingly well, we did stop for coffee.

From this ride I deduce that Saturday should be fine for riding, unless of course there's precipitation.

See you at the Square in Linden, Saturday, 11 am.

Click Here for a map of the route for Saturday, but if everyone wants to do a 32 instead, it is an option.

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65 deg F,

    09, November, 2014

Another nice day to be on the bike. I did my 25 mile loop today, felt good.
Before leaving the house for my ride I thought I'd spin a few minutes to warm up, didn't realize I might get dog bit.

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65 deg F,

    08, November, 2014

It turned out to be a great day for a bike ride and we had a good one.
Michael Prewitt and TJ Davis, aka Chain Breaker, Roger, Charmane, me and Jerry, made the ride.
We rode from Linden to Hughes Springs and then hwy 161 to hwy 130 and then back to Linden for a total of 40 miles with about 1600 ft of climbing.
TJ Davis, aka Chain Breaker, had a problem with his chain but with Michaels help they managed to fix the problem and chase us down.

Thanks everyone for coming to ride, it's always more fun with a group.

A ride I'd like to do

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68 deg F,

    07, November, 2014

Tomorrow, Saturday the 8th we will have a ride in Linden. We will meet on the square in Linden at 9:30am.

The main route is 40 miles and there is also the possibility of adding about 7 or 8 miles, the longer distance still joins the group down the road and we finish together.

So far there are about 6 of us riding, including the young guns from Mount Pleasant, I'm thinking they'll do the long route.

So I'm looking forward to a fun day tomorrow, come on out and join us.

Heres a link to tomorrows ride,Click Here for ride map
Heres a map of the longer distance, Click Here

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57 deg F,

    01, November, 2014

Thanks to Charmane, Jerry and Roger for joining me on a 40 mile ride this morning.
It was definitely nippy out, 37 degrees at the start and 57 deg for the high.
Charmane got her a new Dog Defense tool but she decided to leave it in the car, we could have tried it out on those 15 dogs in Carterville.
We stopped in Marietta at Mimi's restaurant for a break, Charmane and I got coffee, Roger got a cold drink and Jerry, well, he got a hamburger.

It was a good ride with friends, no mechanicals and the temps worked out fine.

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70 deg F,

    31, October, 2014

We've got a ride set for 10am Saturday morning, we'll meet at the Community Center in Red Hill. We'll be riding 40 miles, lots of hills and a stop at Mimi's restaurant in Marietta.
This will be our coolest morning since last winter so dress appropriately, high temp for the day 59 degrees.
So far Charmane and Jerry have said they'll be there, if you want to join us let me know so we can be expecting you, You can call me on my cell, 903-650-2419, should be fun ride.

Here's a map of the ride,

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70 deg F,

    21, October, 2014

Beautiful morning for a ride, no wind and 70 degrees, can't be beat.
I rode into Linden and then added the Mike loop for a total of 25 miles.
Wasn't feeling 100% this morning, ate to much last night, but as usual I feel better after my ride.

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78 deg F,

    18, October, 2014

We had a great time at our ride in Mount Pleasant, thanks everyone for coming out, it made my day. Click on the image below for ride report and photos.

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80 deg F,

    17, October, 2014

We've got a ride for Saturday in Mount Pleasant, Tx.
We'll meet at the Marshall Civic Center a little before 9am and try to be on the road by 9. It's a 36 mile route and Michael says it a scenic route, it does cross lake Bob Sandlin, lakes are fun.
Also there is a cook off at the Civic Center so we should be able to get something to eat when we return.
The weather is supposed to be great so don't miss this one, our good riding days are numbered.

Here's a link to the route, Click Here

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