Mrbill's Bikenbreakfast

64 deg f
25 miles

    28, January, 2016

Today was a nice day for a bike ride, so I took one.
I rode to Linden and stopped at Kim's and checked my phone and saw that Roger had called so I called him back. Roger said he wanted to ride and that he would come to Kims. I probably would have ridden back home and gotten 16 miles but since Roger showed, with his inspiration I got in 25, thanks Roger.
This weather we're having is unbelievable for January and February and I'm loving it.

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49 deg f
25 miles

    27, January, 2016

Went to the gym this morning, that's always fun, little exercise and a lot of visiting and drinking coffee.

In the afternoon I met Jerry and Roger in town for ride, really nice day, full sun and about 49deg and a little north wind, getting a bit tired of that north wind.
After we all did an 8 mile loop we had coffee and visited and then I rode home.
Seems like I'm drinking a lot of coffee and doing a lot of visiting.

I found this funny.

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49 deg deg f
17 miles

    26, January, 2016

We really are having some nice weather for riding. I rode to Linden today and called Jerry to see if he wanted to join me but he was walking, he let me know where he was and I saw him on my way home.
A nice ride but that North wind was pretty brutal, I don't like the wind.

Just before I ran into Jerry I passed this pasture and this black and white cow comes trotting out to the fence just like a dog, what a friendly cow, Jerry just had to scratch his head.

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74 deg deg f

    25, January, 2016

This morning I went to the gym, then Chinese. After I got home I decided to change the chain on my bike, I've been wanting to do this.
I got her changed but I may get a new cassette to match new chain, not a major expense.
Good Day.

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57 deg f
40 miles

    24, January, 2016

I'm really thankful for this nice weather in January, 57 degrees today with full sun and a South wind, just had to go for a ride.

I met up in town with Jerry, Roger, John and Rodney about 1:30pm for a 24 mile loop, this would give me 40 miles with the added miles to my house and back.

The Old Men ruled the day, left the young guns wondering how they do it. Roger was feeling good today and spent quite a bit of time on the front, I did my share and then Jerry would kick in with an interval ever once in a while.
Unfortunately Rodney had a low tire and had to stop a couple of times for air, luckily that was the only mechanical we had. Coming in to Linden on the home stretch Jerry kicked it in and was maintaining 25 mph avg and I was just hanging on and then came the hills, I went on to Linden.

We had a good time today, playing racer, throwing out a few challenges, I sang a few songs, all in all a good day on the bike.

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50 deg f
30 miles

    23, January, 2016

Jerry and I got together for a ride today. We met up in Linden at Kim's, the weather was really nice, 50 deg, full sun and light to no wind.
All kinds of road today which made for an interesting ride.
After our ride we stopped at the Linden Fuel Center for a cup of coffee and a little socializing.
Returned home and took Chichi and Killer for a walk around the trail on my property and then I called it a day.

We'll be out riding tomorrow since the weather is suppossed to be even better than today.

This one is great, Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.

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54 deg f

    20, January, 2016

This morning I went to the Gym and then in the afternoon I watched stg 3 of the "Tour de San Luis.

Video of todays stage, stage 3, below.

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54 deg f
37 miles

    19, January, 2016

Me. Jerry and Roger got in a good ride today.
We met up at Red Hill at 1pm with temps about 52 degrees, it warmed to about 54 degrees. We rode to Almira and then to Marietta where we stopped for a break at Mimi's Restaurant.
When we left Mimi's we headed to Douglasville, nice road with just a bit of a headwind. Just before we reached Douglasville we stopped at the entrance to a County Road so I could gift everybody a milky way. While sitting here I asked if everyone wanted to take the County Road and everyone agreed so off we went.

The County Road was a lot of fun even tho it turned to gravel after a couple of miles. We came upon this field with a horse and her cute colt, I stopped to get a photo, after photo I looked around and standing right next to me was a Big, Muscled up Pitbull, I'm sure glad he was friendly, he could have easily taken my leg off. The dog ended up following us for a couple of miles, never making a sound, just happily following along, beautiful dog.

We finally got back to pavement, hwy 8 and headed back to Red Hill, and then I rode on to the house while Jerry and Roger took the truck to Linden.

A really fun ride, a little exploring really adds to the ride.

I ended up getting 37 miles, nice day.

In the "Tour de San Luis" in Argentina my boy Sagan took second on the second stage, I really hope he has a great year, one heck of a rider and person.

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54 deg f
30 miles

    17, January, 2016

Today I met up in town with Jerry, Rodney and John for a rideabout.
We had a nice ride with some backroads, nice and traffic free and then some regular more trafficked roads.
No dogs today on the ride, better than the other day when I had to kick a dog in the face 3 times before he finally backed off.
After the ride we had coffee and visited at Kims convenience store.

For all of you who like pro racing the "Tour de San Luis" starts today in Argentina, Sagan will be present.

Our first ride in NE TX will be the "Freeze Your Fanny" ride in Longview on the 6th of February, the Old Boys of Linden will be there, hope to see you there too.

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