Mrbill's Bikenbreakfast

85 F,

    21, August, 2014

First ride on the road in a while, sure felt good.

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95 F,

    18, August, 2014

Giving the neck and shoulders a break, riding my trainer indoors.

I'm really enjoying doing research for my upcoming trip to Colombia.
On this trip to Colombia I'll be visiting the southern part of the country, Cali, Popayan and Pasto and several small pueblos near these cities.

I like this tweet by one of my favorite cyclists, Janez Brajkovic

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76 F,

    03, August, 2014

Quite the ride this morning, it started off damp, turned to heavy mist and then turned to a good rain.
I don't ever start a ride in the rain but it is kind of fun to ride in the rain when I get caught out in it.
No problems keeping cool in the rain especially with the nice misting the passing cars and trucks provide.

I had Sunday morning services with the cows.

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74 F,

    02, August, 2014

Jerry, Roger and I did the Marrietta turnaround today and it was a good ride.
You couldn't have ordered better weather, cloudy and relatively cool for this time of the year.

click for the big pic

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74 F,

    01, August, 2014

Hope I still remember how to ride a bike it's been 3 days since I rode.
I decided I needed a little recovery break and I needed to get some things done around the rancho.

I wanted to ride yesterday but it rained all day, unbelievably cool for this time of the year, high yesterday 68deg.
Woke this morning to rain and it rained all morning, so no ride but I did go to the gym and went for Chinese.

Tomorrow morning I WILL ride, I'm going to do the Marietta turnaround, I'll be passing thru Red Hill around 8am, this route is 35 miles from my house and about 30 miles from Red Hill, this is a hilly route.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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90 F,

    29, July, 2014

I've been hitting it pretty hard on my bike lately and Sunday I didn't feel real spunky so I decided to take a couple of days off. Not riding for a couple of days has given me a chance to catch up on yardwork and some housework.
I imagine I'll ride tomorrow before going to the gym.

For the first time in a long time I actually won 5 dollars on the lottery.

I've been getting itchy feet so today I purchased my ticket for Cali, Colombia on Aug 28th. I'm really looking forward to visiting southern Colombia, Cali, Popayan, and Pasto and a couple of smaller villages, Colombia really is a nice place.

On Thursday I'll be doing the Marietta Turnaround if it isn't raining, I'll pass thru Red Hill about 7am.

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