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60 deg f
32 miles
1355 days left

    16, February, 2017

A beautiful day for a bike ride, so I took one.

58 deg f
25 miles
1361 days left

    09, February, 2017

All in all a good day today.
First off today I went to Texarkana to get my Dentures.

Boy oh boy, I haven't had teeth like this since I was 10 yrs old.

After I returned from the dentist I had a bite to eat and then got ready for a bike ride. I knew Jerry and Roger were riding and I tried to catch em but wasn't sure which way they went, missed em. I probably could have met them at the Truck Stop but I've already had my one visit this month, to much time at the Truck Stop is not good.

So I got in a 25 mile ride, it was cool and there was a light wind but all in all a good day for riding.

I was looking at twitter and found this

Now this looks like a record I might be able to go for.
I know I can do the backwards bicycle part because I used to ride my old Schwinn Super Sport backwards all over the North Texas State College campus when I was in school.
The hard part will be learning to play the violin, could just strum the strings and call it my own composition.
May have to rethink this.

Elizabeth Warren, Freedom Fighter

82 deg f
25 miles
1363 days left

    08, February, 2017

Well I'm still trying to get my dentures, I fell like I'm on a movie set, I'm now at "Take 6."
Apparently it takes several visits to get the bite just right, I return today and I really hope this will be my last adjustment and my dentures will be completed, but doubtful at this point. Yesterday I went at 10:30 am and I told the doctor that I couldn't return in the afternoon because today was the first good weather day in a while and I had to ride my bike, it's all about priorities, he was fine with this.

Jerry had texted me earlier about a ride so when I got home we got in touch and after a bite to eat I was headed to town.
We had a good ride, nice conditions, wind wasn't as bad as we were expecting. I did have a mechanical, as we were leaving Linden headed to the High School I was climbing a hill and went to downshift when my front derailleur cable broke, derailleur immediately goes into granny gear. This worked getting me up the hill but would not be good for the remaining 15 miles so we pulled over at the top of the hill.
Jerry's talking about not having a cable and what we are going to do, I walk off the side of the road towards the woods, find a wedge shaped stick and go back to my bike. I pull the front derailleur out to where I'm on my middle ring and then wedge the stick between the downtube and the derailleur, worked great, finished my ride with no problems.

We stopped at the truck stop when we returned to Linden, luckily no politics were discussed.
One old boy at the truck stop was telling us about how he married his wife when he was 16 and she was 12, "yeah, when you marry em that young you got to raise em." He went on to tell us about how she took a shot at him with a pistol and several other civilized incidents.
Just another day in a KKK neighborhood.

Well I'm off to the dentist, wish me luck, I just have to remember when I finally get my dentures I'll be so attractive I may be able to finally start my Music Career, On the Road Again.


I almost forgot I want to warn everyone about this.
I was sitting on the couch Monday morning having my coffee and reading a book when the telephone rings, I turn and look at the machine and see that the call is from New York, I don't know anyone from NY so I go on about my business. Well I thought they'd just hang up but the recorder comes on and there's a message, "This message is for William Hatfield, this is the IRS and were going to file a lawsuit against you, please contact at our offices at No.*****."

Damn, I almost stroked out, oh crap what do I do now.
When my heartbeat went from 300 bpm back to 100 bpm I was able to think, I called my tax lady and it didn't take long for her to let me know that it was a scam.
It was like going from Heart attack to being reborn. I was so happy with my tax lady for saving me that I offered to take her out to diner, in Paris, France. What a morning, by mid afternoon my heart beat was back to about 70 bpm and I felt like I would survive.

I just wanted to let everyone know in case this happens to you, it's quite unnerving.


I also just finished a book I'd like to reccomend, "Winter in Madrid" by C.J. Sansom. The story takes place in Madrid in the years 1936 to 40, during the time of Hitler and Franco.
A good story with some history thrown in, I really enjoyed it, definitely don't look at the last page.


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